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Borgan Invasion (Chapter 4 part 3)

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Default Borgan Invasion (Chapter 4 part 3)

Note. I'm sorry for being late with the updates, I've been busy with work, another story project and rewriting this part of the story because I thought some of the scenes could use some improving.

Back in Earth’s solar system, the flight of four F-28s and SU-38s made a close pass by Neptune as they continued their patrol.

“Vulcan 1 to Space Command, we have flown by Neptune and there continues to be no sign of alien activity in our solar system,” Captain Sumner reported.

“Understood, continue the patrol.”

“Stonecrusher 1, is your flight detecting anything out of the ordinary?” Captain Sumner asked.

“My radar is as clear as yours,” Colonel Vasska replied.

“I’m not picking up anything either,” Vasska’s copilot said.

Area 51

Dr. Lee and Dr. Howard were looking at concept drawings of their early warning satellites trying to decide which design looked best before production started as General Randy came walking down the stairs behind them.

“Dr. Howard and Dr. Lee, this department is going to have another project on its hands.”

“What kind of project sir?” Dr. Howard asked.

“President Hayes just called and said that he received notice from the Chinese ambassador saying that they intend to install microwave energy beams on their J-101 space fighters once they become operational,” General Randy explained.

“And the president wants us to design a beam weapon for our F-28s.”

“You got it Dr. Lee,” Randy replied.

Hours later, the flight of four F-28s and SU-38s headed back into Earth’s solar system after traveling several miles beyond Pluto to scan the outer area.

“Stonecrusher 1 to Space Force GHQ, we have completed our patrol with the Americans and we’re heading back towards

“Copy that,” replied a Space Force operator.

“Vulcan 1 to Space Command, our radars didn’t pick up anything throughout the entire mission except the planets we flew by while we were in the neighborhood.”

“Did you see anything on your patrol outside the solar system?” General Heinz asked over the radio.

“Only a few stars but we didn’t detect any alien contacts,” Sumner replied then a few hours later, the Earth came into view.

“Space Force GHQ to Stonecrusher flight, you may proceed to your reentry point.

“Roger that,” Colonel Vasska replied then the SU-38s split off from the American space fighters.

“Captain Sumner I’ve confirmed that we’re on course to our reentry point,” Lieutenant Adams said.

“Vulcan 1 to flight, maintain course and prepare for reentry,” Sumner ordered.

Many minutes later, the four F-28s dropped out of the atmosphere and flew through the night skies above Colorado on their way back to base.

Edwards AFB

George Hills took one more look around his private quarters to make sure he didn’t forget any personal items then he closed his suitcase as Lieutenant Colonel Macy entered the doorway.

“I heard that you made it to Brigadier General, congratulations,” Macy commented.

“Yep and I’ve been appointed to the head of aircraft development at Area 51,” General Hills replied.

“The pilots of Raven Squadron were lucky to have you as their leader and apparently they feel the same way,” Colonel Macy said.

“Did you meet the guy I picked to take my place?” General Hills asked.

“Yeah I met Major Luther and he seems to be adjusting to the position pretty well.”

“He was one of my best wingman and he had a top notch performance in the battle of Sacramento during the Earth Scorpion War along with many other missions,” Hills commented.

“I think Raven Squadron is in good hands with Major Luther at the helm considering that he was your second in command,” Macy said.

“Thanks for your approval Colonel, I have a plane waiting to take me to Nevada,” General Hills replied.

“Farewell sir and good luck with your new assignment,” Colonel Macy said.

“This was just a conservation, not a command situation so you don’t have to call me sir buddy.”

“The habit has been with me ever since my first day in the military.”

“Yep, they drill it into all of us,” General Hills replied then walked away.

Somewhere behind Earth’s moon

The Borgan mothership emerged from hyperspace and was followed by multiple battleships, cruisers, and carriers

“Emperor, the attack fleet is forming up and more ships will arrive soon,” his senior aide reported.

“We will take the Earth by surprise once our buildup is complete,” the Emperor declared.

Aircraft development sector
Area 51

In the aircraft development sector at Area 51, General George Hills stepped of the elevator and was greeted by Dr. Stern.

“General Hills, I’m Dr. Stern. Welcome to Area 51.”

“Thank you Dr. Stern,” Hills replied.

“I know you just arrived but I want you see our latest project,” Dr. Stern said as he and Hills headed towards a hanger.

“What is it?” Hills asked.

“After many years of research and development, we’ve finally produced a sixth generation air dominance fighter that will ultimately succeed the F-22 Raptor,” Dr. Stern replied as he typed in his access code then the hanger doors opened to reveal the aircraft.

“This is the F-27, the most advanced fighter aircraft ever built, apart from the space fighters of course.”

“You could’ve said the most advanced aircraft by atmospheric standards since the space fighters are in an entirely different category.”

“Right, the F-27 has three dimensional thrust vectoring engines which gives it greater maneuverability than the Raptor and it’s the first atmospheric jet fighter capable of flying at Mach seven without using its afterburners,” Stern said.

In other words, this thing is a hypersonic speed demon,” General Hills commented.

“It is much more than that sir, its airframe is covered in a stealth coating that makes it even stealthier than the Raptor or any other stealth aircraft that came before it and it’s the first fighter that can instantly repair itself in the heat of battle thanks to advanced nanocomposite materials built into its airframe but that capability is limited depending on the extent of the damage. A few other first for this aircraft is having a laser cannon and optical stealth systems built in from the get go instead of being added on as upgrades like the other fighters had and its equipped with a anti-missile laser system and wing mounted weapon bays in addition to the ones on its belly and sides.”

“The AMLS sounds very similar to the direct infrared counter measures on the helicopters and transport planes,” General Hills commented.

“That system is only useful against heat seekers and defeats them blinding their homing systems but the AMLS defeats missiles simply by blasting them out of the sky, providing the F-27 with a excellent defense against radar and infrared homing missiles and eliminates the need for chaff and flares. The AMLS consist of four small inconspicuous looking ball turrets with in the front near the side bays and two more in the back. Another neat trick it has is the ability to cool the temperature of its engine flames, meaning it could be flying at full afterburner and infrared sensors would not be able to spot it.”

“This bird has sixth generation fighter written all over it. How much firepower can this thing pack?” General Hills asked.

“The main weapons bay can carry up to ten ERAAM missiles, five JDAMs, five BBXMs sixteen SDBs, or four JSOWs depending on the mission and the side bays can carry two AIM9X missiles each. Now the underwing bays can carry two sidewinders or ERAAMs but underwing bays three and four can carry a JDAM if needed and two pylons can be added for the carriage of fuel tanks or larger standoff weapons like JASSM and Silverbolt,” Dr. Stern explained.

“I’m already starting to like this plane. Is this only prototype we got?”

“We actually have twenty but once the F-27 enters service, it will be the most advanced atmospheric fighter the world has ever seen and will ensure American air dominance for many years to come,” Dr. Stern replied with a tone of confidence as he looked at the plane.

Andrews AFB
Hanger One
June 17th

After doing a quick walk around his F-22 to make sure that everything looked right, Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy climbed into the cockpit and prepared to set out on the dawn patrol above the capital with Irongriffon 2 who was readying up in the hanger next door.

Both planes rolled out of their hangers and received clearance from the control tower to taxi onto runway one as six Raptors from Avenger Squadron who were coming back from their night patrol above DC touched down on runway two.

Colonel Jeremy lowered his visor as he moved his plane into takeoff position with his wingman.

A few seconds later, both planes sped down the runway and took to the air.

“Irongriffon 2, I just got the flight plan from control. Your CAP station is above the Potomac River and mine above is above the National Mall.”

“Roger lead.

Two minutes later, they arrived above the capital in optical stealth mode and split off for their designated stations.

Peterson AFB

General Heinz walked through the hallway towards the operations room to begin the day when Major Willis joined up with him.

“Morning sir.”

“Morning Major,” Heinz replied.

“Colonel Davis called a few minutes and told me to inform you that the French are in the final stages of assembling their Imperium space fighters and they have already activated their first space squadron,” Major Willis said.

“What is it called?” General Heinz asked.

"Guillotine sir.”

“Sounds like a very fitting and fearsome name for a fighter squadron,” Heinz commented as they walked to the doors of the operations room which quickly opened.

“Attention on deck,” Captain Gordon said as General Heinz and Major Willis entered the room.

“Carry on people,” Heinz ordered.

“All scanners are clear sir,” Sergeant Berman reported.

“Thanks for the update Sergeant,” General Heinz replied.

Borgan mothership
Far side of Earth’s moon

The Emperor looked out the window and watched as several more ship dropped out of hyperspace and joined the fleet.

“The time has come at last,” he declared then activated a speaker on the console in front of him. “All ships this is your Emperor speaking, begin the attack on Earth at once. Conquer as much ground as you can then once our full force arrives, all of humanity will falter before our might and this planet will be ours to rule and its resources ours to take.”

Irongriffon 1
1,000 feet above Washington DC

Colonel Jeremy took a quick glance at his radar and saw that the sky was clear, well as far as its 243 mile scan radius was concerned.

“Irongriffon 2, the sky is clear on my end. How are things looking on yours?”

"It’s all well and good over the Potomac and the surrounding area sir.”

“Roger, carry on,” Colonel Jeremy replied then took a quick survey of brightening sky around him.

It was shaping up to be another beautiful DC day and Colonel Jeremy hoped that it would remain uneventful, but he was more than ready for trouble should it come about.

He took another look at his radar and saw nothing then executed a hard right turn.

But just as he started circling around, Colonel Jeremy heard a loud noise overhead a saw a large orange energy bolt fall out of the sky and land somewhere in the city with a huge explosion.

“Oh shit. Irongriffon 2, something just struck the city,” he shouted.

“I just saw the same thing and the Capital building was pulverized on impact and I’m detecting multiple MEADS units around the capital going active.

Just then, more energy bolts fell out of the sky along with energy beams and pounded the city with devastating force.

“Irongriffon 1 to Andrews control and all units and bases in and around Washington DC, scramble everything you got. Our capital is under attack by unknown forces! I repeat, our capital is under attack by unknown forces.”

“This is Andrews control, we’re readying all Raptors and Phantom-Rays now.”

Before Colonel Jeremy knew it, his radio came to life with multiple transmissions from other bases and his radar gave off a beeping sound indicating multiple contacts were on their way.

He looked at his radar and saw hundreds of contacts which turned out to be alien fighters diving towards the city at high speed and since his radio was drowning in transmissions, he used his inflight datalink system to send a simple message to the air defense units on the ground. Hostile fighters diving down at high speed, standby to engage.

Space Command operations room
A few seconds after the opening attacks

“Multiple ships just dropped out of hyperspace right in our upper atmosphere and many of them are descending with their weapons blazing while others are taking orbit around the planet,” Berman reported.

“How did they show up so fast?” Major Willis asked.

“It’s like they showed up out of nowhere,” Sergeant Berman replied as Captain Gordon listened to a voice over his earpiece.

“Washington DC and San Diego are under attack by the alien ships and multiple swarms of alien fighters,” Captain Gordon reported.

“Another wave of ships just emerged from hyperspace,” Sergeant Berman shouted.

“I want a IFF scan on those ships immediately,” General Heinz ordered.

“Houston has come under intense bombardment from the alien ships,” Major Willis reported.

“Oh my God,” Sergeant Berman commented.

“What now Sergeant?” General Heinz asked.

“I just did an IFF scan on the ships and confirmed that they’re Borgan vessels,” Berman replied.

“The ships that were in orbit have gone back into hyperspace after firing a series of beams into the atmosphere,” Captain Gordon said.

“we’re getting reports from all over the world about attacks from Borgan ships and giant walkers,” Major Willis reported.

“They took us by surprise,” Heinz said to himself with a look of dread on his face.

“General Heinz we have an incoming transmission from Russian Space Forces HQ,” Lieutenant Gibson reported.

“Put it on screen,” Heinz ordered then General Rurik appeared on one of the flat screen monitors.

“General Heinz, it seems that the Borgans managed to catch us off guard,” Rurik commented.

“We didn’t see them until they emerged from hyperspace.”

“Neither did we but we were able to confirm that those attack walkers the Borgans are using against us were beamed down from the ships in orbit before they withdrew. But my reason for contacting you is to suggest that we put our space fighters in orbit to prevent anymore attack waves from getting through,” Rurik explained.

“I’ll get my F-28s spaceborne,” Heinz replied.

“My SU-38s will join them,” Rurik said.

Part 4 coming soon.

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