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Old 10-15-2017, 04:47 PM
parkeryl (Offline)
Let me introduce myself
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Default Publicist

I am now taking clients for to represent. I also have a podcast that I am launching at the end of this year.
I am also looking for authors for a book crate service. Please submit books, you can reach me at theherochannel.com
Any body can submit books to the crate service.

Please contact if you need marketing or a publicist.


YL Parker

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Old 10-15-2017, 08:25 PM
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Your English is very good. Where did you learn it?
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flyingtart (10-16-2017)
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Originally Posted by brianpatrick View Post
Your English is very good. Where did you learn it?
First thing they teach you at publicist school.
I am not young enough to know everything.
Oscar Wilde
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Old 10-16-2017, 04:15 AM
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("...welcome to writersbeat, well if you wish to be part of writersbeat that is..." smiled the goblin suspecting too that that blog method was all too egocentric to get readers going off to read one still, let alone following one now, to which the goblin just shrugged, repeating "...when you do any post on this forum those readers are probably going to read it because it's both easy to read and open to reply, so why not start your book, or your blog, or just about anything else for that matter, from within the post itself...", whereupon the goblin imagined that this post would go unanswered, yet politely he put his cupped hand up to his ear in hope that parkeryl would not take this hard earned insight badly, yet the goblin knew by now the more that one was here for those readers around one the more those readers in their turn would take note of one's efforts towards them, sighing "...it's like hollywood where there is simply no elsewhere, so one reposts from elsewhere, but there is only the one "here and now" here with one's readers no further away from oneself than at other end of one's posts...")

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Originally Posted by brianpatrick View Post
Your English is very good. Where did you learn it?
In the prison that your 3,000 dollars can free him from. When he escapes he'll promptly open the Nigerian treasury and give you tenfold back.
I am Siegmeyer of Catarina, and you shall feel my wrarh!
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