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Are double-pane home windows worth the expense?

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Old 11-23-2007, 02:07 AM
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Icon7 Are double-pane home windows worth the expense?

Are double-pane home windows worth the expense?


The price of oil has just gone up to almost US$100 a barrel. This has a trickle down effect of price rises in the power bill. To save our power bill, and also save the environment, double glazing our windows will help keep our bill down..

Initially, installing the insulated Glazing Unit or simply called double-pane home windows. It may appear an expensive exercise. But over a long term, it is worth the expense. These windows will not leaky and let cold air to seep in and waste the heat generated by your heater. They will work the opposite in summer. They will keep your house cool on a hot sweltering day..

Double –pane windows is having two lites of glass spaced apart and hermetically sealed to form a single glazed unit. There is an air space between each lite. The purpose of this is to improve the thermal performance of glass. The gap is filled with air or an inert gas, such as Argon, which will increase insulation.

Double-glazing reduces noise, prevents draft and keeps the heat so the house is warm in winter. As the noise from outside your house is reduced, your house is nice and quiet. It will be a more pleasant place to live. Another added bonus is double-pane windows give your house a modern look and your house value will go up. You will recoup your investment should you decide to sell your house.

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Any kind of effective insulation is worth it at today's prices for oil and electricity.

I just read an article about people switching to outdoor wood burners to heat their homes and water in New England where wood is plentiful. Town after town is banning the practice for various excuses. As long as this kind of stupidity prevails, we will continue to be held hostage by the oil companies.
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