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Rise of The Scorpions (Chapter 4 part 3)

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Default Rise of The Scorpions (Chapter 4 part 3)

Seven miles off the east coast of the United States, a squadron of F/A-18E Super Hornets launched off the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and went to join up with three squadrons of F-24s and another squadron of F/A-18Es.

Onboard the AWACS, Major Victor walked up to one of the console operators.

“What do we got Lieutenant?” Victor asked.

“Three squadrons of fourteen F-24s and two squadrons of eighteen F/A-18Es just launched from the Reagan and are awaiting orders,” replied the operator.

“Eagleeye 7 this is Admiral Anderson onboard the carrier Reagan, I’m putting the squadrons I’ve just deployed under your command for the duration of this conflict. You should be seeing them on your screens soon,” Anderson said over the radio then Victor saw the squadrons appear on the operators screen.

“Admiral Anderson this is Major Victor, air ops coordinator onboard this aircraft and I already see your birds.”

“Understood,” Anderson replied as another console operator was busy opening a communication channel.

“We got a communicatin channel established with the fighters sir,” the operator reported then Major Victor activated his earpiece.

“This is airborne warning and control system Eagle-eye 7 to airborne naval squadrons, listen carefully for your individual instructions. Redhawk flight, head to New Jersey and fly along the states boarder with Pennsylvania and Rhino flight, procced to Delaware and conduct your patrol along the Delaware-Maryland boarder,” Major Victor said.

“Rhino 1, roger,” the pilot replied then the two Super Hornet squadrons split away from the F-24s.

“AWACS we don’t have all night to wait for instructions,” said the lead pilot of Mako Squadron.

“I was just about to get to you guys. Mako flight. your patrol sector is Maine’s boarder with New Hamphsire,” Victor announced.

“Mako 1, copy,” the pilot said then the F-24s went for their destination.

“Blackcat and Bullshark Squadrons, your destinations are Connecticut and Rhode Island,” Major Victor said.

“Blackcat flight heading for Connecticut.”

“Bullshark flight bound for Rhode island,” the pilot replied over the radio as Victor watched the fighters on the screen.

“Major, what about the F-22s?” one of the operators asked.

“Have them remain in their patrol sectors,” Victor ordered.

Battle of Wonju
Wonju, South Korea

A G.A.N news correspondent working with a South Korean news crew was reporting on a battle being waged between the scorpions and South Korean forces.

“It is now the early morning hours here in Wonju where as you can see, multiple units of K2 Black Panther battle tanks of the South Korean Army backed by artillery and KF-101 stealth fighters are pounding away at the scorpions at the center of this city. It should be noted that this is a decisive battle similar to the ones being waged in Germany, Italy, and many other countries around the world,” the correspondent said then a large unit of infantry fighting vehicles drove by him and the news crew.

The line of tanks scored damaging hits on the scorpions that were trying to advance towards them then the infantry fighting vehicles pulled up along side them and deployed soldiers and marines armed with grenade launchers, machine guns and anti tank missiles.

A scorpion expanded its wings to take flight but the creature was destroyed by two JDAMs dropped by a passing KF-101.

A convoy of several K9 howitzers fresh from helping ground forces defeat scorpions at the Battle of Taejon linked up with another howitzer unit northeast of Wonju and contributed their 155 millimeter guns to the effort of ridding South Korea of the scorpions once and for all.

As for North Korea, they were unable to combat the scorpions on large scale by themselves because at the start of the conflict, the bulk of their artillery which was positioned near the DMZ and aimed at the South due their years of tension with them was destroyed by the scorpions when they tried to reposition to deal the monsters in their cities and the North Koreans only had enough fuel to spare for two of their armored divisions and a handful of fighters.

Seeing their predicament, The South Korean government offered a helping hand to the North and in a great display of cooperation; the North Korean leadership put its usual stubbornness aside and accepted.

South Korean howitzer and MLRS units stationed near the DMZ unleashed their shells and rockets on the scorpions ravaging the North’s cities and villages and the North Korean forces were highly impressed with their accuracy which resulted in a lot of dead scorpions.

From the sea, two of South Korea’s Sejong The Great class aegis destroyers targeted the scorpions in the North’s costal areas with their five inch deck guns and launched wave after wave of Sky-Dragon cruise missiles against the ones much farther away while the rest of the rest of the South Korean Navy’s destroyers and submarines launched missile strikes on the ones in the South.

Since the North didn’t have enough fighters available to engage the scorpions in large scale aerial combat, the pilots of the five available planes were ordered to provoke swarms of airborne scorpions into chasing them and they drew them out over the water towards the two South Korean destroyers who quickly shot the creatures from the sky with their surface to air missiles.

But the overall reason South Korea decided to help the North was based on a simple fact, if the scorpions overwhelmed North Korea, they would simply come south and add on to the infestations they were already dealing with and that would’ve been unacceptable.

China had the exact same concern and sent some of their artillery units to their border with North Korea with orders conduct strikes of their own against the scorpions in the North.

But the Chinese didn’t bother asking the North Korean government if they wanted assistance, they were determined to keep any scorpions from crossing over no matter what.

Somewhere above China, a scorpion flew into a thick set of clouds in an attempt to escape two J-20 fighters pursuing it.

“Sword leader I have a lock,” the pilot said.

“Open bays and fire,” the lead pilot ordered then the planes launched two PL-12 missiles out of their bays and pull out of the cloud layer.

Once above the clouds, the lead pilot looks back and sees a bright flash in the center of the cloud layer.

“Target neutralized,” he said.

Day 6
Battle of the Florida Coast

The attack runs by the F-24s and F/A-18Es combined with the cruise missile and railgun bombardment from the destroyers quickly obliterated the few remaining scorpions in the area.

“All targets destroyed,” Captain Roberts said.

“The ground below is just smoldering with dead scorpions,” Mace 7 commented.

“Preble I must admit that we make one lean mean scorpion eradicating team,” Captain Macy said.

“I have to agree,” Captain Myers replied.

A giant scorpion pops out of the sand and roars as it took flight.

“Where did that scorpion come from?,” Mace 2 asked.

“Who cares, let’s finish it off,” Mace 9 said.

“Hold on a second, I have a hunch,” Captain Macy shouted as the fighters gave chase to the target.

“What’s the hunch Macy?” Captain Roberts asked.

“If we follow this scorpion it may lead us to the main source of this conflict,” Macy said.

“A colonly you mean?” Captain Roberts asked.

“Exactly and then we can cut off the head of the snake,” Captain Macy replied.

“This is Captain Myers, what’s going on?” Myers asked over Macys radio.

“We’re pursuing the scorpion and hoping that it will lead us to the main colonly,” Macy explained.

“Understood, will hold our position along the coast and good luck to you all.”

“Mace 1, roger,” Roberts replied.

In Edwards AFB war room, General Baker went to President Smith and the Joint Chiefs.

“Mr. President, Captain Macy just informed me that his squadron along with the Mace Squadron is pursuing a scorpion in hopes that it may lead them to the main scorpion colonly,” Baker explained.

“Why would they do that?” Admiral Tony asked.

“I think Captain Macy may be onto something,” said an Air Force console operator.

“What do you mean Airmen?” General Kinsey asked as they approached him.

“I,ve calculated their flight path and if they maintain current heading, they will end up over Colorado,” the Airmen said.

“Where exactly?” President Smith asked.

"The rocky mountains sir,” the Airmen replied.

Part 4 coming soon.

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