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Squire of Darkness

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Old 04-24-2006, 03:19 PM
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Default Squire of Darkness

I wrote this ditty at night and I just couldn't write anything more. Please, try and figure something out.

Squire of Darkness

The light of day withered and died like a fish out of water. The graveyard was dreary in the dying light.
Everything, from the obelisks surrounding fancy crypts to plain tombstones seemed to be alive. The dying light played with my vision making everything seem to shiver and buzz as if it was covered with bees. The night was not yet here and yet I had woken early. I rubbed my eyes and stopped looking through the stone walls of the Cryptroom. My eyes greeted the complete darkness with joy and embraced it. I saw, but not by light of day. The darkness welcomed my eyes like a lover returning from a long trip. It did not push my sight away and hide its secrets. I was it’s secret, I was what it would hide. I glanced through the stone again, trying to see if the light had died. The sun had set and had given way to the simplicity of twilight. “Let us go out this night for pleasure. The night is a young, beautiful, and unforgiving mistress. May we gather our gifts from her and give them back in full.” I spoke quietly in Vamprist. My words echoed throughout the crypt, bounced through the floor and into the coffins below. The ground rumbled with the waking of my kin. I heard coffin lids pop off and crash to the floor. The quiet rush of air and scuffling footsteps is all I heard before the entire clan had joined me in the Cryptroom.
“May we go through, Lucas?” Asked Cleft, my brother, in Vamprist.
“Pass,” I spoke to the clan as I pressed a button causing the stone door to quietly slip down onto the ground.
“Your prey is helpless against your strength, intelligence, speed, and sight. But choose your victims carefully. There may still be one who can defeat us.” One by one the men and women stepped out of the Cryptroom and vanished into the quiet of the night. I stepped out through the door and felt… nothing. Not the breeze on my skin nor the soft grass below my feet. I paused, resentful of myself, that I should have these great powers and miss the feel of wind on my skin and grass under my feet. I glanced at the tombstone in front of me. "Here lies Lucas Cladui. May he rest in peace." If only it had been that easy. I snapped out of my trance and quickly shut the door behind me. I could tell the night was chilly, not because I could feel it, but because I knew that it was. That kind of knowing had been instilled into me along with my other abilities and the fierce thirst for blood when I had Turned. I held out my hand and waited. If there was one thing I could be sure of, it was that my name was no longer Cladui. I was Lucas Toothe, Squire of Darkness. Moments later the wind slipped its hand into mine and I was immediately whisked off, invisible, incorporeal, into the wind. The world spun around me as I blew through the night, unhindered by solid objects. I slipped around buildings, through ventilation shafts, and into open doors only to slip out an open window. Images flew by my eyes as I danced with the wind. Parties, humans kissing, drunken drivers. I saw the entirity of the Human corruption, and I was disgusted. Finally, I saw a lonely human walking on the side of the road.
"Lonely, are we? Why, I'll have to keep you company." I thought to myself, smiling. I banked left, toward a small patch of trees. As soon as I was among those branches I let go of the wind and landed, solid, silent, in the branches. I stared down at the man and saw his mind, his soul, and his thoughts. I leapt down from the trees and stepped up behind him.
"Having suicidal thoughts, are we?" I spoke aloud. The man turned around, stunned. " Why have suicidal thoughts when I could do it for you?" I asked, cynically. The man had only a few seconds to look puzzled before he was dead. I wiped the blood from my lips and licked my fingers. I chuckled to myself as I realised that the human didn't know I was sucking his blood until it was too late. Vampiric fangs bring numbness and the illusion that I hadn't moved and was still staring at him. "Pitiful human. It's hard to believe that I was once so gullible." I thought to myself as I casually picked up the body and threw it behind my back, into the forest.

Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night:
God said, "Let Tesla be", and all was light.

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”-Nikola Tesla
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