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Common Sense

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Old 01-17-2017, 02:32 PM
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Default Common Sense

Front page of the Sun Sentinel shows (purportedly) a surveillance
still (obtained from TMZ - they are being questioned regarding
their source) of the Lauderdale airport shooter in

I got a few years in this pop gun game
and, as an instructor, I automatically analyze stance

This guy got right arm fully extended, body
ain't but slightly bladed and the left
hand is hangin' alongside left hip

This ain't real schooled and will fail
against actual opponents

But the public don't conduct itself as
an "active response to threat" constituency

This case in point; I see beyond Mr. Bongo
Bango two adults

A male seven to ten feet away lookin' down
and a woman 12 to 15 feet lookin' at the
guy (she got somethin' [phone?] in her hand)

Now me bein' me (meanin' I reflexively
look at how to defeat a threat) know
that if I was in either the dude or
dudette's position I would vigorously
advance and engage

(The axiom is: Charge a gun, flee a knife
'cause you can't outrun a bullet)

But John Q. and Ms. Q. have been
indoctrinated to be neuter because

A. This stuff ain't supposed to happen
(and all the times it did it didn't
happen to me)

B. The authorities will bring the
situation under control quickly
(uhh, yeah - that is based on what, exactly?)


C. Even though it is happening and going
on for a god awful time I will be
okay because I am a good person
(I don't know about how the victims
were living [when they were])

Well alright - I ain't judgin' nobody here
(really, I'm being sincere about that)
and if you need a ride from the airport
text me after you get your bags

I will bring the truck to you at curbside

(Yeah, there's lotsa cops out there


C'mon - I don't even look like a hero)

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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