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Future Next to Perfect

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Old 12-09-2006, 07:51 AM
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Icon1 Future Next to Perfect

A five year plan is simple to come up with, just figure out what your plans are. If you want to get married, have kids, live on your own etc. All you have to do is focus on a future that is next to perfection. Focusing is the main key part in planning your future. Without focus you will loose control and have no idea where you are headed.

Some people have no idea where they are headed and that is ok too. We donít always need to know where we are going. We always donít use navigation devices in cars to see our destinations a head of us. We blink in the second of the moment to realize that we are in the here and the now. To some people it is good to plan while there are just playing around with some ideas. I cannot stand against those days that I have watched passed away and wasted them.

We pretend to use those tools that bind us to think that life is long lasting but when truly life is short. When people think like that they attend to live life to the fullest. That is great and we will all see that one day we have a purpose to become something better then who we really are. In a mind consumed with un-purpose is to become one without elegance and parity.

Vivid is one way to describe an obscenity toward failure. Failure is one this you canít tolerate. If you let failure control your every move toward your future you will be stopped in your step. Letís relinquish your failure with pride that you can be proud of. Pride can be a resource for you just because it can allow you to understand that you do have some parity.

When we try to understand purpose in life to become something better then we are, we must not let our selves strive to the worse of situations. Your future is coming up fast and you have to set some goals for your self and at least try to accomplish them. Life without hesitancy is irrelevant toward your future. Remember to make your future a good one too.

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Old 12-10-2006, 04:59 AM
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Thank you for making me think about the future.

For starters it would be good to restructure your heading, Future Next to Perfect. It sounds as if you thought; okay my story is about the future now what do I write with it.

If you insist on keeping it as it is then it might be best to put a separation between Future and Next to perfect. Something like "Future; Next to perfect". This way it gives pause for thinking; another way to write it is, A Next to Perfect Future
The way you have it written at the moment, it's as if it was translated word for word from french to english.

Another thing I've noticed is that you often write the word "We" alot. It would be better to use other words it its place.

Restructuring sentences like this one would go a little further
We always donít use navigation devices in cars to see our destinations a head of us.
The words always and don't should be reversed
So that it would read We don't always

I'm looking forward to reading your revised version.
Timing is everything! love, peace, pleasure, prosperity to all

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