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Echo of Dreams

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Default Echo of Dreams

Echo of Dreams is a computer text-adventure game that is in the process of development. The premise behind it is simple: Create an interactive, ever expandable "Choose Your Own Adventure" for the PC. It's more than just a plain story however, as we have the ability to allow for custom characters to go through an adventure, have random results, and experience the story differently each time we go through it.

Most of the coding process is now complete, and the "core" of the game is up and running. For those of you interested in the technical details, the code is going to be written in QB64 (a modern dialect of BASIC), and the details page can be found here: http://www.qb64.net/forum/index.php?...93823#msg93823

The basic story behind the story breaks down to this:

Our story's main character is a Dreamer -- someone gifted with the power to walk though other's dreams and change them. This allows the Dreamer to take any desirable form and shape for themselves (perhaps a wizard for one read of a story, perhaps a warror for another), and also allows them to walk into any TYPE of dream.

One story they interact with might be a medieval type sword-and-sorcery. A different one might be a futuristic Star Wars type adventure. Being a Dreamer lets us move from setting to setting, story to story, effortlessly -- and gives us the freedom to expand our story in any direction our imaginations might take.

The technical, computer side of things is going to be handled by me and my daughter -- it's my way of teaching her programming over the summer -- so all someone needs to do to add their story into this project is to follow our basic guide lines for story submissions, and set things up like you would any old "Choose Your Own Adventure".

We'll handle the technical process. Others are welcome to join in the creative process. Add a story of your own in with ours, and expand the Echo of Dreams!

There's no pay involved. No glory. Nothing but the self-satisfaction of bringing it all together and making an INTERACTIVE NOVEL!! Not the plain old ho-hum regular novel which goes from point A to point B, or even a normal "Choose Your Own Adventure (Turn to page 12)" type story.

We're using the computer to generate results for us, so even we as the story teller can't predict completely what will happen. Get in a fight with an opponent as skilled as yourself? You may win. You may lose. The computer figures that stuff out for us! It's our job as the story teller to cover BOTH possibilites of the out come in our story.

It's not as straightforward as "I wake up, see a zombie, bash it in the head. I WIN!".

It's a case of "I wake up. See a zombie. TRY and bash it in the head."
If I succeed, this happens: "I WIN!"
If I fail, this happens: "I GOT EATTEN!! RAHHHRRR!!!!"

Though I'd prefer not in such a simplistic way...

Anyone interested in this, feel free to pop over to the QB64 boards (just follow the link above) and take a look at the details there. We now have the basic title screen and back story up and running, but it's in BAS format right now and would need to be compiled to run. If anyone wants a working EXE to give it a quick try and see how things are going to be pulling together, let me know and I can provide versions for either 32 bit Windows or Linux.

If we get a nice story up and going here, and prove that we can do this -- and do this creatively and professionally -- there might just be a market out there for creating these type of games and selling them for a few dollars and cents... And besides, it's never bad to be able to point to a successful project and say, "I helped with that!"

Anyone interested, feel free to send me an email, post here, or on the QB64 boards as indicated above. It'll be about a week (more or less) to get the character creation process up and going, and after that we're going to start coding in actual story lines!!

One and all is invited to help tell their own story with us. You won't get rich, but we hope you'll have fun! Not just in telling your own interactive novel, but also in reading and playing though other peoples.

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