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indecisive (drabble, short)

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Icon11 indecisive (drabble, short)

"It's not okay", he states, regretting shouting at her. He had asked rather angrily about what had happened, and that had made her sad.

She begins to cry again, making him feel bad. He feels full of shame, and has started to doubt that maybe, he was the reason for her sadness, in the first place.

"Just leave me be", she cries, drying away her tears. If she was wearing mascara it would've been smeared all over her face by now.

One of the things that he has always liked about her, is that she would never wear makeup - when she did, it wasn't because she would think she'd be more beautiful with it. It was because she thought it was funny to wear it - she doesn't need to be told that she is beautiful without makeup on, she already knows it.

"Why would I? You're sad!" His sentence ends with a shout, and she hides her face in her hands again. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair, as he realises what he's done.

"I'm sorry", he mutters. He walks towards the door to leave. just as he steps one foot out the door, her raspy voice whimpers "stay."

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I got a Euro that says you ain't no American.

What is your criteria for comma placement?
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("...why not use a "run on sentence" to give it more flow there..." suggested the goblin wondering why he was commentating upon someone's work in what should be a self introduction of sorts by the post originator and his welcome by way of reply to it, where suddenly the goblin asked "...so who are you before we go any further, introduce yourself...")
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