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Legends part 4: Legends

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Default Legends part 4: Legends

Part 4
One evening during a stormy night a Grandmother is with her granddaughter & grandson. Off course the power is out & children love to watch television & now they have nothing to do. So Grandma decides to sit on the couch & tells the kids to sit next to her. Because she is going to tell them, stories that her Grandmother told her a long time ago.

Part 1

A princess is wondering the woods so she can get a way from her kingdom & have a break. There is a cliff near by & at the bottom of the cliff a river reaching a waterfall. There is a bridge that she can cross so she decides to cross the bridge. When she first steps on the bridge she is scared. She tries to walk the next step but is to terrified. Then a troll pops out behind her. She screams & steps of the bridge. She turns around & sees the troll. She asks him why he did that. He says to warn her. If she falls it will be a long drop & most likely fall of the waterfall over there. She tells him that he didnít have to scare her like that. He apologizes to her & asks for forgiveness. She forgives him. He ask her if she will cross the bridge with him. He promises to hold her hand the whole way. She says ok. & let the troll lead her way across the bridge.

When she makes her final step across the bridge she makes a long gasp of relief. She ask him why did he help her. He said because he is lonely in the woods without the rest of his kind. She asks if there is more of his kind. He says yes. She asked him why he isnít with him. He said he was abandoned. She asked why. He says because he insulted the wrong troll. He says if he ever returns he will never be allowed back in. He says he has said so many wrong things that none of his kind likes him anymore. The counsel said if he were to live on the service & do good deeds he might have a chance to return home. She understands him now. She said you donít always have to say the right thing all the time. Some times, if it isnít always the right thing. She knows how the troll feels.

He asks her if she came with him to the caves he might be able to convince the counsel for him to return home. She says that caves can be awful scary. He agrees with her. He promises to keep her save & no other troll will harm her. He says I already kept one promise. She agrees & asks where the caves are? He says to please follow him. She agrees to follow him. She follows him to the waterfall. He points to the waterfall. He says that there are miles of caves inside the waterfall. He brings her to the waterfall & they both go inside the waterfall. They are by the walls now. He taps a part of the wall three times & a rumble sound happens. But then there is a magical door. He says to please come in. She is still in amazement & follows him through the door. When she walks in the place is massive. There are many caves to entrances to caves. Even the entrance caves have entrances to other caves. There is also a big lake in the middle of cavern. He says to please follow him again. She stills agree to follow.

He takes her deep into the caves. They have passed so many entrances, she has lost track of how may entrances. He says when they see the counsel they will be speaking to the head of the counsel called Head Troll, Head for short. They reach the counsel. Head asks him why he has returned. He says you told me if I have done enough good deeds you would allow me to return & I have. I have brought to you the human I have done a good deed for. She says that she is the princess for the local kingdom my Head Master. Head says ok you may proceed with the trial. He tells her to help him by talking to the counsel. She addresses the counsel that he had helped her cross the bridge when she was terrified to cross herself. She said that he had held her hand the whole way. She said by the end she wasnít very sacred anymore all because of his help. Head thinks for a minute. Head says he has done well. Head asks him if he would like to be the crossing guard for the bridge for any scared human trying to cross. Head says if he does this he will be allowed to live among the trolls again. He thinks for a while. He turns to her & she nods, then he nods. He agrees with Head & Head lets him back home. He escorts her back outside & thanks her. She says welcome & returns home. The princess waves goodbye to the troll as does the troll do the princess.

The End

The kids enjoy Grandmaís story. The girl says it was a nice fairy tale with a happy ending. The boy liked all of the scary trolls. The kids tell Grandma to tell another story. But this time the boy wants to be about a knight. The girl also wants there to be a princess to marry the knight & she the wants the knight to be brave too. So Grandma says she will tell another story. However, it wonít be a fairy tale it will be a myth.

Part 2

Back in the olden days there was a huge empire known as the Roman Empire of Rome, Italy back in Europe. The Roman Empire ruled almost all of Europe. When the Romans conquered a kingdom they would send guards to pick up the young boys to be trained as Roman Warriors. There was a particular boy named Author. When he was a young man he grew up to become one of the best Roman Warriors around. Author had become a very loyal Commander of the Roman Knights. He was also one of the bravest knights in all of Rome. Everyone knew him & some feared him.

He had his knights, he had seven of them. They were known as the Knights of the Round Table. You see in the Roman Empire the knights would be on a square table facing the Emperor at the head of the room. However, Comm. Author thought of it really differently. He thought of his men & him as equals. Not as leader & warrior. So he decided to create a round table so all of his men & him could be facing each other with respect when each one had talked to them. One day Comm. Author is giving an assignment by the Emperor. The Emperor tells Comm. Author to go & investigate a near by village. He suspects that the village might be home to some thieves. Comm. Author agrees & takes his men to the village.

When Author & his men reach the village the Mayor greets them. The Mayor will cooperate with the Romanís Emperorís decision. He tells Author that his men can rest easy here. Author gets off his horse & starts to look around the village as do the rest of the men. One man says it is quite very quite here. Another man replies I donít think that they like outsiders to come here. He asks Author what he thinks. Author suggests that these people are frightened of something or someone. Author then sees a young woman in her teens, a very beautiful blonde woman. She looks terrified to Author.

Author approaches her. He asks for her name, her response is Gwen sir. He asks her why she is frightened & has anyone hurt her. Gwen said the Saxon come here often. Author looks shocked. The Saxon, are the swarm enemy of the Roman Empire. They are a very ruthless race, a warrior race. They sacrifice each other just to win battles against the Romans. Author tells her not to fear anymore. The Roman Empire is here & we will stop them from hurting you any longer. All the sudden a horn sound goes of. Every villager screams the Saxons are here & they all one away. Author looks around & takes his sword out & tells his men to do the same.

Author sees them riding there horses to town. Gwen gets behind Author & his men. The leader approaches Author. He gets off his horse & says my name is Merlin & why are you here Roman Knight. Author replies he his here form the Roman Empire to protect this village. Merlin tells him men to draw swords & so does Merlin. Merlin tell Author angrily that this is his village & no Roman Empire is going to take it away from him. Author asks Merlin why he wants this village. Merlin replies because it is still at least one more place in Europe that the Roman has not yet conquered.

Author tells Merlin why he hurts these people. Merlin says because if we show them no mercy they will not dare join the Roman Empire. Author is angry & says the Roman Empire are a good people we are trying to create world peace why do you fight against us & not join us. We would rather die then join you says Merlin. Merlin says this land was peaceful. He says that the Roman leaders are dictators & should not be allowed to rule. Merlin has had enough & tells his men to attack & destroy them.

Merlinís men attack & Author protects Gwen by attacking Merlin back. It was a rough battle. Some of the Saxon tried to sacrifice themselves so another can kill a Roman Knight. At the end of the battle four Roman Knights have been killed & so has many of the Saxon Warriors. Author wants to finish this battle & go home. He looks at Gwen who is cowering in the nearby house. Merlin sees Gwen & takes her hostage. Merlin says thatís enough Author this battle is mine. I have already killed four of your man & only three left standing. Just quit now & Iíll let you go home alive.

Author refuses to give up because he will not let the Roman Empire down. Author says alright all I want to do is talk to you no more fighting ok? Merlin lets Gwen goes & says fine then no more fighting we shall talk peace. Talk peace they do. Merlin agrees that Author is a skilled warrior & so are his knights. Author thanks him & says but we need a solution & he was sent here to make this village peaceful. Merlin agrees with Author & decides to make peace. Merlin suggests that he & Author join forces & try to make world peace together without the Roman Empireís help. Author says they can do it on their own that they donít need an entire army. They both ask who will lead this new ace of warriors against the world. Merlin suggests Author & Author & everyone else agrees.

The Mayor agrees & signs a settlement that for now on this village will be protected by the joining of two warriors. The Knights of the Round Table & the Saxon & King Author will lead this place & his men into battle. King Author asks Gwen to be his Queen & she accepts. So King Author & Queen Gwen rule the village to help find the world peace along help with the Saxon Warriors.

The End

The kids go wow what a great story. The boy asks what ever happened to King Author? Grandma says King Author was just a myth. No one knows if he was ever real. The girl asks what is a myth? Grandma says a myth is a story about a place or a person in a place. A myth may not also be real. Sometimes myths get told so often that they become legends A legend is when a story gets told about a man or a woman & everyone talks about it for years to come. That what King Author was he was a legend. The lights turn back on & the storm is over. The kids yell yeah & turn on the television, Grandma smiles & laughs. Grandma asks her self, ďI wonder what eh next legend will be?Ē



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