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I recognize your voice

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Default I recognize your voice

I recognize your voice


I woke to the sound of my phone, pick it up and look at the screen.


10:59 pm.

I’m expected it to be the alarm company at work, as they call us – the managers with false alarm signals almost nightly.

I punched the button on my i-phone. It wasn’t the alarm company, but a number from the southern part of the state.

My thumb swiped the touch screen and picked up the call.

“Hello?” I asked into the phone.

“Is this Mohican?”

“Yes, this is Mohican,” I answered.

“I recognize your voice, and you saved my wife’s life.”

This jarred me fully awake, and I sit up in bed.

“You stopped at an accident scene during a snow storm and helped several people.”

“That was your wife in the car?” I asked.

“She was unconscious after the wreck, but her phone was on speaker phone and I could hear you and several people talking to her. You stayed with her until the ambulance arrived. I could hear you ask someone to get her a blanket.”

“My wife says if you hadn’t got in that car with her, covered her, talked to her that she wouldn’t have lived.”

“Thank you for saving her,” and then he hung up.

“You get the weirdest calls,” my wife told me.

Minutes later I could hear her snoring softly. It was a long time until I fell back to sleep.

“I recognize your voice, and you saved my wife’s life”.

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