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What Should I Title This?

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Old 03-31-2017, 11:26 AM
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Default What Should I Title This?

Lindsey snuggled beneath her covers as her mother's footsteps faded to silence. The yellow light beneath her bedroom door went away and she turned to gaze at the glimmering snow globe atop her dresser.

"It's okay, Azazel," Lindsey whispered, "you can come out now."

"M'shu om-du-la!" Azazel's voice rang across the room as the snow globe filled with soft white light.

Lindsey scooted to the edge of her bed and squinted through the glass. "M'shu on-du-la."

Azazel lept to her toes, stretched out her arms, and spun as white flakes danced around her.

"Don't you get cold? Dancing in the snow?" Lindsey asked.

Azazel stopped her spinning and dawdled toward the glass. A smile stretched her pale face. "Oh, no, my friend. These aren't snow flakes. They're cherry blossoms."

"Cherry blossoms?" Lindsey could hardly hide her confusion. She had never seen a cherry blossom before.

Azazel pointed to the tiny trees behind her. "The trees. They're always budding here."

"You mean like in Spring time?" Lindsey had study the four seasons at school.

"Yes, exactly. It's always spring time here. That's how I'm able to come back," Azaze"l explained.

"Come back? From where? Where do you go?"

"Well..." Azazel scrunched her face like Lindsey's mom often did whenever he had to explain something confusing. "Well, I don't suppose it really matters. You're going to bring me back for good. Right?"

"I'm gonna try," Lindsey said as she reached for the snow globe with her hands.

"Have you been practicing the words I taught you?" Azazel asked.

"A little. Whenever Mom hears me saying them, she gets mad. Tells me to stop speaking gibberish."

Azazel giggled. "It's only gibberish when you don't understand."

Lindsey pulled the snow globe so close to her face that her nose touched the glass. "I don't think Mom understands."

"Well, if you can't bring me out there, maybe I can bring you in here," Azazel said.

"Maybe," Lindsey replied.

"Repeat after me. Odug Morum sa-li-ah," Azazel spoke the words slowly.

"Odum..." Lindsey repeated.

"Morum," Azazel coached her.


"Lindsey Lu!" Her mother's voice echoed off the wall as her bedroom door sprung open. "I thought I told you to get to sleep."

"I was..." Lindsey glanced down at her snow globe. The soft white light had faded away. Azazel lay still and quiet beneath a cherry tree.

"Give me that!" Her mother snatched the snow globe from her hands.

"But Mom! I wanna talk with Azazel."

"And I want you to go to sleep."

Her mother turned with the snow globe and stomped out of her room. She closed the door behind her.

"Sorry, Azazel," Lindsey called out to her. "Odum morum sa-li-ah."

"Lindsey!" Her mother shouted as the door sprung open again. Just as her mother stepped into the room, Lindsey's entire bedroom disappeared. Soft white light spread around her and when she looked up she saw cherry blossoms.

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Cherry Blossoms—duh😀
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Cherry Blossoms


And miss the chance to shoehorn in one more Azazel?
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