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Beliefs and Views of the World by Your World

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Old 12-06-2006, 08:11 PM
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Default Beliefs and Views of the World by Your World

You would use the term the world but I use the term my world. That is because I can only see the world through my own eyes. I define the word universe as something all around you that is completely yours to behold and over conquer yourself. There is one universe and one world for everybody. How you choose to live that universe or world is up to you.

You can decide to define the world has non-existing and that it is all in your mind. Or you can take it as that you are not along in the universe and take it one step at a time. There is a belief that an all powerful being created this universe. That being is named God. We humans seem to want to name everything around here to tell things apart and to gives things different meanings too.

I like to belief that everything is nameless. It is up to you to name everything if you choose to or if you let the universe decide to name things for themselves. The names donít really matter because if you think about it that really came up with the first name anyway the caveman? The name is what and who you are and defines you has a whole thing.

One being canít create the universe. Maybe the universe is just that you, to which you created the beings around you. Think about it you canít see someone elseís past and the stories you here is just that stories. It is a scary thought I know but you canít be afraid to think to the extreme. You must think to the endless possibilities.

Another part of your world is your dream world. A dream world is where you pass out of your universe and go and do many different others. Sometimes and most times you donít remember ever leaving your universe and going into another. I belief that dreams are the unexplained mysteries of your universe because that is the only reason why we can see other possibilities of even knowing what the endless possibilities are in your universe.

The world is changing. Your world is changing. You have to belief in a dream. It is the only way we can overcome the worldís possibilities. That is why the dream is your only belief of a different universe of many possibilities as in one person said ďAnything is possible!Ē Do you really want to make the world and your dreams the same? I do happen to belief that your world is the best dream of all.

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Nicely put, it is a matter of being in ones world and living as one does. Though dreams are divers depending on the day or week or stress you live.

In a manner, thoughts to ponder.

If there was a Rating for thoughts to ponder; I'd give you a 5 +
Timing is everything! love, peace, pleasure, prosperity to all

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