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The Virtual Mind (Movie Outline)

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The Virtual Mind (Movie Outline)

The Virtual Mind
An Outline
By Michael Gettings

It opens with a dialogue, voice overs. It’s between a lawyer and Matthews, but the dialogue is about Matthews media coverage. He’s apparently committed murder, violated a national warrant, and the entire incident was recorded. The jury trial is nothing but a formality considering they have all the evidence they need.

Matthews is confused and makes a jab at the judicial system, prompting the lawyer to stop talking. Matthews suggests that they start from the beginning, when Ares was assigned to work with Matthews’s unit. The lawyer agrees.

Matthews sets the scene and the film goes into flashback mode. Matthews begins to talk about filling a warrant. A ringmaster killed his lead clown the night before and fed his body to malnourished lions. That’s two warrants: One for murder and one for animal abuse. Matthews and his crew are to take the ringmaster down, and are coming in the second day because there was a hiccup in the feed.

At this point, the lawyer stops him. Some of the jury doesn’t know about The Virtual Mind, and it would be in Matthew’s best interest to get them all caught up. It would help his case. At this point, it becomes obvious that Matthews is in a quasi-confessional state and a camera in the corner is recording his entire story.

Matthews explains about the fall of the Internet and the creator of the Virtual Mind, explaining that it is like the Internet, but uses live feeds from people’s brains to power all the information. He also says that everything the person sees is sent to crime labs for analysis. There are state labs, county labs, and national labs. Matthews works at the national labs. Nationals are the only branch that do not require The Virtual Mind chips to be implanted because they utilize highly secret techniques. This alludes to government torture.

Matthews explains that when the Virtual Mind came around, the chips were unfiltered and powered by fat cats. The fat cats went up in arms, their dirty laundry being aired. They called Samuel Jenkins back in, imprisoning him in a stat pen while he worked on a filter system for the chips. He filters the chips, and disappears. The audience sees him on a boat heading out to an island. It is assumed he ran away from the people that could harm his family. The side of the boat reads The Ulysses.

Matthews asks the laywer if that’s sufficient, the lawyer agreeing. Matthews goes back to the circus and we get the first clear view of him at work, his work clothes and his crew. He runs into the circus, gun drawn. The crowd is cheering as an acrobatic act flies overhead. Matthews motions to a female officer to go with him, they’re going to sneak around and try and find the ring master. He motions for the other two to head off in a separate direction. Discretion is key.

Matthews and the female officer head off, an overhead view bringing the audience in on the action, watching the two teams make their way around the back areas of a circus tent. The second crew encounters trouble, firing their weapons into a group of clowns. An ear piece rings out in one of the agent’s ears: “Those were neutralizing shots. You’re good. Keep an eye on your aim, Stabler.” The agent reaches up and turns the ear piece off.

Matthews and the girl make their way to the back, out of the tent. They follow a set of prints in the snow to a smaller cabin. Matthews presses his ear piece in and kicks the door open. While the door is swinging, he fires a shot through it, hitting the ring master in the leg. Matthews turns off his ear piece and throws the ring master to the ground, reading him his rights.

The lawyer stops him. Why was that important?

Matthews explains that is was the first case that Ares and he worked together, although he knew her from the academy. Cut to scenes of them being intamite in several places, including and academy classroom. Matthews smiles when the lawyer hints at them being more than just partners, but Matthews denies the claim. He then scowls, remembering.

He begins the story again, walking into his shrink session. He’s pressing the shrink’s buttons, the shrink trying not to lose his cool. Eventually, he just tells Matthews to get out, and Matthews says that he really values their time together. The shrink pulls a piece of paper out and writes that Matthews is mentally stable. The shrink was just playing into Matthews hands to read him better.

Cut to Matthews in the shower, talking about how he played the shrink. His crew in the shower laughs, pointing out that the shrink probably wouldn’t do anything unless it gauratees results. Matthews snaps back, Oh, did you kill anyone this outing, Stabler? Stabler laughs and says he must be losing his touch. The guys laugh. Ares walks in and everyone covers up. She asks to talk to Matthews.

Matthews puts pants and a shirt on and heads out. She begins to talk about not feeling comfortable working with the unit in such danger all the time, when Matthews reminds her that all crimes being committed are monitored on three channels and that they always know the location of the perp. It’s not a dangerous jobs. Ares brings up the fact that nobody mentioned the clowns to their team, and Matthews laughs. “What’s life without a little excitement?”

The two remaining men in the shower talk about Matthews. Stabler goes into a speech about how he’s almost sure Matthews is going to get control over the national branch when Chaplin retires, which makes the other officer mad. He slides his eye patch on, obviously older than everyone. Stabler tells Juno to cool down, it’s just a theory. Juno still isn’t happy about it and leaves the shower in a huff, leaving Stabler to ask, “Was it something I said?”

Matthews begins to tell the lawyer about his team. Stabler has a penchant for causing trouble and serving warrants the wrong way. The lawyer inquires what the wrong way is, and it cuts to a montage of Stabler running and gunning, jumping down buildings. He tends to go gun crazy and kill perps, but he’s saved Matthews back too many times. He gets written up, per usual, every time. The courtroom is his second him.

Juno was an Alaskan that the Nationals sought out after watching him in a high speed pursuit. He evaded the police and set a national record in the process, prompting the Nationals to hire him as a driver and officer. Since joining the Nationals, he’s reformed and is currently the most straight laced of the team. We see Matthews bumping into Juno in the hall, who criticizes Matthews for shooting the ring master in the leg when he was unarmed.

Ares had a knack for tracking down criminals and was hired due to Matthews recommendation. They don’t have any use for her skills as of yet, but there have been blackouts in TVM setup that cause some officers to lose their suspect. Ares is there to help get them back on the right track. She’s obviously the most fragile of the group, and very clingy on Matthews.

Matthews asks if he should give the jury a brief history of himself, to which the lawyer replies that wouldn’t be necessary, they’re already reading all of the reports. Matthews frowns.

Cut back to The Nationals Building, where Matthews is watching a feed, Stabler is watching adult entertainment, the other two officers missing. They talk about things with Ares, and Stabler mentions how much he would like to get with her. Matthews launches into a speech about how women aren’t objects and that the human race hasn’t really evolved much in 6000 years. Stabler catches on and puts 2 and 2 together, asking how long Matthews and Ares have been together.

The conversation is cut short when Chaplin walks in, pulling Matthews aside. Matthews tells him that he’s noticed Chaplin coming in less and less, taking more time off. Chaplin makes fun of Matthews detective skills, saying that everyone knows that, even people that don’t have a degree in criminology. Chaplin reveals that he has a terminal illness and is taking more time to spend with his family. He also hints that Matthews will get control of the National branch when Chaplin is forced to retire, but he doesn’t come right out and say it.

Stabler calls Matthews back into the room to watch a feed of a woman getting stabbed. Matthews asks what’s so strange about that, when Stabler mentions that the feed cuts out immediately after the murder. They can’t follow him, the tracking is off. They place a call to county. County seems to be unaware of the murder, but sends out a patrol to sweep the city. They don’t know what they’re looking for and say that it’s a useless effort, a waste of the tax-payers money.

The feed cuts back on, showing, through the eyes of the killer, a run across several rooftops. Stabler gets a lock and calls county, but their patrols are set on another crime. They requested help from State, but they’re dealing with a riot. Matthews gets over the loudspeaker and calls his crew in. With them is a new woman.

The lawyer asks why he didn’t mention the woman earlier. Matthews replies that before that moment, he had never even seen her before. She’s their new link to Nationals, that Midget quit after the last case. Being the link is hard work. While the crew is out in the field, the link has to be their eyes and ears, watching out for the feed and for immeninent danger.

The group goes to the heli-pad and climbs in, Matthews helping Ares in. Juno grunts and the copter takes off. Stabler tells a joke and no one laughs. He mentions that it’s going to be a long flight.

Lawyer asks how long. Matthews says 2 hours.

Back to the action, the helicopter drops the officers off on the roof of the building where the murder was committed. They run down from the roof, and burst into the room. The body is still in there, stabbed several times. Matthews calls for an ambulance. The crew gets there and lifts the body, mentioning that the murder was probably premeditated, considering the position of the woman when she was stabbed. Under her body was a folder with 2 pictures in it. When Matthews looks at the picture, the camera flashes to Jenkins. Matthews recognizes the man but doesn’t know his name.

The paramedics take the body away and Matthews gets a call over his earpiece. TVM picked up on the killer again, saying that he was heading back to the building when he saw the ambulance. He’s in the alley.

Ares and Matthews take off after him, telling Stabler and Juno to get a car. They follow the figure down into the alley and watch him climb a fence. Matthews gives Ares a leg up when his ear piece cuts on. The only word spoken is “Don’t,” when the gunshot rings out from the other side of the fence. Matthews climbs over to find the figure in the shadows, running away. Ares is on the ground, shot through the stomach. Matthews tells her to hold on, but notices the size of the exit wound. He knows she’s going to die.

The car pulls up with Stabler hooting and hollering, Juno frustrated. They see Ares on the ground dying and call for another ambulance. Matthews says it’s too late, she’s gone.

The lawyer steps in, asking him how he felt after that.

Matthews replies, I got over it, although its very clear he did not.

Cut back to the action, with Juno, Matthews and Stabler coming out of the hospital. They pile into the car, less one person. Matthews notes that there’s only one exit to the alley the guy took off down, and that it ends in a bar. They step into the bar, everyone nervous. The say that they’re not their for trouble, when someone in the back begins to mouth off.

Juno tosses the bloody pictures onto the bar where the bartender says that he does recognize that man, he was the creator of TVM and that there was a guy in the bar that used the computers in the back to research him. The group heads back to the computer, but it’s password protected. Stabler sits down while Matthews’s talks to National about the case and possible computer passwords. The computer power blinks, taking down the password screen.

There are 2 pages open. One is a boat registration key. The other application running is still locked, but it’s a word processing program. The boat registration page has one boat, The Ulysses that was decommissioned a few thousand years ago. Matthews’s jots down that piece of information when the other page comes up.

All it reads is “Angel City Library.” They ask if the man was in here, and the bartender says he doesn’t know. The group bolts to the bad part of town, coming across the library. It’s dark inside, but they can hear a definite hum coming from the break room on the second floor. They take off towards the second floor, bursting in.

Juno goes to check out the humming noise while Stabler and Matthews check out the room. Juno reaches the hum source, which is a microwave. He leans down and sees a fork inside and the microwave explodes, sending the fork into Juno’s other eye. He turns around and falls, dead.

Stabler freezes. Matthews looks out the window and sees the guy standing there, watching, his hand on the generator. He cuts the power and Matthews takes off, falling down the stairs and trying to make his way outside. He calls for Stabler but doesn’t get an answer.

Outside, he sees that the guy was watching them the entire time. Stabler comes around the corner, clutching his side. He cries out that Matthews left him and that he almost killed the guy but couldn’t get his gun out of his holster. He points behind Matthews and falls dead. Matthews turns around just in time to see a shovel hit him in the face.

In the interrogation room, we get our first good look at Matthews. He has a large scar across his face. The lawyer asks him to please continue.

Matthews wakes up tied to a chair in the room Juno died in. The murder is standing over a table working on something. He turns around, revealing that he’s just a teenager.

He launches into a speech about what a great man Jenkins was and how ahead of his time he was. He talks about the creation of TVM and how the fat-cats couldn’t let him go. Instead of letting him go, they took him to a private island on a government boat.
Cut to Jenkins on the boat from the beginning, riding into the sunset. The camera pans down, showing the name again, and then pans back up, revealing gun-men.

The kid talks about how he wouldn’t work, so they kidnapped Jenkins kids and brought them out to the island with his wife. They tortured them and forced him to work. Eventually, they killed him, his children and his wife.

But they weren’t through. They cloned Jenkins and set him to work again, but this stage of the cloning process was highly experimental. Jenkins remembered everything from before, his family dying, his wife being raped… And he refused to work. So they cloned his family, who also remembered.

And this continued for the last 6000 years. Matthews asks how he knows this. Jenkins had put a chip into his killer back when they worked together, which transmitted to a computer locked away. Every single time his family was taken, killed, he had the proof that they were doing this to him; he just didn’t have the computer. It was in a safety deposit box.

The bank had shut down, and finding no person to take the box, left it. The kid had studied Jenkins extensively and says that he thought it was suspicious that Jenkins would take a government boat out to an island. That fueled his research to find what happened to Jenkins after he disappeared, leading him to the lap top. The kid steps away revealing a VCR. He plays the tape of Jenkins getting killed seventeen times, and tells Matthews that that’s just a fraction of the time that he has died.

Matthews asks why him. The kid responds that it could have been any person from the crew, but Matthews was just the last person alive at the end. He needed a national on the case because they didn’t have the chip in their head. He needed Matthews for that reason. The warrant for the kid is arrest only.

He tells Matthews that while he was out, he put a chip back in his head that is transmitting to the computer in the corner and only that computer. He needs Matthews to void the warrant by killing him and taking the evidence in front of a jury.

Cut back to Matthews in the room with the lawyer. Pan over on the table to the lap-top. The lawyer looks at the laptop and tells Matthews that it’s unorthodox and that he won’t allow it. Matthews sighs and punches the laywer out. On the lap-top screen you see it happen.

Matthews turns to the camera and continues. There’s a knock at the door.

The kid let Matthews go and forced the gun into his hand, asking to be killed. It was the only way Jenkins could rest. Matthews can’t pull the trigger, so the kid brings up Ares, Stabler and Juno. He says that it’s a shame he had to kill the girl, considering how beautiful she was and how she was probably a good lay.

Cut to Nationals, where the woman is watching the screen. The kids feed turns back on and she sees Matthews fire three times into the kid. He falls to the ground, dead.

Cut back to Matthews in the lawyer room. He presses a button on the laptop and you see Jenkins getting shot, begging to be killed for the final time. Cut to the camera, transmitting this image to the jury, who has been watching the entire time. They watch the screen in horror as the man is killed several hundred times.

Matthews steps in front of the camera and asks them to finally let Jenkins rest. The door to the Lawyer room bursts open, Matthews turning around.

He turns to the camera and says, “Sorry, I have a date,” turns around and slugs an officer. The others open fire, in horror and the camera refocuses on Jenkins getting shot again.

The final shot of the movie is Jenkins.

“Please, kill me.”

“Don’t worry, we will.”

“And don’t bring me-“

Gunshot, credits.

The end.

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I would love to see this as a movie, I would go see it for sure.
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That sounds like an awesome movie.
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