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Short Story part one

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Default Short Story part one

I don't have a genre for this, just wanted to write something that explored the mind vs the spirit and identified that our mind's personality is self-created. Not looking for critique, just hoping someone out there can enjoy and understand this topic that is difficult to describe-much less write about. Don't have a word count. It's long so if you haven't explored self awareness don't waste your time. If this kind of thing does spark your interest or if you have similar thoughts, then please do take the time to read and give me pointers on how to better this format to make it more enjoyable.

Running through the woods my spirit bounds out of my body and takes on a new form. Beginning from wind that lifts leaves off the floor of the forest and into mist evaporating upward, settling into the shape of my totem. Imagine the imagery you get when looking at photos taken from an electron microscope, tiny molecules that build like a Lego formation becoming a tower. That’s all we are really. There is definitely more than meets the eye; we are all dust. Dust that sticks to a surface, adhering to that shape that it settles on and conforming to that object. Scents linger, memories, vibes, all fragments remain.
There was an awakening that occurred simultaneously affecting many people at once. The stars alignment, the sun’s energy spiked a flow, etheric information was seeping out of the Earth’s pores, high vibrations began to trigger DNA activation and those who awakened floated like light. When the government caught wind of this they tried to collect all Awakened to harvest the glow. They sought to study us like specimens in a jar, finding use in our energy similar to society’s use of electricity. This is unattainable. They then focused on the random sequence of events, tracked by meteorologists, which had to unravel to create this outcome, the Enlightened. The Universe cannot be replicated; its study is fruitless because the Mind cannot comprehend. The Universe is an unlimited source of all that Is and all that can be.
Through all of this research few facts became known to this study, though not completely understood. Not all humans are the same, but they are all dust, dust from the Universe. The energy animating the molecules beneath the dust comes from the same Source, but there are different origins, patterns, and links; levels of true consciousness, contrasts of light, energetic imprints. That signature frequency can be described in comparison to the feeling you get when you hear your name called. In that moment of recognition, that spark that occurs is very similar to what it feels like to be truly awake.
It is difficult to talk about such things because language is limited to all that is, all that exists within the Mind. The Essence is beyond the grasp of the cerebral intelligence. I awoke, but something went wrong. Instead of moving on to a higher plane of consciousness and becoming light, I remained completely lucid to my humanity. My emotions, memories and personality still remained. Humans are comprised of layers; Layers beyond the widely known and accepted “trinity.” Body has layers, layers of molecules, muscles, tendons, toxins, blood vessels, organs and bones. Mind has layers, layers comprised of the Id, Ego and superego. These are things we were taught, primitive natures and things we discovered with our personal cognitive processing; how we view life, circumstances of events, and unique perceptions of reality. Spirit, now there’s the tough one, the one with philosophers, scientists and religious centered practitioners all throwing in their two cents. Everyone has a theory about what the Spirit is, if it exists, from their own personal beliefs and observations. Psychologists may sum it up to a piece of wellness derived from a mental state that gives the body an optimistic outcome. People will deny the idea of reincarnation but then describe a person’s eyes as having an “old soul.” People will be raised to believe a specific set of spiritual beliefs and some will take what had instilled in them to the grave while others will think outside of that box and take to or develop a different set of beliefs. Either way almost everyone thinks their belief of the Spirit is the correct and only option to what “is” and what “really” exists. The truth is not all Spirits are the same which is why it hasn’t been specifically measured scientifically. Strange how this world accepts that there are over 2,000 species of serpents and different variations of fish and mammals yet it is difficult to accept there are different “species” of spirit. It is actually most often considered crazy talk. The Universe can go on forever and there can even be acceptance of altered states of consciousness yet science cannot realize that not everyone was awakened at the same time because not everyone was of the same spirit. Reincarnation delves into various stages and experiences a Spirit must go through, different levels to learn different lessons. This theory generalizes around the thought that all paths have the same destination at the end of the road. Since my transformation I’ve arrived at one conclusion. Duality does not exist except for in the Mind. Once you accept this reality to its deepest roots everything else becomes unimportant. I know the truth yet I still share a vessel with a mind. A Mind that has its own personality, reality, cognitive processes and that clings to its perceived existence.
The Spirit brings life, energy into the same vessel (body), but the body has its own life, its own mechanical process for receiving energy (nutrients) for sustenance. The Mind receives this information as duality, but life is life. The Spirit is life, the body is life, and the mind is an organ that has the ability to process information. This organ creates a Mind of its own. The Mind is emotionally attached to the body. The Spirit is neutral to the body. The Spirit knows its purpose without the thought; the mind clings to the body to thrive on though. Words are the Mind’s the thoughts that the Mind uses the body (vessel) to express. The mind exists between its perceptions, the life of the body and the experience of other humans acknowledging its personality; Key word- Person. Our Ancestors once lived in a time where Mind was more aware and understanding of Spirit. Over time the Mind got greedy, humans conformed to the Mind and the Spirit’s presence dissolved into the background, quiet and still almost forgotten due to thought. Spirit lingers carefree and neutral and humans are left feeling emptiness without a solid explanation because they have forgotten themselves. The world in general revolves around the Mind, but the Mind wants to make sense of its existence and clings to the idea that it is somehow connected to Spirit so that it cannot fade or pass away. Spirit is dust, dust of links to different parts of the Universe; All from the same universal matter of space, but unique to each individual depending on the state of mind that accepts or “receives” the information that it DOES exist.
The variations in species of the Spirit derive from where dust came from. There is dust in sunlight, and cosmic dust. The energy from where ever the dust originated has a specific signature. Everyone everywhere has a theory revolving around the Spirit that began somewhere. Most religions can summed up by either being polytheistic (many gods) or monotheistic (one God). Chi has been described as life energy; some religion equates God with the Universe. With Native American religion God is known indirectly through an awareness of links between various aspects of the physical and metaphysical dimensions. Native American spirituality makes no distinction between these realms; visible/invisible, past/present, no duality. All of these things are interconnected to the life I now experience.
My Spirit has awakened, stretched out and identified itself. There are no names for the species of Spirit however my Mind, Raylei, has named them. Raylei speaks and communicates for she is the Mind of this Vessel. My Spirit doesn’t speak. My Spirit reacts through form for expression and exists without thought. Raylei has to share this body so she gives things names, words to explain and identify what experiences she shares with my Spirit. Raylei knows too much. The knowledge of Spirit awakened her mind and information that flows through Spirit intuitively is a part of Raylei’s cognitive processing.
Stage one Awakening, the first group of the awakened, are Capricorns. We come into our human vessels ruled by Saturn because we are dust from Saturn’s rings. Saturn’s symbol carries the sickle to acknowledge the opportune moment of harvesting current life. Saturn’s animal symbolism is the fox. My Spirit takes form of the fox. Stones such as the obsidian and onyx resonate with Saturn’s energy so they carry a similar grounding frequency to my Spirit’s frequency.
Get out of my head. Raylei growls at herself.
She doesn’t fit in anywhere. Others that transformed can come and go as they please, simply existing. As humans, they appear as zombies, their minds couldn’t handle the information. Their minds became vegetative, dead and lost speech. The Spirit ran the body while the Mind’s personality dissolved. The people that did not ascend yet, the other species of spirit remain unawakened. Raylei’s voice will talk to herself and from the unawake person’s perspective, appears to have multiple personalities. Raylei speaks of the Spirit’s intuition as she receives its information. The process of being awakened includes activating DNA, this DNA carries etheric information and Raylei gives it a voice. Raylei speaks in third person, tries to keep her Mind alive by living in her past, the personality that assumed life and created an identity to itself before the Spirit Awakened. Raylei lives in constant contrast between her Mind’s eye and her intuitive eye; between human reality and dimensional awareness. This is unaccepted everywhere, on either side. Sometimes Spirit travels with Raylei but Raylei cannot prevent travel with Spirit.
Raylei knows that like any other human eventually her body will cease to exist. The conflict here is that Raylei has to acknowledge her body’s death will result in the death of her mind. She cannot find hope in any other belief because she knows truth. Most people think too much, most people live in their minds; truth is knowing the Mind is temporary just like the physical body. Raylei’s Spirit is free, but her mind is in prison. Her Mind is all too aware of this. Sometimes Raylei likes to go with Spirit but she resents those travels because she cannot stay there forever. Once the vessel burns out Spirit will be the only remnants. Raylei longs for companionship and seeks others like her. Raylei has tried repeatedly to keep the etheric information to herself, to live as she did before awakening. Instead of finding companionship she finds misery in the company of others. She cannot live a lie and the lie was that after death some fragment of personality would remain.
The Others are coming. I have to find the Others, when will they wake up? Will one of them be like me? Will someone remain inside?
Raylei knows that the other species will awaken soon. She doesn’t know in which order, who will be next, she just hopes she can find someone like her.
My Spirit, the fox, is ready to return to the body. Sometimes this form is prolonged. I saw myself in the reflection of a creek once- A red fox, the most common form- is what Spirit comfortably conforms to when it contours to its totem.
Raylei misses the comfortable lifestyle, the one her Mind is familiar with, where electronics could take care of everything, and money could buy food. Spirit drives the wheel most of the time and that is where primitive natures take place within her body. It’s difficult to get comfortable around society. When Raylei sleeps she may wake up in a strange place or in the body of a fox. She was lucky enough to have a chance to experience the relationships she temporarily tried after the awakening. She was lucky to get low enough to lay off of the governments radar after the miracle unplanned escape.
Raylei endured terrors under their microscopes until Spirit randomly traveled to the mountains. Raylei had begged them to kill her, but not before begging Spirit to dissolve into light and travel. Spirit didn’t hear Raylei. Spirit didn’t feel Raylei’s pain. Spirit isn’t a Mind, Spirit is without thought and beyond it unconfined. Raylei got lucky.
Raylei knows there are stardust spirits locked away in their vessels waiting to go back into origin and awake, but she has no idea when this will happen or what the cosmic dust will do. She simply knows that Spirit exists. Raylei knows there are others, she doesn’t know many specifics, just that there is fear in her mind concerning the ones with meteor dust. Raylei’s research into the origins of meteor dust and its effects on the Earth confirmed debris that can affect the Earth’s weather. Raylei’s mind processes this information and correlates it with natural weather disasters.
Fox is gone and Raylei feels at home in her skin.
Awesome. Do you feel it too Spirit? Today they will arrive. It’s in the ground, its in the wind. Let’s go find them.
Raylei has no idea where to go. She decides to just start walking and enjoy the control, the peace of feeling normal if only for a short while. She is always in her head. At this moment she is daydreaming about the possibilities of the Arrivals. She imagines how it would feel to be greeted with open arms by someone who knew what she knew, experienced what she had went through, felt the true weight of the Universe and the loneliness she had in her heart.
Sometimes Raylei would get to watch the people from afar, read their body language, and observe their happy interactions. Sometimes this saddened her. Sometimes it reminded her of the good ole days, before the change. With death memories dissolved and only the observers’ lives can keep the memory alive.
Urgh, what is the purpose of this cycle?!
Raylei was currently experiencing rage. Her mind became confused. She was constantly trying to make sense of everything. She wanted to take the etheric information that she had absorbed and give it a hidden purpose. She wanted a specialized destiny specific to the personality her mind had created. She was fatigued. Her body felt alien to her. Her mind was constantly starving for food, answers and a personal connection with someone other than herself. She stopped walking and laid down only briefly acknowledging her surroundings. She was in the woods, unfamiliar with the location and going through an emotional melt down.
Raylei you’re so selfish. Stop searching and just enjoy each breath you take. Quit thinking about the past. Quit daydreaming about the future. Just be, animate stillness, let it become you, do so with peace.
And Raylei, exhausted, gave her Mind a rest and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Spirit stirred from its vessel and Raylei’s body leaped in its rest, landing on all four paws. Fox sprinted through the woods, occasionally stopping at a creek side to lap up some water. Fox moved with grace, no tiring from the run. No mental threats to disturb the peace, only the quiet sounds of nature gave any volume.
Night came and fox’s sprint slowed to a stop. Fox licked her paws at the trunk of a tall oak and perked her ears to the hum of the crickets. After a while fox became light and then mist into dust and travelled with the night breeze. The dust swayed between leaves and branches, tall grass and eventually over sand until settling against rock. Molecules shifted form and Spirits vessel returned to human body.
Raylei sat up and looked around. Dozens of people were standing at a shore, palms outstretched to the sky; in unison they dipped their feet into the ocean. A gust of wind swept up some waves and the Earth shook. Raylei’s mind was now wide awake and her body reacted in panic. Her heart was racing, palms sweating, her thoughts turned to her fear of the meteor dust spirits. Too scared to move, frozen in fear, she watched, thoughts racing.
Why did Spirit bring me here? Is this the end? Something doesn’t feel right!
Before Raylei could panic further or over analyze anymore the wave crashed over the people and then the water stilled. None of the people fell over. Instead they all turned to Raylei, faces blank in a trance-like state. They began to glow a bright purple and some traveled as light into dust, while others walked a straight line disappearing from view down the beach. Spirit took over and walked the body down the shoreline as well.
Raylei was shocked. She had just witnessed an awakening. Her own recollection of her personal enlightened phase was so fragmented at best. Raylei had the blank faces stuck in her mind. It was that vegetative look of a zombie that the awakened bodies from her stage had after their transformation, blank lifeless eyes that gave her the impression that nobody was home.
Spirit I don’t care if you don’t answer me, but I knew you felt that calling from the Earth. You felt the second stage change coming because I felt it.
Or maybe Raylei felt it because Spirit felt it.
Oh that brings up a whole other set of questions.

Raylei shook her head and sighed. Spirit stopped walking. Raylei stopped talking. She looked around. From afar it appeared somebody had left the crowd and was running towards Raylei. Afraid, Raylei turned the other direction and began to run as well.
Spirit are you trying to get me killed?! We can share this body, you have been dragging me through your stunts and I’m sick of it! I want full control of my body back, but I will deal with you and share my body as long as I get to survive.
Realizing there was nowhere to hide on the beach and the other was closing in on her, Raylei gave up. She fell to the ground, opened her arms and surrendered to everything. All the weight of the stress and pressures of intense emotions lifted off her. Her body lighted with her green glow of light and she let everything go in that moment.
“Hey, Hey, Hey.” The Other called out to her.
The purple glow of this Other had faded. Raylei’s glow diminished as well as her mindreproached the surface. The Other, a man from the stage two awakening stopped just in front of Raylei.
“Are you okay?” He reached his hand out to Raylei to help her up off the beach floor.
Raylei accepted the hand and rose up off the ground.
The man continued to speak, “What was that? Did you see that wave and all that purple light? What just happened? I don’t even know how I got here! I don’t even live near the ocean!”
The male stopped and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, are you as disoriented as I am?”
Raylei found her voice somewhere beneath the combination of awe and shock that had hit her like a ton of bricks. “She…Uh…Brought me here.”
“Oh, okay, who? What just happened, are we under attack?”
Raylei laughed, “Hello, I’m Raylei.”
The man stared at Raylei for a moment. “I’m….” He paused and that blank expression overcame his face. His body turned away and began to walk back the way he came.
Raylei felt her heart sink into her stomach. “Hey, Wait! Don’t go! What’s your name?!”
Raylei began a fast paced walk to catch up to the Other. Raylei came up to his side and continued walking beside him in silence. He continued to walk straight, never acknowledging her presence, never a single expression across his face. Raylei stared at him in wonder. When the beached ended and tall rocks began she had to ask herself what she was doing.
Who is following this guy anyway? We don’t even know where he is from. He could be a meteor.
Finally the man stopped, shook his head and slipped down the rock as he was mid climb. “Ouch!”
Raylei slid down the rock on her bottom, just above him she stopped and held out her hand to him. “I’m Raylei, we just met, but I didn’t catch your name.”
He took her hand, “I’m Issac, I think. I mean… I was walking, my body was walking, I couldn’t….” he trailed off.
Raylei helped Issac up. “I understand its confusing at first. Well, actually, it’s all confusing, all the time when you think about it. Maybe it’s best not to think about it and just accept it.”
Issac rubbed his palms against his tan cargo shorts. “Yeah, I’m confused and you’re not helping.”
They both laughed.
Raylei took in that feeling that is accompanied with laughter.
“Let’s get off these rocks and go find a place… to.. Recuperate from the madness that just occurred?” She began to cry.
Her tears were hot and full of emotion. All of those feeling she had surrendered just a short while ago had returned. “I have been lost, in and out of my Mind and out of control of my body. For months I have been alone, terrified, confused. I feel relief because I know what you just experienced.”
She stopped crying, but continued to speak, “A similar thing happened to me a while ago and I didn’t have anybody to talk to or help me through the changes I experienced. I want to tell you everything I know without being sent to the loony bin or picked up by a secret service government SUV. I want to help you feel grounded and reassure myself that I’m not stark-raving mad! And I want to EAT A BURGER with fries and a vanilla shake! I’m sick of berries and water!”
Issac studied Raylei and listened to what she had to say. “yeah,” he paused, “you could probably use a shower too.”
They both laughed in unison. “And maybe explain to me while we find a way out of here why the hell my entire body feels like its vibrating and I keep blacking out and hearing music.”
“Music?” Raylei asked, “what kind of music?”
Issac and Raylei were now off the rocks and back on the sand.
“Maybe we are both crazy.” Issac said.
Issac’s face went blank once again.
Raylei shook him, “Please don’t leave again!”
Issac shook himself out of his daze. “Raylei, right?”
Raylei rolled her eyes.
The two continued to walk. Raylei was so overjoyed with excitement, she couldn’t even think clearly. She spoke mechanically throughout their walk, no thoughts needed, her voice spilled out, overflowing with small talk, memories of her past, fragments of her awakening, stories of her travels.
“So let me get this straight,” Issac said, stopping “All of this is happening all over the world, people are turning into zombies, literally losing their minds or vanishing and it’s not even on the news?”
Raylei frowned. “I may have left some stuff out.”
“Please elaborate then.” Issac said.
Raylei pointed north toward the edge of a visible street. Issac nodded and they began to walk in that direction.
“I will tell you this,” she said, “Between what information Spirit carries with her and from What Raylei has personally experienced with her perception, It appears that personality is fake. Everything that society was taught about survival and after life is fragmented and the government is fully aware of the awakenings they’re just not advertising it to the public, they’re trying to keep it under wraps to avoid panic and so that they can capture others to study them.”
Issac nodded, “I understand how they can see dimensional awareness as a powerful tool to try to harvest it. I also understand that the awakenings that are occurring could be perceived as a threat.” He laughed, “It’s kinda weird how one minute I will have a question and then suddenly answers just kind of flow into my mind.”
“yes, that’s the intuition of the Spirit that I was telling you about earlier.”
They reached the road and headed west towards a strip.
“I wonder where we are.” Issac said.
“I don’t think it matters.” Raylei replied, “We will probably be somewhere else tomorrow. Spirit takes me to all kinds of places, sometimes when I sleep.”
“Hey Raylei”
“Why do you sometimes talk in third person? Or speak to yourself like you’re not you?”
“I am me, but my Spirit is a neutral observer that doesn’t really ‘think’ or feel. I have to share my body with a made up personality that my mind created, try to understand that this Spirit that dwells within me. For a long time I had nobody to talk to, so I guess I kind of talked to myself.”
Issac nodded, “Can I tell what I’m hearing from my ‘inner dwelling’?”
“I wish you would.”
“I hear, or kind of feel, like musical vibrations. And my, um, Spirit? Well it feels to me like its carrying a past. A past from….”
“Okay, now you see why I sound so weird when I am talking.”
Issac smiled, “Okay, we will call my soul ‘Om’ because that is the sound, or vibration that I can feel in my bones and hear in the ocean.”
“Oh, wow, alright then.”
“I’m feeling very overwhelmed right now.” Issac sighed.
“I understand,” Raylei said, “I’m very exhausted and I want to rest, but I’m scared that I will wake up someplace else and you won’t be there. It’s kind of comforting having someone else to talk to.”
“Then don’t fall asleep.”
“I don’t have to. You know how you were blacking out earlier? Well it’s like that at first, but later on it will happen and you will be completely aware to what’s going on around you. You will be seeing everything, but you won’t have physical control of your body. You won’t be able to stop what’s happening. It comes in waves and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
“My essence, I mean, ‘Om’ tells me that we came from cosmic dust particles, from the planet Jupiter’s rings. He makes me feel like we have somewhere to be, things to do.”
Raylei shrugged, “Spirit made me aware that the next stage was coming. It was like I could sense it, like a tingling in my feet coming from the Earth, a vibration that breathed change.”
Issac pulled out a wallet from his cargo shorts. “Okay, from what I’ve heard from you and what I just experienced myself, I think we deserve to go have that burger with fries.”
Raylei sloughed her shoulders. “We can’t. It’s our minds wanting food, our minds telling us to eat. The last time I bucked on Spirit my body was sick for a week and I had to deal with Fox for a full month behind that one. I’d love to eat, but I’ve learned my lesson. Well, it may have taken a time or two to figure out the pattern… but you catch my drift.”
“Eh.” Issac frowned. “Okay, well since we both have no idea what state or country that we are in and it really doesn’t matter, let’s find a place where we can clean up.”
Raylei liked that idea. Her last real shower in a real restroom had been weeks ago. Whatever real means. Your perceptions aren’t real Raylei. You are an illusion, created by the Mind to solve problems, give you purpose and to conform to the norm. You are not a Spirit, just a computerized organ with the intelligence of an electronic device.
“Issac, I’m feeling, Raylei is feeling, kinda beat.”
Raylei slipped into the background and Spirit took over.
“Raylei, are you okay?” Issac saw Raylei’s blank expression, “Uh-oh.”
Issac’s face looks worried. I wish I could have better prepared him. He had a lot to take in today. Spirit brought the vessel to Issac, it will all be fine. It wouldn’t matter either way. Nothing matters, nothing is within your control. Just like death. You can play it safe, but you have no control over how you go out, precautions don’t even matter. Nothing prepared Raylei for her transformation. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We are all dust…
Raylei had stayed in the background long enough to make it to the hotel, witness a hot shower and a familiar reflection of herself in the mirror. She may have had a scratch or two on her face but her body was far from malnourished, which she hadn’t expected. Her face wasn’t sullen or thin. Her skin was lightly tanned and free of blimishes. Raylei disappeared into a deep dream.
Spirit had cleaned the vessel, laid in the bed for a while to rest the body and then jumped off the bed only to land as Fox. Issac observed all of this and even though it startled him, he accepted the change. Too much stuff was happening to him internally to be judgmental. Issac was comforted with the presence of Raylei. Issac wondered if he could or would turn into a Fox as well. Fox stayed at Issac’s side for a long time before curling up at the window seal and staring out into the darkness of the night. Fox’s ears twitched for the crickets, but the vixen could not hear any crickets.
Raylei awoke to the sun’s rays shining down on her face. Raylei was in her vessel all snug and in control. She lifted her hand to keep the sun out of her eyes and squinted to see the shadow ahead of her. Issac was standing in direct sunlight, palms raised toward the light. Energy soured into his palms as if directed by will. His face was solemn and blank as Om stared directly into the Sun.
Raylei waited patiently. She did not want to interrupt whatever Om was doing to his vessel. Raylei was learning to trust Spirit with her body. She deducted that the same could be respected of Om. Raylei watched Issac’s vessel absorb the nutrients of energy that nature was offering to him. Then she sat down on the ground. She briefly noted that she was in the middle of an open field of wheat. She was becoming accustomed to the waking up in strange places and found that it didn’t really matter where she wound up. Why fight something you have no control over.
After a while Om finished what he was doing and apparently satisfied, stepped back into the background, leaving Issac’s Mind free to roam and communicate. This time Issac’s return wasn’t dazed. Issac turned to Raylei as if he had been aware she was there the whole time. “Whew, am I glad you followed me.”
“Spirit must have kept tabs on you.” Raylei said.
“I thought Spirit didn’t ‘think’.”
“I think that Spirit is still an intrical part of me. Maybe not within the personality my mind created, but Spirit dust still animates this body and the brain is a part of the body.”
Issac smiled. “Om feels. Om feels vibrations. Om is vibration. Everything, all life, is connected, interconnected. Even dust particles carry energy just like a tree or a flower.”
Raylei listened without intent to respond.
“We are life just as much as the wind is alive and the fire. Our bodies are molecules. Dust is molecules. Break down anything with a vibrational frequency and you will find it’s true form is a molecule on some molecular level.”
Raylei sighed, “I think Raylei likes to hear herself. I think Raylei likes to be heard. By being heard, someone is acknowledging her existence; even if it is all fake built up over years of lessons learned.”
Issac sat down beside Raylei. He ran his fingers through the golden wheat that surrounded them. “I think that we came into this world in a child-like state and that Others are leaving upon their awakening in the same way. A child is named by it’s mother and is taught through conditioning that that is who he is. All conditioning is is repeated behavior that creates rewiring or connections within the brain that identify with a pattern, create a habit, a familiar path.”
“Issac, do you think that as other stages awaken on Earth there will be more left here to be stuck like us?”
“Raylei, Issac thinks that the possibilities are endless like the quantum theory. Yesterday I never would have believed any of this if I had met you before my change. We cannot predict what the world has in store for us. All we can do is learn to be more attune to our bodies, harmonize with our Spirit and allow things to take their course. You suffered for half of a year in your attempts to find answers yet answers naturally presented themselves to you anyway. Searching for answers left you exhausted and emotional. After everything that you have shared with me about your journey thus far, I think our best route is to live in the present moment, not in the past or future. We can appreciate the company of a kindred mind struggling to let go and rewire it’s cognitive processes and silently observe our Spirits travels to maybe learn how to be more peaceful. Our Spirits don’t have to speak to teach us. We just have to shut up long enough to listen to the actions of the Spirit.”
“Very well said.” Raylei applauded.
Raylei and Issac then stepped into the background of their vessels by choice and let their Spirits take over from there.

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I don't have a genre for this, just wanted to write something that explored the mind vs the spirit and identified that our mind's personality is self-created. Not looking for critique, just hoping someone out there can enjoy and understand this topic that is difficult to describe-much less write about. Don't have a word count. It's long so if you haven't explored self awareness don't waste your time. If this kind of thing does spark your interest or if you have similar thoughts, then please do take the time to read and give me pointers on how to better this format to make it more enjoyable.
Hey there, friend, you might not want crits, but that's what this part of the forum's for!
I would recomend shorter sections of writing; people will be more likely to read your work. Most people tend to post a short section, and then post more/the rest if people seem to like it.
The font you're using is pretty bold and heavy too, and is actually kind of tiring to read; it's like a big wall and your eyes get fatigued.
It's long so if you haven't explored self awareness don't waste your time.
I don't really know what to say about this, but certainly your writing was... Out there. Is that because is haven't explored my self awareness? Does it require lube or a doctor? Who knows.
Anyway, I genuinely mean no offence, but even those of us who have explored our self awareness will find it hard to read large blocks of text.
It's a formatting issue, really.
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I believe the section called "Free Writing" is the better place for a long piece that you do not want critiqued. But I agree with Front&Centre, it will draw more readers even there to change the formatting a bit to break it up and use a lighter typeface.
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I don't really know what to say about this, but certainly your writing was... Out there. Is that because is haven't explored my self awareness? Does it require lube or a doctor? Who knows.
Anyway, I genuinely mean no offence, but even those of us who have explored our self awareness will find it hard to read large blocks of text.

....Wow! So did you read the intro and knock it? Certainly no feedback on the story at all so if you didn't read it -why comment? I am very disappointed. Was really kind of looking for someone who could understand what kind of story I was trying to throw out there. Instead all I got was comments about MY LARGE TEXT. ugh. Not surprising, I checked out the intellectual forum discussions only to find boring political smack and when topics were actually interesting enough to check out, nobody had any real feedback just humorous comments much like your 'lube' one.
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So did you read the intro and knock it?
No friend, I read the whole thing.
nobody had any real feedback just humorous comments much like your 'lube' one.
Humour can exist for the sake of humour, guy. I actually find comedy with political/otherwise hidden messages incredibly tedious.
Instead all I got was comments about MY LARGE TEXT.
I didn't say it for the sake of saying it dude; I said it because large walls of text in bold font really can be daunting to look at and laborious to read.
I don't really know what to say about this, but certainly your writing was... Out there. Is that because is haven't explored my self awareness? Does it require lube or a doctor? Who knows.
Anyway, I genuinely mean no offence, but even those of us who have explored our self awareness will find it hard to read large blocks of text.
The most important thing is that this is a joke. Learn how to take one.
And I made the joke because you were being an absolute PONCE, my friend.
If trees could scream, would we be so quick to chop them down? We might, if they screamed all the time for no good reason.

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I don't know how to take the last part about being a PONCE, -DUDE.
I would have rather heard more since you read the whole thing.
I'm over it now.
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