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where to start??

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Old 12-18-2006, 01:35 PM
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Default where to start??

since characters and dialogue are my strengths, plus i act, i thought writing a play would be something interesting to try. although i've got some good ideas about characters, i'm facing a problem i've always had: plots. my characters are strong and i can think of so many things that they would say that would be so them, but i just can't think of something to happen.

whatever i write, i want it to be set in modern-day. i kind of like the whole originally-disconnected-characters-find-out-how-they-are-all-connected sort of idea, too.

i just cannot think of a plot. if i could just get a couple little starter ideas i think i could branch off of it, so any suggestions at all from anyone will be much appreciated!

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Old 12-21-2006, 06:52 PM
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Since you say you're good with characters, try thinking of a moment in your characters' lives that would be a changing moment. A life-defining moment. It could be something heavy such as a car-crash (like the movie..well..Crash) or an illness. Since you have things for you characters to say, just take a random scenario and see if you can put the words and the situation together.

Try a loss of a distant reletive bringing family together for some reason. (a will, maybe?) Or a war bringing disconnected refugees together while the war wages on off-stage.

Just take an incident, any incident, and try to place your characters in it. The plot will take off from there.
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Old 01-01-2007, 06:13 PM
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You could also take it to paranormal things like the movie Groundhog Day. I know it's not that Ringukind of paranormal but it's still paranormal. You could have like 5 characters all living completely different life's and maybe in completely different states/provinces or even countries and somehow connect them just like in the movie Babel. There's so many things you can do I think it's hard not to write something like this and not be happy with it. Especially since your good with characters and dialogue! I mean, that's already 50% of the movie or play. Depending on the setting it could even be like 70% of the movie or play! Of course acting is also a huge part but I often find myself preferring movies with amazing acting and/or dialogue and mediocre to non-existing plots (Clerks 1 and 2) then movies with epic plots and special effects but with crappy acting and/or dialogue. (Riddick, don't get me wrong I liked it but somehow the necromancers screwed it all up. Pitch Black was awesome enough to even safe Riddick though.)

Good luck with your plot. Your should definitely watch Babel!!

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Old 01-02-2007, 06:33 AM
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Hi there...Your problem used to be my problem (and still is on occasion).

I realised after several years that my problem was I was trying to come up with an original idea...don't bother because it has all been done before, in one guise or another. once you realise that it is your characters and your settings and your style of writing that makes a piece unique pick any plot line you like.
boy/girl meets girl/boy, boy/girl loses girl/boy, boy/girl does something heroic/stupid to get girl/boy back etc
Warring siblings are brought together by the terminal illness of one, or of parent, spouse, pet
small band go on a quest in order to find something that will defeat terrible overlord

Just open up a film guide and pick one! You generally find that once you start, new ideas come to you to give you a new slant on an old theme. Good luck to you.
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