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Adoro Works: Cost-Effective Know-How For Writers

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Default Adoro Works: Cost-Effective Know-How For Writers

Manuals from Adoro Works are designed tobe used on your computer screen, enabling toggling to your work andinstant connection to their massive collections of pertinent links.They are quality pdf documents with clickable navigation.
Carefully prepared so that users need no specialtraining or skills, Adoro Works manuals enable knowledgeable creationand use of online/digital writing tools and techniques likeself-publishing, online writing, ebook and podcast creation, making andutilizing book video "trailers". Inexpensive, directively written, andtotally writer-oriented, these documents can turbo a writer's webpresence and ability to seek readers in new, creative ways.
--New Routes to Publicationdeals with ways of building readership using new media stylespermitting publication immediately. Writers can now approach readersdirectly without out intermediaries. Whether seeking the "thousand truefans" that support your career, or building an author brand/platformthat will increase interest of agents and publishers, these methodsallow a writer to get readers, input, even income NOW not years from now...at the same time shaving the odds against any writer who wants to be published.
--Make Your Own Book Videos for Freedoes exactly what it says, allows a writer to create--without spendingany money or acquiring special skills--book promotional videos and usethem them efffectively to promote his or her work. Not the usual tractfor vidgeeks, it's pitched at writers who might have nothing to workwith but a cover shot. How to create the visual, text, and soundportions of a solid video that uses your own creatitvity and feel foryour book, supported by a massive collection of links to free programs,resources, support groups, contests, venues, and communities.
--Self-Publishing For Profit(Coming soon from Adoro Works) isn't the usual self-publishingworkbook: it tells you how to make money writing and publishing yourown books. And not the way, you think. You might not need ISBN's, oramazon or POD or social media. Lots of people enjoy income from theirown books, and the same concepts and links work for authors whose aimsare not just financial: this is the "missing link" in author-publishingaids.
--Make Your Own Graphics, Logos, Icons and Covers For Free (Comingthis year from Adoro Works) is a manual that writers need but haven'trealized it. Whether you need a snappy logo or graphic for yourwebsite, social media avatar, advertisement, ebook icon, or POD bookcover, you could very possibly be quite capable of making what you wantfor free without any special training. As usual, huge libraries oflinks to free programs, sources, and resources.

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