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Our mission at SirensMag.com is to provide a small antidote to the vapid wasteland that is most women's magazines, while still acknowledging our girliness. We embrace frank, reported, educated articles on everything from politics to Prada pumps. We know there are strong voices out there that can help support this mission and we want to hear from you.

A defining characteristic of Sirens is our essays. Every section has them. Thus we welcome essay pitches, but please note that every essay must be about something. Sounds obvious, we know, but please make sure your pitch indicates the larger point being made, even if the essay is about an unfortunate encounter with an eyelash curler.

The focus in features is on real-life issues and giving women choices rather than telling them how they should be living their lives. We assume women know how to apply mascara, and you'll never see a run-of-the-mill "how to please your man" article here. When pitching our Beauty, Fashion, Friends & Lovers, and Being a Siren sections, keep these points in mind.

The best way to determine whether your idea is right for Sirens is to ask yourself two questions: "Does this piece fit in Cosmo, Glamour, Jane, Elle, or any other mainstream women's mag?" If the answer is yes, it's likely not for us.

And remember: We seek to give new writers a voice, regardless of their previous experience. Guys, we want your pitches, too: Male writers should pitch pieces that offer a man's perspective on the behavior of women OR anything else that might interest women. Feel free to celebrate us or simply ask: What the fuck? But also note: We don't want to limit you to chiming in only to interpret and translate your gender's behavior.
Sections to Pitch

Beauty: Sirens beauty embraces products, trends and conventional beautification; however, it also seeks to examine the reasons behind women's obsession with the above.
Essays (500-1000 words); Trends (200-350 words)
Recent Example: Too Many Products (even a self-proclaimed product junkie can't deal with all the high-level "treatments"—microdermabrasion, self-tanning, teeth-whitening, etc.—we're expected to do regularly now that they're at Rite Aid)

Fashionista: This section will celebrate the stiletto in the same issue it calls out the insanity of such a fashion item.
Essays (500-1000 words); Trends (200-350 words)
Recent Example: What the Fuck is Wrong with You Bitches? (a tomboy pokes fun at the ridiculousness of some women's fashion). Also: Why we love our $200 jeans.

Voyeurism: We believe entertainment is more than just a pastime; it infiltrates our lifestyle. Also: Underrated, a short dossier on overlooked entertainers, shows, and movies.
Essays (500-1000 words); Underrated (250 words)
Recent Example: Dating Patrick Dempsey … or a guy who looks a lot like him, anyway (why we'll put up with so much more from a guy who resembles our favorite star)

Sex: From reported pieces on fetishes to rants on the importance of sex in relationships.
Essays (500-1000 words); Features (500-1000 words)
Recent Examples: How to Have a Threesome (an straightforward look at the mechanics that also subtly sends up the classic women's mag how-to)

Health & Fitness: Reported pieces are big here, as well as reported essays and even charticles (that's charty articles). A short fitness box, too, highlighting a specific workout routine.
Essays (500-1000 words); reportage (500-1000 words); charticles (500 words); fitness box (500 words).
Recent Example: Our Shriveling Ovaries (no-nonsense examination of the pros and cons of motherhood at 22, 32, and 42)

Habitat: Home and food live here, and any other odds and ends that happen in the cozy place where you live. Also, a short Food Fetish: basically an "open letter to" our fave food items, telling them why we love them so and all the handy ways we like to use them.
Essays (500-1000 words); Food Fetish (250 words).
Recent Example: Reluctant Domestic Goddess (a woman who thought she was being a "feminist" by refusing to learn to cook—and who has now taken it up and learned to love it, complete with recipes for her favorite beginner's dishes)

Friends & Lovers: Our largest section, this is where we examine how the relationships of our lives affect everything we do.
Essays (500-1000 words); Features (500-1000 words)
Recent Example: Men Are the New Women (how to deal if you're playing the "guy" in the relationship, and he's nagging you about commitment and talking about his feelings)

Travel: Tell us not just why a destination is cool, but why it makes a good spotlight in Sirens. The angle should be unique (i.e. my shotgun wedding in Vegas), but expect to include all the essential travel details, too (lodging, entertainment, airfare, etc.).
Essays (500-1000 words); Features (500-1000 words)
Recent Example: A Solo Vacation in Hawaii

Soapbox: Your political views uncensored.
Essays (500-1000 words)
Recent Example: How the abortion debate is ruining politics—and burying real debate about solvable issues

Fiction: Short fiction—or literary essay—with a strong relevance to women (1000-1500 words) or longer fiction, which will be broken up in to a maximum of three installments.
Being a Siren: This is where writers have a chance to show-off their unique perspective. Essays attempt to explain the complexity of what it really means to be a woman.
Essays (500-1000 words)
Recent Example: 30 is the New 20 (dealing with the increasing adolescentness of being 20-something)

Send all pitches and queries to Editorial Directors Heather Wood ( heather@sirensmag.com) and Jennifer Armstrong ( jennifer@sirensmag.com).

Sirens reserves the right to worship and adore you for your brilliant pitches and contributed stories. We will run the story for a maximum of 30 days then archive it indefinitely. Please note that we cannot offer compensation at this time.

A Siren is a woman who is rebellious and conventional all at once. She loves looking great, but she knows how to do it. She has her act together, but needs a push to take it to the next level, to go after the life she always envisioned even if it defies the rules.


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