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Thoughts on self publishing?

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Old 04-22-2015, 07:06 AM
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Default Thoughts on self publishing?

I've been reading a lot about self publishing over the past few weeks through websites like Amazon and such. I'm not quite sure what to make of the whole thing and I was wondering if anybody's been through the AKDP process with their writing and what they found it to be like? Also curious about other methods of self publishing.

What are your guys thoughts?

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Old 04-23-2015, 01:24 AM
Rincewind (Offline)
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Loads of threads already on this if you do a search, but I've recently self published through KDP and only have good things to say about it. It all depends what you want really and how patient you are. Sometimes the urge to get your baby on sale, and out there, is hard to resist.
If you go the self route just make sure you get it professionally edited, and you have an excellent cover to give your work the best chance possible.

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70% of Titles sold are now eBooks.

90% of eBooks are now moved through the monopoly Amazon.

For over 20 years I've self published my books as 'ebooks' since I came out of the software industry where we self published our software and created 'ebooks' as our manuals to include with our software.

Print is dead and it was and still is controlled by dinosaur companies where the CEO's are so far removed from reality they let Amazon take over the whole 'publishing' industry.

Now there is a serious problem in publishing since so much of it is in the hands of Amazon and there are no audits in place.

So my views have always been and always will be do all you can to sell your eBooks via sites you control. Then YOU KNOW what the real sales numbers are.

I'm suing Amazon now since I can PROVE they are scamming me in regards to royalties they owe my company.

I've pulled all my titles in the past from Amazon to protest various things I have seen Amazon do in the past. Right now we have titles on them since they do control 90% of eBook sales.

Each eBook we reluctantly put onto Amazon is a huge AD for our network of sites to sell our titles direct to our readers.

So if publishers and authors create sites that funnel to a site they control to SELL their eBooks at least they can start to see the real amount they sell.

Now trying to prove Amazon is nothing but a thief and fraud company in regards to how they scam royalties to authors was pretty easy for me to do.

I put some titles into their Select program reluctantly to just get a baseline for average KENP numbers. Each title of NF was generating around 1200 KENP page reads a day. Then when we started to really hit Amazon with lots of negative stories about their monopoly powers and how their sweet heart contracts with the Big 5 destroyed the ability of all small publishers to compete, they targeted our titles.

We can now prove a 95% to 99% drop in KENP page reads after we went negative on Amazon.

So now let Amazon justify that to a jury.

We had 1200 average page reads a title and now get 10 to 40 page reads a titles SINCE WE PUBLICLY CRITICIZED Amazon for several reasons.

Now if this was just 1 or 5 titles it would be hard to 'prove' it was a direct theft of royalties by Amazon.

The fact is it was 100 titles.

Amazon refuses to release any figures in regards to their ebooks sales.

The KENP pool is a joke, 12M a month? That's only 1.2M subscribers paying 9.99 a month or more in the 2 dominant markets the USA and UK. The fact is KENP and KU has almost no marketshare outside the USA and UK.

We have enough titles to show the world how bad Amazon is doing outside the UK and USA.

We have enough data on 100 titles to prove if you criticize Amazon you will see your books sales and KENP page reads plummet.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Amazon is a pure monopoly and now we're the first small publisher taking them on in regards to how they have no audits in place to verify any sales to any author or publisher.

Every author and publisher needs to now react and start to help develop channels away from Amazon so we can all get paid what we are really owed.

Then there's the issue of Amazon illegally holding monies due within 10 days pursuant to WA State Laws in regards to the MONEY TRANSMITTER license Amazon has in WA State.

They illegally use monies owed authors and publishers by withholding payments for up to 90 days.

Amazon refuses to release any real data in their public company financial reports as to how much of the 100 Billion they collect in sales is actually related to eBooks. I know Amazon was build on book selling 20 years ago and today a huge percentage of their 100 Billion in sales is EBOOKS.

Just think how large the book publishing industry is, it is mega billions in dollars and 70% of the titles now sold are eBOOKS and of that huge amount 90% is via Amazon.

So some Amazon lovers cry sell your books else where. We do but you can't ignore 90% of an industries sales being in the UNAUDITED HANDS of Amazon.

So format your Amazon eBooks to steer readers to your own sites outside of control of Amazon and SELL EBOOKS through your own sites. It's the only way an author can really KNOW what they are selling.

Now, to look at why any author would give a Big 5 publisher their work today in this great age of anyone can create an eBook and SELL IT THEMSELVES with a site with a cart and a paypal account shows how lazy authors truly are in not taking responsibility for their assets, their words in books.

An author can sell old world books via POD (Print on Demand) from their site, they can sell their own eBook files. So why do you need a publisher or Amazon TODAY?

You don't and Amazon has conned the whole world into thinking you need them.

Sure they control 90% of the market right now in eBooks but the only constant in the Universe and the world of technology is CHANGE.

Today Amazon is saturated with garbage titles created by writers that often are not skilled enough to even be 'published', so this plethora of trash is now competing with solid titles that should be read by people and Amazon can do little to help any author or publisher today.

Any author established or new needs major media to 'push' any title, without it, it's hard for anyone to now get 'traction' on a new title.

Sure a few lucked out and joined Amazon in their early days of KDP and now are recognized names on the Amazon platform.

However, the average Amazon author doesn't even make $500 a year.

Now Amazon is forcing by their monopoly position in the eBook industry into this garbage Select and KENP scam.

Exclusive rights to your work to Amazon for what? So you can be 1 title against over 1 Million in KU?

You need outside promotions such as BookBub or national media now to move any titles.

If you can get major media to give you a spot on a major show or a review in a major paper, great, say BUY IT AT MY SITE.

We all need to bypass the monopoly that is Amazon.

Authors and publishers and I'm both.
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Old 02-16-2016, 06:05 PM
Zion Goldilux (Offline)
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As a self-published author, you keep all of the rights to your work.

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