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Diseased Minds Act 1 Scene 1-4

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Default Diseased Minds Act 1 Scene 1-4

Act 1 Scene 1
A pristine apartment flat. Two rooms seen on stage a white marbled kitchen and the living room. The carpeted living room takes up the majority of the stage while the kitchen takes up the remaining amount. In the upstage center, a large window overlooking the city that changes color depending on the moment. In the center, a leather couch and a table sit alone. A door to get in and out of the apartment is located upstage between the kitchen and a fireplace. Next to the door on the right, is a small cabinet with a large bottle of hand sanitizer. On the other side of the door is a curvy and intricate colored vase sitting inside a glass case upon a pedestal. Above the fireplace are a few books wrapped in plastic. Next to the window is a portrait of a clown that can change its emotions. Overall the apartments general look should give the vibe of a 50ís style apartment even though the time period is 2014 New years eve. The song ďLollipopĒ By the Chordettes plays.

ďCall my baby Lollipop
Tell you why
'Cause he's sweeter than an apple pie
And when he does his shaky rockin' dance
Man I haven't got a chance
I call him LollipopĒ

Lights up on a man, Oliver Nero. He is on his hands and knees
scrubbing the tiles of the kitchen. The music stops.

Oliverpulling out a small note pad) The kitchen floor is looking swell, check. Okay I just have to water the azaleas, wash the windows and clean the rug before...

A knock comes from the door. Oliver gets up and opens it. The man
who stands before, his younger brother Michael Nero. Michael enters
the apartment holding a box in his hands, Oliver stops him.

Oliver: Michael, you know the drill.

Michael: What are you a cop?

Oliver: No Iím your brother, now take your shoes off.

Oliver hands Michael two plastic baggies for his feet. Then he grabs a bottle of sanitizer.

Michael: Youíre killing me man.

Oliver: Actually you are killing me. The SK542 virus is spreading all over Boston and Iím not going to be one who catches it. My neighbor Sara...

Michael: (sarcastically) Here we go

Oliver: Sara told me that her cousin Jenine contracted it and now her skin is changing color and her fingernails are falling out. Do you want to get that sick?

Michael: Oliver, you missed a spot

Oliver: (freaking out) WHAT? REALLY? WHERE?

He looks around for a spot, nothing. Then turns around to see Michael
chewing on his fingernails.

Oliver: (horrified) Michael, did you hear a single word I just said?

Michael: (still biting his nails) Huh?

Oliver rolls his eyes and grabs the sanitizer bottle again.

Oliver: You are so repulsive. Here take this.

Michael: That stuff doesnít just kill the harmful bacteria, you know ?

Oliver: That old myth about sanitizer being bad for you still hasnít been proven.

Michael: Whatever you say.

Oliver: Michael, of all the days to bother me, why did you choose this one?

Michael: Mom wanted me to bring this to you, late Christmas present or something. I had to carry it in the all the way here in the pouring rain.

Oliver: Uh whatís in it?

Michael: How the hell should I know? It could be her old Madonna cdís. Here open it.

Oliver: Just set it on the table.

Michael: Fine, Iíll open it.

He opens the box and clumsily drops its contents on the floor,a
pie. Oliver makes a scrunched up face at Michael, then raises his
hands up into claws.

Michael: Mom never makes me pies.

Oliver: (grabbing a broom to shove Michael with) Get out! Thanks for visiting you ba.. ba...

Michael: Bastard, I believe the word you are looking for is bastard. My fiancee uses it all the time.

Oliver stares blankly at the carpet. There are no words between
them for a moment. He glares at Michael.

Michael: Look Olly, Iím sorry for dropping the damn pie on your carpet. I can fix...

Oliver: Donít worry, Iíll clean up like I always do. (to himself) okay, I gotta water the azealiaís, wash the windows and then clean the giant stain in the carpet.

Oliver starts towards the kitchen, unaware that Michael is leaving

Michael: (disappointed) Well, it was nice seeing you again..

Oliver: Uh huh...

Michael: I have to get going anyways, I have resolutions to make. .

Michael starts to exit. Before he slips out the door bumps into the
pedestal holding the vase. Oliver sprints to stop it from falling over.

Oliver: Donít worry, it falls over all the time.

Oliver exits off stage. Moments later he comes back with a bucket and
more sponges. He gets on his hands and knees and begins scrubbing.
The pie is almost cleaned off when a large bang comes from the
apartment next to his, followed by the sound of plates smashing and
muddled shouts. A door then slams . Oliver gets in a few more scrubs
before getting up and opening the door.

Oliver: Hey whatís going on out here? Whatís all the commotion? Sara?

A woman around Oliverís age walks up to the door, she is in tears.

Sara: Iím fine Oliver, we just had another fight. Nothing new. Itís my fault anyways.

Oliver: No donít say that. The jerk probably deserved whatever it is you did. Come in and talk.

Sara immediately walks in, puts the bags over her shoes and
cleans her hands with
the sanitizer. She stops and looks at the pie.

Oliver: Itís nothing. Tell me what happened.

Oliver then escorts her to the couch.

Sara: Itís true though. I scolded him, you see, I scolded him because he skipped his chores to go party with his buddies. He doesnít like it when I yell at him, heís very sensitive.

Oliver: The kid is fifteen, he does not need to get, pardon my french, wasted. Weíre adults we can drink.

Sara: Martini two Olives please.

Oliver: Yep on it.

Oliver goes back into the kitchen. He pulls a canister from under the
table and pours her
a drink.

Oliver: What happened after?

Sara: Well Adam got mad and started screaming at me. Saying Iím the worst mother in the world and that he wanted to go live with his father, the standard. Trust me, Iím not having the time of my life either. He walked out, bags packed, I donít know when or if heíll come back, frankly I donít give a damn.

Oliver: Heíll come back, heís just blowing steam off. God knows weíve all been going a little crazy lately. Itís the darn SK542 sickness thatís doing it, I tell yah.

Sara: What do you mean?

Oliver: Adam probably just wants to ďhangĒ with his buddies before the city really goes to hell.

Sara: Yeah, I guess, what with Jenine getting sick and all. She was in perfect health too. I donít blame Adam for wanting to get out before it spreads. Itís New Years eve, who doesnít like to have fun. I normally just order chinese food and watch the Twilight zone.

Oliver: Nice.

Sara: (laughing) And what are you doing on this fine New Years eve?

Oliver: Oh just a little bit of cleaning. Iím taking extra precautions this year because thereís no way Oliver Nero is going to lose his hair to a virus. Speaking of which, have you guys gotten your vaccines.

Sara: Yeah, have you?

Oliver: Unfortunately not. Iím still waiting for the bottles to come in.

Sara: Bottles? Couldnít you go to a clinic?

Oliver: Christ, donít you remember Brandon McCcoy incident?

Sara: I donít believe that I do.

Oliver: Well, Brandon McCoy was that drug dealer who snuck into CDC and poisoned last years vaccines.

Sara: I think I remember that, but donít you think itís just a little expensive to have them shipped?

Oliver: Expensive yes, but also worth the price.

Sara: Whatever you say Oliver.

Sara places her finished drink on a coaster.

Sara: Well that was certainly a good martini

Oliver: Glad I took the online bartending class.

Sara: Yeah.

Oliver: By the way I am really sorry about your divorce and all.

Sara: Donít be, thereís no point in crying over spilled milk. Sam and I just didnít have the same feelings for each other anymore. He was a different man and I was a different woman, thatís all. He became an asshole but he wasnít born one.

Oliver: Doesnít make it any better.

Sara: Thank-you Oliver, Iím so glad you moved here.

Oliver: Yeah me too.

Sara leans closer to him.

Sara: These past few weeks have been rough for the both of us. You understand me.
You know what itís like to be hurt. Itís strange, Iíve always dreamed of meeting someone like you.

Sara leans in so close that it is uncomfortable.

Oliver: What are you saying?

Sara hushes him.

Sara: I need a man who can cook and do the dishes... Oliver, I need you!

Oliver: Sara, this a little much.

Sara: Not for me Ollie boy, now open wide.

Sara grabs Oliver by the collar ready to kiss him. She freezes while
the sound of a church bell chimes. Sara sits up, Oliver opens his
eyes, their fling was only a dream.

Sara: Whatís wrong, Oliver? Did I say something?

Oliver: (confused) What?

Sara: I was asking how your mother was, you werenít paying attention.

Oliver: Sorry about that. My mothers fine although she slipped on some ice the other night.

Sara: Is she okay?

Oliver: Sheíll be fine, trust me sheís already out and about celebrating New Yearís Eve.

Sara: Hold on you just made me think of something I forgot to do but I canít remember what.
I tied a string around my finger theoretically of course and I... Oh my god, my bosses New Years eve party is tonight.
I still have to get ready. Iíve never been to a New Years party before. I feel so embarrassed.

Oliver: Better get there soon before theyíre all passed out.

Sara: Thank you for the drinks, Iím sorry I have to leave so early.

Oliver: Youíre welcome.

Sara exits out the door. Oliver sitís in confusion over what just
happened. Another knock comes from the door. He rushes to the
door but first stops to sanitize his hands.

Oliver: Sara, youíre back? Donít worry I have food and itís sterile.

He opens the door to find a pile of mail and a large yellow envelope.
He places the pile on cabinet. Then continues scrubbing the carpet.
He scrubs the carpet carefully and with rage. After a few minutes
he stops and takes the envelopes off the cabinet except the yellow

Oliver: (inspecting the mail) Phone bill, Electric bill, cheese of the month subscription... god I donít even read ďThe EnquirerĒ, jury duty notice for Michael... Dang it not a single package.

Oliver turns his head to the yellow envelope. He grabs it.

Oliver: Whatís this? What is this?

Oliver tears the envelope open and pulls out a letter.

Oliver: (reading the letter) Dear Mr. Nero, although you meet our qualifications to receive the SK542 vaccination. We regret to inform you that due to a shortage of supplies in your district, we were unable to send the requested shipment. A new shipment should arrive in the next two to three weeks. (Sarcastically) Until then here are some tips on staying healthy during this season.

Oliver tears the letter to the ground, immediately all the pieces
begin to fall. He then picks them up, but he drops them again and
rushes to the sanitizer bottle. He begins to wildly pump the
sanitizer. He rubs it all over his arms, legs and face gasping for air.

Oliver: No, no, no, no, no. This has to be a mistake! They canít do this.

Oliver locks the door. He then opens the cabinets, takes a can of
disinfectant and starts spraying the apartment wildly. Lights go

The lights go back on Oliver now speaking into a phone.

Oliver: Please, you have to understand. Yes. Yes. I know, but I, I canít, I canít afford to get sick, I write for the newspaper, do you know what it would do to my credibility?
Yes, I know youíre doing your best, but please make an exception, I beg you, Iíll do anything.
No I need that vaccination, please, please. Donít put me on hold.
(losing his temper) Listen you! I can understand withholding a couple vaccines from the scum of Boston, but I am an important figure. Iíll write you out of a job!

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