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Lucifer through the looking glass.

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Default Lucifer through the looking glass.

Lucifer, tired of all the squabbling of the tribes, tired of the same food, and, most of all tired of the moaning of his family, sat in his room. He thought about exciting things, thought about the things in his life 'being turned around.' How would they reverse, why, they would simply bear more choice. Choice was everything to Lucifer, as, the choice made the flavour of life, something he had, well, gotten bored of.

He reclined into a more comfortable position. He Clapped his feet together to get the dirt from them, as the dirt fell to the floor, he wondered if he would have to clean it up? He looked up at the light bulb, and, thought who had made it would have to have been a real nerd! Like totally...

Then, he opened the magazine he had on his lap. It was full of new flavour, something he craved, something he longed fro from the village, something he remembered from the city. He wished he had gotten to stay longer in the city that day, all the smells of perfume and meals on the side walk, all the nice clothes and interesting architecture.

He opened the mag. It was new, something he had bought that day. He looked at the table of contents, and decided to merely look at the pictures to find what he would read of. If it came down to it, he would like to know what the thing looked like at least that he was learning about, of course.

Paging through the mag, he saw a semi nude woman. This made him excited, what was she doing in here? Seems they want to feature women for sale, he wondered how many cows he would have to swap for her? Then, it hit him, they were trying to sell her underwear! This amused him, and, he, unto himself, thought about trying to sell his mother's underwear - he was quick to learn, this little Lucifer.

What would he learn next?

!! Vat hom Frikie! !!
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[QUOTE=Brett Nortje

What would he learn next?


Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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