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Project Juggernaut (Chapter 2 part 1)

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Default Project Juggernaut (Chapter 2 part 1)

Chapter 2
The Pentagon
Washington DC

Admiral Rogers entered the office of the Chief of Naval Admiral William Scott and took a seat.

“You wanted to see me sir?” Rogers asked.

“Tomorrow there will be a commissioning ceremony for two new Halsey class carriers, the Craig Johnson and the Jerald Ford at Norfolk Naval Base,” Admiral Scott said.

“I bet you’re looking forward to bringing two new ships into service,” Rogers replied.

“After I get through with a White House meeting but I called you here to make you an offer,” said Scott.

“What kind of offer?” Rogers asked.

“The commander of the carrier Nimitz which is being replaced by the Craig Johnson decided to retire and with such short notice I can’t find anyone else to take command of the Craig Johnson, so I was wondering if you were interested,” Admiral Scott explained.

“Even though I’ve spent most of my career in Naval Intelligence, I do have some experience with serving on ships and running intel operations from them but I’ve never commanded one before. However, I would be absolutely honored to command the Craig Johnson."

“Consider it yours. Here is briefing packet on the ship, make sure you read it and I’ll see you at tomorrows ceremony,” Scott said then Rogers got up and saluted him.

“ Yes sir. Thank you sir,” Rogers replied.

Back at the Antarctic base, Sergeant Spencer entered the doorway of General Cain’s office.

“I wish to speak to you sir,” Spencer requested.

“Come in and take a seat Sergeant,” General Cain replied then Spencer took a seat in a chair near the office entrance.

“I’ve come to voice my concern about your plan to activate Project Juggernaut.”

“What has you concerned?” Cain asked.

“Honestly sir, I think this is a gamble that’s not worth taking, especially sense we’re dealing with mutated specimens and there’s no telling what they may do if they are activated,” Sergeant Spencer said.

“You’re just like the Joint Chiefs at the time of the Cold War when they got word of this project,” Cain commented as he placed a folder in the drawer of his desk .

“What do you mean sir?” Spencer asked.

“You’re so worried about the potential dangers that you fail to see the benefits in the strength of these scorpions. Now I have looked at all the information regarding the abilities of these creatures and from what’ive read, I think they will be perfect for the defense of not just our country but the entire planet against mutant and alien threats,” General Cain said firmly.

“I remember watching news footage of the Earth Scorpion War and the last time I checked, our forces along with those of all the other nations defeated the scorpions without any help from creatures engineered from some freak show project that was canceled a long time ago and probably for good reason,” Sergeant Spencer replied.

“Perhaps you will come to understand the benefits of having an army of bio engineered scorpions on your side once I get support from the president and the Joint Chiefs after tomorrow’s video conference,” Cain replied in an annoyed tone of voice.

“I’m willing to bet that the top brass in Washington have already thought of ideas on how to enhance our military strength to better handle mutant and alien threats we have to face down the road,” Spencer commented.

“Well this is one idea our superiors will put on their list tomorrow and assuming that you’re done wasting my time with your petty concerns, I have business to attend to,” Cain replied sarcastically then got up and left the office.

The next morning in Washington DC, a limousine pulled up in front of the White House.

Once the passenger door was opened by a security guard, Army Chief of Staff General Ryan stepped out followed by Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Scott who was then followed by Air Force Chief of staff, General Kinsey and lastly the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Hughes.

“Inform the president that the Joint Chiefs have arrived,” a secret service agent reported into his earpiece.

A minute later, the Joint Chiefs stood in the conference room waiting for the president to arrive while General Ryan concluded a phone conservation.

As Ryan hung up the phone, President Smith entered the meeting room.

“Mr. President, I just spoke with General Cain at the Antarctic Base and he is ready to begin the conference General Ryan said.
“Ok now lets let's get started,” President Smith said then everyone took their seats and watched as General Cain appeared on the big screen.

“Have you come to a decision about my proposal?” Cain asked.

“We have come a decision and under advisement from Secretary of Defense Cribbs who is not present sense he’s preparing for a ceremony, we’ve decided not to activate Project Juggernaut,” President Smith announced.

“Come on people, these scorpion specimens have been stored here sense the 1960s and if we activate them they will greatly strengthen our forces,” General Cain explained.

“And let's say we did decide to activate the scorpions and they got out of control, could you imagine the damage they would cause?” General Ryan asked.

“And Secretary Cribbs has labeled the project as extremely dangerous and impractical and the president along with everyone else in this room agrees with that assessment,” General Hughes said.

“He’s right,” General Ryan commented.

“And what’s your point Ryan?” Cain asked angrily.

“Lets get two things straight here, first of all it’s General Ryan to you and second, allow me to refresh your memory as to why Project Juggernaut was canceled in the first place. Reason number 1, the Joint Chiefs at the time of the Cold War had no interest in using an army of giant scorpions against the Soviet Union if the worse did come to worse and secondly, they did not want to take the risk of activating a bunch of mutated scorpions that could have gone out of control at any given moment and that is why we will not support or fund your freak show,” General Ryan replied.

“And the Joint Chiefs have already decided how they are going to use their budgets,” President Smith said.

“On what exactly?” General Cain shouted.

“As the Army Chief of Staff, I’ve decided to devote our spending into increasing the missile payloads on our Comanche helicopters and installing optical stealth systems on them. Another thing were putting our money into is the development of the M1A3 Abrams tank which will replace the M1A2 in 2101. The Navy has used its budget to bring it’s construction rate of Halsey class carriers from 1 carrier to two carriers a year and two new ships will be commissioned today as a result,” General Ryan replied assertively.

“And what has the Air Force done with its spending that’s so productive?” Cain asked.

“We’ve devoted most of our funding to the development of our sixth generation fighter, the F/A-27 and we’ve also made upgrades to our F-22s such as enabling them to carry JSOWs and bunker buster x munitions. We also plan on installing laser weapons on our fighters in the not too distant future,” General Kinsey answered strongly.

“And what else?” General Cain asked to which everyone regarded with looks of annoyance on their faces.

“The remainder of our budget is being put into the production of F-28 space fighters which are flying off the Area 51 assembly line like hotcakes and the development of phase-shifting modulators which will allow our weapons to bypass shields which will give us a huge advantage in the event we find ourselves facing an alien threat with such devices. ,” Kinsey replied.

“And we have used our funding to develop the Mamba attack helicopter which will replace our ageing Viper helicopters,” General Hughes said.

“The only thing you have all proven is that you know how to put your budgets into more toys which are primitive in comparison to the abilities possessed by the juggernaut scorpions,” Cain commented.

“It proves that we know how to spend our money on things that will ensure our military supremacy against all threats now and into the future and not on stupid and disastrous ideas,” Admiral Scott said.

“One more thing General Cain, you are under direct orders from me to destroy those specimens,” President Smith said then switched off the screen by pressing a button on the phone in front of him.

Part 2 coming soon.

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