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A silly movie trailer screenplay over dinner

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Old 04-19-2007, 09:55 PM
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Default A silly movie trailer screenplay over dinner

Writing this as if I were telling my friend all about it again.

And now... the Movie Trailer Screenplay...

As I had said it at the dinner table (sorry for the many exclamation marks but I was very very very overexcited about this incredibly silly story that had just popped out of nowhere in my head after my friend had mentioned something that I thought was rather funny):

"Aw dude, that just gave me an AWESOME idea for like... a short film or a film or... something really cool to watch for a moment and then get bored after a while but still! Just imagine this:"

"On another world called Garbababababafflebobs, I'll change it later, but on this world there can be like this whole plot about Rabid Squirrels, Carnivorous Monster Deer, and really freaking mean YAKS!!! But wait man, it gets even better! There'll still be like human actors and whatnot... err.... hold on--oooh I got it!
So there's the people right? Yes!! Of course! So there's the people and for absolutely no reason at all, Mad-Crazy-Animals are attacking human beings!! AHHH!! Hwahahaha!! Dude this would be so hilarious!! Oh right, hold on lemme have a bite of my food... mmm, righto! Back to the story!
So there's these animals attacking people right? Of course! Otherwise there'd be no story in this!! OOO!! And let's not forget the mad crazy pelican gopher hybrids that like to live in... cupboards and kitchen pantries!! Crazy buggers they are! Hey! Don't go yet, I'm just getting to the good part, I'll finish my food soon enough *laughs* ok ok here's how the movie trailer's gonna be like:"

"Alrighty first there'll be like err... the movie title!! Let's call it... Random Stuff and Gerbifferbuutzahnvhutnutz!! Haha! I'll challenge you to say that five times fast later!! But back to the trailer! So it shows the title, and then there'll be like some cheesy line about DOOM by Yaks who fog up your window by standing there breathing on it while staring at you for HOURS ON END!! And let's not forget.... Space Monkeys!! Well, maybe they can be in the director's cut or something. Well anywhos, so yeah there's the movie trailer dude's voice telling about this whole plot and all and THEN!! Filling the ENTIRE screen there'll be just this confused yak just staring at the camera... well I guess maybe it could be CG for that shot or something, but it'll just be staring at the camera, and so it would be staring at the audience too. And it just shows the Yak staring and fogging up the screen with it's ridiculously huge nostrils *laughs* they look funny anyways. And then! Dramatic music! Yes! We could have like dramatic orchestra with LOTS of strings and percussion while the screen shows an apache helicopter--camera's positioned at a downward 45-45 degree angle and stuff, maybe that'll be a CG shot or something or other--ooo wait, need to take another bite... mmm dinner's good... but anyways!! As the chopper's passing the camera, the camera continues to track the chopper--all the while in the background, what was first just fog and stuff and fluff and whatnot, you can see erm... well something that has to do with people firing 120mm cannons and machine guns and even throwing candy bars at badgers and prairie dogs!! OOo!! And at the Rabid Squirrels too!! Lots of special effects and sound effects! Oh and while the chopper is passing the camera and the camera is tracking the chopper, the foggy stuff IS clearing so that the audience can see this battle of weirdness *chuckles a bit* And once the battlefield view is rather clear, the camera is no longer tracking the chopper and it's already offscreen anyhow---OOO!! Scene transition!!
So now the camera has switched to a rather close to the ground view right? Of course! Because we just feel like seeing the feet of a running persooooon!!! But--the angle is just looking up enough that you can see the action going on around the... feet... yeah!!! Oooo! Camera view change thingy again!! Dude man this'd be hilarious if it was a real movie trailer or something!
Right! So now the camera has... hmm... ah yes! Let's have one of those in-every-action-movie thing where the camera's looking down the barrel of a gun or something? Yeah? And so the gun's firing and firing and stuff for like 3 or 4 seconds and once the muzzle flash is gone, it then shows... a.... pigmy yak monster thing leaping from off-set at the guy that is on-set and yeah the guy is going to get eaten! Ooooh but we'll let the audience guess at that because then there's another SCENE TRANSITION!!!
Now the camera's at an around-abouts 45-45 degree angle, looking upwards, and THAT's when it'll show the Space Monkeys!! They'll be like in these huge robot suits and stuff with jetpacks, rocket launchers, and really really big... spring loaded lobster launchers mounted on their robot suit's arms... something like that... well anyways, it'll show the space monkeys! Descending from the sky, it's going to be a night sky in that little scene, and they'll be... I dunno yelling and blabbering and stuff!! But of course, we'll have the cutting room take that scene out and put it in the director's cut DVD!!! Mwahahahah!!! Oh heavens, I'm havin' too much fun with this. Hmm... I guess then the screen can do a blackout followed by fade-in wordart that tells you when the movie's coming out and stuff... which would be never..."

My friend then responded with six words:
"You should be a screenplay writer."

And then my sister made her own comment:
*groan* "Oh God no..."

If you thought this "Movie trailer screenplay" was really stupid, or whatever--trust me, in hindsight I realized just how bad it was too. But I thought it'd make for a good laugh... or chuckle anyways. Or just something to tell your friends about "how weird this one guy's movie trailer was..." LOL so unless this somehow pisses you off (I don't know how it possibly could other than if you conclude that you just wasted your time reading my movie trailer screenplay idea) This'll probably give you something to think about or talk about if it really comes down to you not having anything else to do with your day... or life... or whatnot... lol
Oooo! And it should save you from those awkward conversations with people if you run out of topics to talk about and you need just something random but you've already used the "I like buttered toast" topic already.... yyyyeaaaah...
Well don't hate me too much for ever thinking this movie trailer idea up--it really was a random thing that just came to mind over dinner LOL and I just thought it'd be something to post about since my friend thought I had the imagination and creativity to write a screenplay.

Aaaaanywhos... Kudos and Cheers, Peeps!! ^_^

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