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This how we do it in the dirty-dirty south

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Default This how we do it in the dirty-dirty south

::Work in progress::::: tell me what you think.

Flip-flops and tank-tops, Hot
Southern belles in cut daisy dukes
Mud flapping tires diggin in the
ground, If you aint worked a farm
you dont knowa hick town
you probably dont know where to buy a
shotgun round
throw up a sign we dont
mind we walmart down
You aint been to the
South if you dont own a pair of
you aint did the watermelon crawl
unless you did it to lynnard skynnard
high on the grey goose

This is how we do it in the dirty dirty south..

We fiddle in the hay and jump in
the quarry creeks from rope swangs
We like to cuss and smoke and talk at the
same time, favorite food has been smothered
in barbq, we got wind chimes around our

so dont go ah messin

lot a people think all we do is chase the hog's
but that aint true, we got to get the hogs
riled up so they chase too.

"You damn Southern hich I aint goin to the
hills again.."

All I got to say to that my friend is
This how we do it in the dirty-dirty south
you dont like it you can get the fuck out..

cause this how we do it in the dirt dirt south..

At the lake half naked and neckin, sinnin and
fishin and drinkin, smoking marlboros and kind bud
from the corn field, talkin racing, talkin wrestlin
work and all the biscuits and the dressin's

We got yard full of trees and can piss outside without
being seen, we like to gather on the porch with cars
around, got a pop up camper when we feelin shanty,
we play poker till the nmoney is all gone then we up
the anty..

yesterday won Laura gene's favorite panties,
dont fret, she won mine, we all think all the
time dont know why you yankee's figure we
stupid. We probably got a million things working
that you couldnt handle or figure out

cause this is how we do it in the dirty dirty south..
If you dont like it, you can get the fuch out..
cause this is how we do it in the dirty dirty south..

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Old 11-27-2009, 06:54 PM
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o`hell yes..I like the lyrics..I could figure out some music for this in a hurry
people like to hear this style too, I think. good work. Lane
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what key is it in? I just tried playing a guitar accompaniment in G minor and it really seemed to work!
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