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Default iDepervert


east enders is on the telly and
phil mitchell is shouting at
someone iím on my lappy watching
kittens and gemma is sitting with
her boyfriend jed thereís
a tumbleweed wall between them
but it canít hold back an atmosphere of
nuclear winter from freezing me

when gemma went to the kitchen
to make a cuppa tea
i followed iím nosey iím inquisitive
thinking thereís some
spikey gossip to be had
eventually i get her to open up
a bit
she explained a pair of knickers
had fallen out of his ruck sack
she disappeared
came back holding them up
i screamed they were in me laundry
basket the pervertís been in me room
oh my days i think iím gonna
be sick

i feel violated i feel abused i feel
invaded i feel creeped out
my belly is churning my eyes
are fixed with a seething anger
phil mitchell is shouting at
someone to GET OUT and i know
how he feels but there is
a better way than shouting and
screaming a way that has
claws and whiskers
poor jed is about to be hit
with a smack of female vengeance
that will snuff out his swagger
deep like a dagger

there was one thing i didnít
quite understand i mean thereís
gem in the kitchen boiling
as she brews the tea and him
pervy pants
sitting in our front room
watching our telly i ask her
what gives itís a time for violence
not silence
she smiles
come into my parlour Ö


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Heh. That's a rather funny poem. Not to offend if this was based on a real event, but it just struck me as humourous.

capitalization needs to be looked over, but maybe that's how you intended it, I'm not sure.

I love the title, it's such a funny title, what drew me to this in the first place.

overall, great job. I've read of you in my necromantic observations into the threads of years past, and you have talent.
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