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splitting personality, part four, 3000 words, mafia soilders in love

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Default splitting personality, part four, 3000 words, mafia soilders in love

that should be soldiers

I'm not sure how to title this section. it's one of those necessary section to keep the action moving and at the same time set the stage for the next things to happen. these sections are sometimes boring. so I put it in conversation form as John and Linda talk in their bed. I hope it works.

warning - language, adult situations

I washed my hands and face in the bathroom sink. Linda said that was all she was going to do. I waited as she took a lot longer than I did. She came out of the bathroom and said. “Let’s go eat some of that chicken and dumplings.”

I like her much better when I don't have to worry about where the butcher knives are. I smiled and we went downstairs.

Part four

Mrs. Moore was sitting at one of the tables with Precious; she pointed. “There are plates and stuff just to the right in the kitchen. Help yourself.”

As we served ourselves, we watched Precious. Linda asked. “Is he putting the moves on her, or her on him?”

I snickered. “I don’t think it matters.” We took the plates out to one of the other tables. Linda put her plate down on the table and went to a smaller table to get ice tea. She brought back two glasses and sat down. We ate the food and talked. Not about anything; just making fun of Precious and Mrs. Moore's teenage antics mostly. We ignored our own teenage antics.

When we finished eating Linda started to pick up the dishes. But Mrs. Moore said. “Oh no Hon, I'll get those. You two might want to go for a walk it's really nice this time of day.” We walked out outside and then decided to take the walk. It was very nice. The breeze was gentle and cool. Some of the cacti were in bloom.

While the walk was nice I was happy when it ended and we went up to the room. Linda went over to the multi pane glass door that opened out onto a balcony area. It was chilly on the balcony and when the breeze came up it was a cold. She shivered and leaned back into me. I put my arms around her and held her hands in front of her. Strange I it would be alright for me to touch her. She said. “I've always liked it here.”

I asked. “You've been here before?”

She nodded. “I think I have been everywhere. But I like it here best. Not this building but this area. I stayed with my grandmother one summer when I was about twelve. That’s where we are going tomorrow. I'll introduce you.” She shivered and said. “It’s cold. I'm going to take a bath.” She went into the room. It was the first glimpse I had of her past.

I followed and closed the door. She went into the bathroom sticking her head out just before she closed the door saying. “And I don’t need your help this time.” We both smiled.

I laughed and sat down on the bed to take off my boots. I heard Linda yell “Holy Shit!”

I was alarmed. “Do you need some help?”

She yelling from the bathroom. “No, I just realized something.”

I asked. “What is it?”

She didn't answer for a while. “I’ll tell you later.”

I lay back on the bed and wondered, is this OK? Where is the line between helping Linda become stable after her self-induced insanity and doing right by Polly? Linda is right, the way we live, sex with her isn't a problem as long as we're careful, loving her is not ok, it could get us both killed. It's just not done.

That being said that choice wasn’t clear to me; but some things were. I had to keep Linda on the level and not go too far. If Linda's mind slipped away she could kill some one I cared about, like me, or get me killed. It could even go as far as me having to kill her. On the other hand, is Polly. If I let this thing with Linda go too far - cross the line – let someone find out that I'm in love with her. I'd be in the same danger from Polly. I thought about Sherri and Polly telling me I could sleep with her for the business. It was my first introduction as to the way she saw things in a marriage even though we were not married at the time. I wondered where and if there was a line that I wouldn't cross. I knew that Polly was not going to sleep with anyone but me because that is just the way things are done in her world and in her mind.

A stray thought about going back to high school to get my diploma and forgetting this whole thing, passed as quickly as it appeared. There was no going back, not the way things were now. I'm in way to deep.

The bathroom door opened and Linda walked into the bedroom. I was very relieved. She was drying her hair and wearing pajamas. I said. ‘Nice outfit.”

She taunted. “I’m glad you like it, I got you one just like it.”

I smiled and then got serious for a moment. “Linda, do we need to talk about this?”

She bit at her lower lip and looked at the floor before she said softly. “Yeah, we do. But take a bath, put on the Pjs and come to bed. Then we'll talk.”

I took the bath and put on the pjs. I went back into the bedroom. Linda was in bed. She turned back the covers on the other side of the bed and said. “Is this side of the bed ok?” I nodded. “Yeah.’ I got into the bed and turned out the light.

She cuddled up rather cautiously to me and said. “I hope you don’t mind the Pjs, but I have some real problems touching people and what I'm thinking of doing with you...” She didn't finish the statement.

I held her and nodded my chin was on her head that was buried in my chest. “I know and this is very weird. Are you doing ok now?”

She whispered. “I trust you. I know that you won’t try to take this any further than I want.”

I explained. “I have other reasons not to let this go too far.”

She sort of snorted suppressing a laugh. “I know; Polly. She's my best, only friend. I don’t want this to go too far either.” She paused and I heard her swallow hard then she added. “I'm too scared to let this go too far. I just want a little more than a friend but nowhere near a lover.”

Our eyes had gotten used to the dark and I could see shadows mostly. I guess she could too. She pulled herself up on one elbow and looked me in the face saying. “Is that all right?”

I asked. “What is, a little more than a friend?”

She laughed. “I don’t know; someone to hold me when I get sad. Someone to let me pretend I'm living a normal life for a while.”

I smiled. “I think I can do that.”

She lay her head down on my arm. She lay there for a second and then said. “Put your arm under the pillow.” I put my arm under the pillow. She lay back down and cuddled up again. She was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. “Turn on your side and hold me face to face.”

I cautioned. “That is not a good idea.” She wasn’t happy with the answer and asked me why. I couldn’t tell her the real reason but she is going to know very soon that I'm ready to be a lot more than friends; the little solder was very much at attention. I turned over and held her.

She was surprized. “Oh, I see...” She quickly added. “I didn’t mean I see, it’s dark and I can’t see anything. Damn.” She pushed her head into my chest saying. “I bet I'm glowing in the dark.”

I said. “It all right, I am too.”

She started to giggle like a little girl and said. “Does it hurt when it gets hard like that?”

I answered with a nervous laugh “After a while, but it'll go away.”

She giggled again and said. “I think it’s getting bigger.”

I assured her. “I don’t think that’s possible.”

She was serious now. “I don’t think I can make love to you, and I'm not going to screw you just because. I'm just not ready.”

I kissed her hair “I thought this was just a little more than a friend?”

I felt her head move on my chest. “Yeah but remember I told you I didn't know what that meant yet.”

I smiled telling her. “It’s all right.” We lay there for a minute before she said. “I guess it'll make it worse, but could we kiss a little? I think I would like that.”

I said. “friend?”

She was bitting her lip. “God John I just don't know!”

I touched her cheek and she didn't retreat “Why not, I don't think my problem could get any worse.”
We kissed for a while. She stopped and said. “Sorry, I'm getting scared. Just hold me please.”

I held her until she went to sleep and then I let myself go to sleep.

I woke the next morning with Linda staring at me she leaned down to kiss me. After the kiss she said. “Does my breath smell as bad as yours?”

I sort of smiled “Probably.”

Her eyes seemed to twinkle. “I'll hold my breath when we kiss so it'll be all right.” We kissed again. I opened my mouth a little and she did the same. We kissed and I licked her lips, she opened her mouth a little and... The kiss slowly ended.

She said. “What was that with the tongue?”

I said. “They call it a French kiss. I don’t know why.”

She said “One more, now that I know what to do.” We kissed again.

She lay back on her pillow. “You know that list of problems I have with this sort of thing.”

I nodded. “Yeah, you said you had a problem with it.”

She touched my cheek. “It gets shorter every time you touch me; and that French thing. Well, it really makes the list start to disappear.” She looked like she needed another. So I kissed her again. She was deep into the kiss and suddenly broke it off.

She stood up by the bed and said. “I have to take a shower.”

I was afraid I had done something wrong. “Linda is there some problem?”

She shook her head, “No, I just had a very nice feeling all the way to my toes.”

It took me a second before I smiled, “Do you get off.”

She said just before She slammed the bathroom door. “It's not funny.”

I laughed it was funny, “Damn you are going to be fun when we do make love.”

She screamed, “Just let it go.”

I lay there for a while until she came out of the bathroom and told me. “It’s all yours.” I tried to kiss her as I walked by on the way to the bathroom. She pushed me away. “Just take a shower.”

I smiled. “Don’t be afraid. This is going to play out the way you want it to.”

She gave me a quick kiss and shoved me toward the bathroom. “That's what I'm afraid of.”

I showered and then got dressed from the suitcases in the bathroom. I closed the bag and went into the bed room. I was sitting on the bed trying to put on my boots. Linda walked up to me and said as she turned around. “B.T. Help me with my bra.” She turned her back to me and pulled up her shirt.

I asked. “What’s wrong with it?”

She said. “It’s new and I hooked it in the wrong place. Just unfasten it and loosen it one space.” I reached up and popped it open it and then re-fastened it in the next wider hook. I ran my hand down her side, touching her softly. She turned and was in my arms.

She smiled. “That’s still scary, ok?”

I smiled knowing we were getting closer. Yesterday she would have decked me. “Ok. Are you afraid that you'll have to change your messy underwear.”

She sort of smiled, “Yes and why are you being so mean about me getting off.”

I smiled “because I didn't and I wanted to.”

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “I bet this happens all the time.”

I smiled “It might, but it's the first time it has happened when I was just kissing a girl.”

She stood, “Well I liked it a lot so just let it go ok.”

I stood and kissed her again. The kiss was not complete when I felt myself start to wake, getting larger. She must have felt it because she backed away and started to laugh. “That is just weird.”

I nodded. “It just does that. I need to know if you are just playing a game or are you serious.”

She stepped close to me again. “I'm serious. But sometimes I wish it was a game. It would be easier on me, for sure.” She started to laugh and continued “And your zippers, too.”

I laughed. We finished dressing and started downstairs. I picked up my bag and said. “Where is your bag?” She said. “Oh, we'll be back here tonight, well, very early in the morning.”

I nodded. “Ok, I didn’t know.” We walked downstairs. It was almost ten. “I wonder where Precious is. He is up and about by this time.”

Linda started to laugh. I said. “What?”

She said as she brought the laugh under control “Nothing.”

Ok now she is into male bathroom humor. But, She was happier than I had ever seen her. It was catching; and I laugh. I also knew deep inside she was something like a pissed off grizzly bear covered in beautifully colored crape paper. I still love her, I can't help myself. I don't want to help myself.

We went to get something to eat. Mrs. Moore, walked over to the table. “We don’t really have a menu just breakfast.”

I asked. “What is breakfast?” She said “Breakfast is, eggs – however you want - bacon or sausage, toast, pancakes, and coffee.”

Linda ordered “No sausage and coke, not coffee.”

I said “Both meats and no pancakes, Coke, not coffee.”

Mrs. Moore said “Eggs?” Over easy was the reply from us both. She said, as she was going for the food. “It'll be a few.”

Precious walked into the room and over to the table. I pushed a chair back. “Join us.”

He sat down and seemed a little grumpy. “Where are we going today?”

Linda sort of smiled. “Good morning.” Rather sarcastically.

Precious looked at me. I told him. “I don’t know either.”

Linda confided. “I think it is about a hundred miles West.”

Mrs. Moore brought the food and placed it on the table. She brought Precious everything.

She wiped her hands on her apron and said. “That should do it.”

Linda said. “I didn’t know you ordered.”

Precious seemed a little embarrassed “We talked about it earlier.”

Mrs. Moore had an impish smile “Much earlier.” She was still smiling as she walked away.

We looked at Precious. He looked at Linda and said. “She is a widow, you know.” Then he looked at me and said. “I’m not dead yet and she made the offer.” Linda started to say something but he continued. “And besides where did you two spend the night?”

I backed off. “I think whatever we did last night is our own business and that means all of us.”

Linda said. “That’s ok with me.”

Precious nodded and said. “Besides, it was only one night.”

Linda almost choked and then started to laugh. Precious asked “what?”

I couldn't help but smile as I told him. “We'll be back here tonight, late.”

He looked a little upset. “Oh, god.” He kept eating and mumbling.

Mrs. Moore came back over to the table and took his empty plate. She asked, “Do you want some more, Precious?”

I did my very best not to look at Linda. I could not chew my food. I was afraid to move. I knew that if I even chewed one time, I would start to laugh. I heard Linda coughing and then I lost it. Mrs. Moore said. “Oh, my, are you two all right?”

I lied. “The pepper got in my nose.”

Linda choked out. “An egg shell, I think.”

She said. “Well, I will just get you all some more.” She took the plates and left.

Precious said. “That woman nearly killed me last night.”

I didn’t hear the rest. But, he sure was whining about staying another night. I didn’t know if he wanted to have some more of Mrs Moore or not. It seemed a real iffy deal as far as I was concerned.

Mrs. Moore brought back even more food than she had brought the first time. I don’t know about the others, but I ate a lot more than I wanted.

After breakfast, I called Polly and told her that Linda had developed a weird thing for me and had decided that I was the man for her. She asked. “Did you sleep with her?” I told the truth. “We shared a bed, but, you know she has a lot of problems. She made me wear Pjs.”

Polly laughed and said like she was talking to a baby. “Did they have little feeties in them?”

I laughed but, “No, and this is serious. I'm not sure I can trust her. What if she flakes out again? If I handle this wrong, she'll be lost.”

Polly wasn’t laughing any more. She said. “I know. She a good friend and a hell of an asset to us. You know how I feel about you and business deals. You do what you need to do.”

I told here right out. “This is a bad deal, anyway you slice it.”

Polly warned. “Don’t fall for her. Your are my husband; and you or I may have to put her out of our misery.”

I knew just what she was saying. “I hope it doesn’t work out that way.”

She said “Me too. Love you John.”

I told her the truth. “Love you, too. This is going to take at least three days.”

She said. “So, I'll see you and Linda Friday if she's stable. Otherwise… Well, I'll plan dinner for two. She can eat somewhere else, if she eats.”

I was feeling a little depressed as I started to hang up but heard her yell on the other end of the line. I asked. “Did you forget something?”

She said. “We have another problem. A little man is taking more than his share. I just wanted you to think about it.”

I knew she was talking about Happy, a dwarf, that we have fronting the candy store. I'd take bets that he's skimming product. “Thanks, it’s nice to have a problem that can be dealt with.”

She laughed. “Dub still thinks he’s a fish, he has a drink in his hand all the time.”

I said. “I'll call tomorrow. I'll try to get Linda to talk to him, don’t say anything to him. She may not talk to him at all; this thing about their dad.”

Polly wondered. “Yeah what is the deal with that?”

I just said it, tapped phone or not. “Dub was suppose to take care of the problem and he didn't. Linda is pissed at him.”

She didn't continue the conversation, “I'm glad I'm here.”

I didn’t want to be here either. “I sure wish I was there.”

I'm sure she was smiling at my pain. “Get on the road and hurry back.”

We closed with “I love you.” I went to find Linda.

if you're writing over your readers head - tum etiam, ut graece scribens --- the secret of success changes;the truth of failure remains constant; if you try to please everyone you will fail.

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