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Fairy Game - Anthology Writers Needed

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Old 10-24-2014, 03:26 PM
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Icon5 Fairy Game - Anthology Writers Needed

I remember reading my first anthology. It was so neat. There was one fictional world, but there were different writers writing from different aspects. One event could be recorded different ways, depending on the author, and the varying characters.

Imagine that there is a town of magic gates, each gate going to a different realm or location. No two gates have the same setting. In one realm, the usage of magic may be punishable by death, whereas within an adjacent realm may be uber magika. Each writer control what is the setting of their personal magic gateway.

There are some basics:

1. No vulgar language.
2. We are sticking with fantasy, and very little, if any, sci-fi. If a culture could invent simple mechanical devices, that may be allowed.
3. No modern equipment, weaponry, settings, etc.
4. Each realm's quests do not have to rely on other quests. NOTE: The solving of a realm's quest(s) may be part of another quest.
5. I prefer not see horror, but have no issues with undead encounters.

I am looking for writers, that have created or wanting to create different realms/lands to be part of one game. If you are not a writer, but have an idea, I would appreciate that too.

The main character is a fairy. The fairy has to travel to different realms to retrieve over a dozen fairies. Some are explorers. Some are lost. Some are prisoners. Ect.

Here are the Lands that have been 'claimed' by writers so far:

Realm One: The Elder Tree (Land of Fairies)
A: Elder Tree
B. Other Clan
C. Land of Riddles (Fauns and Nymphs)

Realm Two: Unano (Evil Dwarves)

Realm Eleven: The Sylvan Lands
Elves, dark elves, goblins, and ogres.

Realm Twelve: Land O' Giants

We welcome a diversity of cultures, settings, quests....

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