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Salutations to all

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Old 03-06-2015, 12:07 AM
JayMichaelson (Offline)
Let me introduce myself
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Icon7 Salutations to all

Hello to all and sundry!

I've been a writer for my entire adult life to paraphrase Heinrich von Kleist, 'I write merely because I cannot stop.'

Kindly note I am *not* including technical writings, articles in journals, or the like: I am referring entirely to my fiction writings; as much as I love reading poetry, I am positively abominable when it comes to the creation of it, and my few attempts at creating anything poetic have, without exception, been sins in the eyes of God and Man...And that's being *charitable*.

In my life, I've written literally thousands of pages/millions of words; while 99% of it is unintelligible crap which deserves nothing more than the shredder, I've slowly been coming to the conclusion the remaining 1% is potentially worth further attention, so...Here I am. Online, checking out various fora for writers.

That fractional quantity of what is admittedly unmitigated rubbish includes some short stories, a few essays, and three books (at least one of which is absolutely unpublishable by today's standards, at least in the US), while one of those books I am currently in the process of doing a semi-final revision before putting it before as many beta readers as I can possibly recruit.

While I lack the talent of Arthur Rimbaud, we have one thing in common: engaging in writing without, well, actually taking the time to bother publishing virtually any of it. It wasn't until the 1990s I began submitting short stories for publication, and that was in a time few remember; a time when virtually nobody accepted submissions via floppy/electronic format, and it was all about manuscript submissions being double-spaced with 1"+ margins in 12 point Courier on DeadTreeWare which, with the appropriate amount of postage, was thereafter transported to the intended recipient via Ye Olde USPS (including a SASE, even when I marked my submissions as a 'DISPOSABLE COPY').

I originally set out to gather fifty rejection slips, with the notion that if I could manage to garner that many, I'd throw in the towel and declare my attempts at writing fiction which anyone with any sense would find of interest a Fail, of the not-so-epic variety. I managed to collect six rejections before my first story was published, and of the few items I've submitted - all pseudonymously- I was published more often than not; though under this particular name, that's admittedly very little (I like a challenge, so I figured why not?).

To paraphrase Warren Zevon, I'm interested in having a quiet, normal life; predictably, I've had anything but.

The book I am currently working on I originally wrote twenty years ago (!), and while it underwent (at least) six major revisions and extensive editing shortly thereafter, I am once again in the process of re-proofing it, including shearing some of the more bewhiskered parts, tightening up what and where I can, ensuring appropriate continuity, and All That Jazz. Of course, what it really needs is some serious attention from a professional editor (ideally one with a freshly stropped straight razor and the will to use it), though considering both the subject matter and the book having achieved negative crossover in multiple ways, I despair of that ever occurring unless I were to go the traditional publishing route. Ebooks are entirely new territory for me, at least from a writing and publication perspective: suffice to say, I welcome advice, and can promise it shall not fall upon deaf ears.

On the off-chance it isn't already blatantly obvious, I tend to overwrite...Egregiously so. The act of writing itself is nearly effortless for me, in all truth.

Lest that be taken as braggadocio, I'll follow it up with the catch: while I can easily spew countless thousands of blathering verbiage onto a page/screen/whatever, to Make It Suck Less [tm] -- that is, actually going back and EDITING what I've written, tightening it up, embracing brevity and All That Jazz...Well, THAT takes mental effort, and is where I use the most CPU cycles. It takes longer for me to edit and revise than it does to write, which is why I can dash off a longer missive in less time than It takes me to write a shorter one. Clearly, such a style has its drawbacks :\

I'm looking forward to exploring this place further, and I suspect that's enough out of me, as I've surely crossed the TL;DR threshold a few hundred words back

Very Sincerely,


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Old 03-06-2015, 01:50 AM
Rincewind (Offline)
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Almost effortless writing...I would kill for some of that

Welcome to the beat Jay. Look forward to seeing some of your work.

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JayMichaelson (07-07-2015)
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JayMichaelson (Offline)
Let me introduce myself
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Icon7 Thanks for the welcome :)

Originally Posted by Rincewind View Post
Almost effortless writing...I would kill for some of that
Yeah, well...

While the writing itself is near-effortless, it's the EDITING of same which takes up so much mental effort (for me, at any rate).

Of course, editing the work of OTHERS is easy; just not my *own*. Quite the pain, that one

Welcome to the beat Jay. Look forward to seeing some of your work.
Thank you, and I'm sure I'll be around (though it only took me -- what? a few *months* to reply to your reply...? )

Take care,

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