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Segre Barri

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Default Segre Barri

Chapter 1(part A)

A new life awakened at Fusion laboratories.
In the sterilized room of a high-security section of the building, a man and a woman stood. Both of them were garnished in long lab coats, observing a process they now understood, yet didn’t. Around the room’s perimeter, several machines, computers, and databases were linked and concentrating solely on what lay in a slightly inclined tube near the center of the room. Inside this transparent tube lay a young boy with short and matted light-brown hair and a slightly pale complexion. Like others before him, the boy was arrayed in something similar to a purple jumpsuit, but with a barcode across his left shoulder.
“Yes, this one will survive,” the woman commented.
“Of course he will,” the man snapped, “our cloning methods have been 100% successful for the last several years. It’s so simple that all we must do is insert the proper images and chemicals into the computer, without any real labor on our part. Many here do not even understand how the process works; they just plug in the necessary supplies and go. You should realize that by now Sarah.”
With a sigh of resignation, Sarah turned her blue eyes toward Blake, her boss and the manager of Fusion Laboratories. Blake’s form towered over many of his workers, and in addition to a thick black cape that hid most of his body and a crooked hat that concealed most of his face, he resembled a prodigious bat; consequently, he appeared very intimidating. Sarah had to swallow and breathe in deeply and slowly before she could apologize without too much of a quiver in her voice. “But sir, may I be so bold as to inquire why you’ve made a perfect replica of your son?”
Blake’s impassive face glowered at her, but he said, almost as if he were musing, “My son is growing up and must learn the “trade” soon. He has never had a clone before and will need to understand how to act around and treat them. He must learn how to “handle” them.”
Even though it was an accepted fact that each clone was made to act as a servant, something about the way Blake said it disturbed Sarah. She could hear the thirst for power in his voice. For a moment, she shivered.
Then, Blake rested a gloved hand upon Sarah’s shoulder and said, “Now my dear, I believe it is time we check out the androids’ progress with cleaning the Fusion kitchen. Maybe we could even grab a snack.”
“Yes, dear,” replied Sarah in a monotonous voice, allowing Blake to lead her out of the room and down the hall.
As they left, the fingers and eyelids of the boy in the tube twitched. He almost looked like a toddler in a feverish dream before he finally settled down once again.
A single thought, his first thought ever, asked faintly, “Who am I?”

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