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Hiss Quarterly

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Hiss Quarterly

NEW Submission Guidelines for The Hiss Quarterly:

Our 'zine is open to all styles and genres, centered around a new Theme each quarter (see "Themes & Deadlines" below.)

We LOVE to receive submissions! However, we receive hundreds each quarter and simply cannot produce a quality 'zine if we waste time and energy on artists and writers who refuse to follow guidelines.
Please READ and FOLLOW these Guidelines completely,
or we will delete your submission
without acknowledging or considering it.

The Basics:

We DO NOT accept simultaneous submissions.

If any of the work you wish us to read is under consideration by any other publications, don't send it to us until you have received notification of rejection from all other publications. If we are the first to whom you send it, do not send the work to anyone else until you have heard from us, or we will not be able to publish your work.

We DO NOT accept previously published written work.

Excepting Featured Poet Presentations, graphic art or photography: If the work you wish to send has appeared in print, or on the World Wide Web (other than in workshop forums), it has been previously published. Don't send it to us.

We consider "online appearance" to include your personal website or blog, and anyone else's website or blog, whether or not it represents itself as a publication. In other words, if the public can find it, it's published. HOWEVER ::drum roll:: once in awhile, one of the Janitors on Duty here at HQ may stumble along something you have written on the WWW and we'll say, "Oh please, do send that to us?" and you can tell us that we're just all about paradox and what not. We'll listen. And ask you to send it just the same.

We DO NOT accept attachments.

Thanks to the inventors of computer viruses, we only accept submissions "in the body" of the email. If you have special concerns about formatting, try "rich text" format in your email or explain that *this* means italics, etc. If attachments are absolutely necessary, you may query ahead of time and we will send you specific guidelines if we wish to consider your work.

Plagiarism Policy.

Should we find your submission is the result of plagiarism, we will immediately blackball you and share this information with other publications. Please read below our full Copyright Notice.

Repeat Submissions

The Hiss Quarterly would rather NOT publish the same writer or artist in back-to-back issues. We prefer that those who have been published one quarter skip the next before submitting again, unless specifically asked to do so.


If you do not note the theme/issue to which you submit, you run the risk of A) Us ignoring your work because you didn't follow the very clear and easy guidelines, or B) Being thrown into the pile with the next issue going up. This results in rejections that do NOT have to be rejections. When you note the theme, as we have repeatedly shown how to do in the sections below ("GENRE: YOUR LAST NAME/THEME"), and follow the themes, your work will have a much better chance of being selected. When no theme is noted, we are forced to guess your intentions. We are not mind-readers. We are editors. We may have a different policy than other publications, which is why every publication has its own Guidelines.

Please click the email link below which creates a TEMPLATE in your email for sending your submission. Fill in the template. It's VERY easy. We've done it for you.

All submissions should be emailed, after reading the rest of the Guidelines, in accordance with all Guidelines on this page, and using the template provided in this link, to:

NOTE: If you're using a web based email program, just copy/paste the above address into the address line - - and make sure you note the theme you're submitting for, your last name & the title of your piece in the subject line. Thanks.

Should you be confused about finding what you need, here are internal links to take you to specific portions of the guidelines. We recommend you read ALL that pertain to whatever you plan on submitting.

Thank you.

* Themes & Deadlines
* ALL Written Work including Poetry and all Prose, except Deliberate NonsenseTM
* Featured Artist
* Deliberate NonsenseTM
* Release, Copyright information & Privacy statement
* Copyright Information
* Payment Notice

Themes & Deadlines:

We are always happy to receive submissions before the deadline, but we will not accept any after listed deadlines.

You should receive a confirmation email within ten (10) days of receipt of your submission most likely, much sooner. If you do not, please consider your submission lost in the mail and re-submit again exactly as you did the first time (do not forward your previous submission) with a note detailing when you mailed the "lost" submission.

We may not send decisions on your work until the listed "Decision Date," especially if we are on the fence about it. When you send us submissions, they are considered "released" to The Hiss Quarterly until accepted or released back to you in a rejection. We want "the best of the best" for each issue, so rarely will you hear a decision much before the "DECISION DATE." Knowing this, please feel free to send us submissions as early as you like, but also understand that we will wait for an issue to begin to take shape before definitively accepting work.
EXAMPLE: If you send us work for an issue that goes live on November 1, 2009, you may not hear a decision until October 15, 2009.

This policy allows us to have a completely open window for submissions and never "close because we are full." It gives those who submit on the 14th the same opportunity of those who submit on the 1st of a month. Another positive is the longer we hold it, the closer you are to being published, but do keep the waiting time noted when submitting for themes far in the future.




The future: we'd like to believe it's always going to be perfect, but will it? Or will you send us a piece written in the future imperfect tense? Is the future next week, next year or the year 8017? Only you can tell.


MAY - JULY 2006
Sanity is a one-trick pony, but when you're good and loony, the sky's the limit! ~ The Tick
We really can't tell you more than that, now, can we? If you get it, you get it. If you don't, pick another issue.
JULY 1, 2006

JULY 15, 2006

An issue based on abuse of others, ourselves, harshness, cruelty and desolation that human beings do to one and other. 100 percent of our donations from this issue will go to charities combating domestic abuse, child sexual abuse, and recovery outlets for those who have survived abusive lives or situations. Much of the worst abuse takes place during the holiday season. It's the time to give, and THQ is going to give those who have lived through abuse a chance to speak their truth and be heard! Then we're going to turn that into some further help via our THQ Readership Charitable Donations (coming in November 2006, so look for them!)
OCTOBER 1, 2006

OCTOBER 15, 2006

NC-17: A trademark used for a movie rating indicating that admission will not be granted to anyone under the age of 17. This could be because of excessive violence; sex scenes; an accumulation of drug, violent or sexually-oriented language, and/or other features that the Motion Picture Association of America's Classification and Rating Administration believes most American parents would feel is patently adult and that children age 17 and under should not be admitted.

The NC-17 designation does not, however, signify that the rated film is obscene or pornographic in terms of sex, language or violence.
JANUARY 1, 2007

JANUARY 15, 2007


A Note About Our Themes:

We've given you some hints above for Themes that may be elusive. If you're still not sure what a theme title means, please use your Dictionary or any good search engine! We'd like to answer those letters about themes and what they may or may not represent . . . but time is limited, and at least two of us have lives, sometimes.

But: Fear Not! Almost anything might fit within these themes, and that's the way we like it. If you have art or words that you feel fit, please don't let a theme hold you back. We want to read and see you.

All Written Work:


We publish poetry in two formats: Rear View Mirror and Featured Poet. To be considered for the Rear View Mirror, please submit a maximum of three (3) poems, along with a short bio and your three most recent publishing credits (or anything else special you'd like to tell us).

We showcase one or two Featured Poets per quarter, publishing up to ten poems representing their work. If you desire consideration as a Featured Poet, please submit three to five poems, along with a short bio and your three most recent publishing credits (or anything else special you'd like to tell us). If you are considered a likely candidate, we will request more of your work.

If you seek to become a Featured Poet, please send your poetry far in advance of the Theme's deadline.

In either case, please mark your submission with "POETRY: Your Last Name/Theme" as the subject line of the email for example, "POETRY: Nash-Lee/NC-17."


Any form of written work is welcome. Please send us your best, in accordance with The Basics (above), along with a short bio and your three most recent publishing credits (or anything else special you'd like to tell us).

Please mark your submission with "GENRE: Your Last Name/Theme" as the subject line of the email for example, "FICTION: Goodjohn/Free Parking" or "ESSAY: Smith/Perilous Journeys."

Featured Artist:

Featured Artists of The Hiss Quarterly are by invitation. If you would like to be considered, please email links only to your artwork or gallery on the web. Please do not send the actual artwork. No attachments (see above for our policy).

Once we receive your inquiry, you will typically hear from us within ten (10) days whether we will consider it. You'll receive our decision by the date(s) listed above.

Deliberate NonsenseTM:

Any sort of artwork/cartoons or short silliness you feel compelled to share with us will be considered. We'd like to see your doodles, jokes, one-liners, 'toons or whatever you consider deliberately nonsensical! If it fits the theme, we are more likely to accept it, however we are very loose with this consideration for The Deliberate NonsenseTM department ONLY.

We seek mostly art/cartoons for this section, however very brief written Deliberate NonsenseTM pertaining to the theme will be considered. No more than 100 words for this section, please. Email The Hiss Quarterly with a link to an online visual of your talent, gallery, ideas or notifications of forthcoming attachments. Only after being given the thumbs up to send attachments may you send said attachments, which we will scan with ultimate care, de-bug with anti-virals and finally download.

Of course, please mark your submission of art or less than 100 words as
"DelibNons: Your Last Name/Theme"


ALL submitted work to The Hiss Quarterly shall be considered RELEASED to The Hiss Quarterly for publication, whether or not it is actually published.

Upon acceptance, you will be asked to return (via email) a completed copy of our standard release. No work will be published without a release typical of the sample below:

I (your name & pseudonym, if applicable) certify that I am the sole author of the work being submitted to The Hiss Quarterly. I also certify that this work has not been published previously online or in print. I also agree that The Hiss Quarterly may archive my work for up to one year, and publish it in a "Best Of" Anthology after one year.

I retain all rights to my work except First Publication, One-Year Archival and Non-exclusive Anthology Rights as stated above.

If my work should be reprinted elsewhere after its first publication in The Hiss Quarterly, I shall make all best effort to have it noted as having first appeared in The Hiss Quarterly, including the URL: http://www.hissquarterly.com.

In the interest of our writers' and artists' copyright and/or reprinting their work, we only archive for one full year, after which all issues are permanently archived solely by The Hiss Quarterly, not to be reprinted or used in any way except possible future anthology issues as agreed to in our artist release statement.

The Hiss Quarterly contains copyrighted material. You may not copy, publish, upload, download, post to your web page/site, use the URL of any image, transmit, distribute or modify any content of this site. All published and copyrighted material remains property of the writer/artist.

The Hiss Quarterly respects your privacy as much as we do our own. All information submitted will be kept confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, left on some street corner, or in any other way disclosed beyond the Janitorial Staff on Duty. Any information and/or work you submit to The Hiss Quarterly will be held with serious care and will not be used in ways in which you have not consented. In other words, all we want to do is read/view and we hope! publish you.

These Copyright and Privacy Statements pertain to unaccepted submissions as well as to work we choose to publish. We respect you, and we promise to continue.

Please note: The Hiss Quarterly cannot afford to pay contributors. We apologize for this, because everyone deserves to be paid for their work, their talent and their time. We hope to be able to, in the future.


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