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A Dreamer's Realm Ch 9, Pt 1 (Language Warning)

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Default A Dreamer's Realm Ch 9, Pt 1 (Language Warning)

A Dreamer's Realm
Chapter 9
Time Baby
(Part 1)

Warning: The following chapter contains explicit language.

Kalavan entered the Time Line Room one more time that evening and his heart stopped. His eyes went wide as soon as he saw what was going on there, but before he could run out the doors closed shut. Outside, Ion and Itzbul were rushing to the same spot, feeling the presence of something unwelcome there.

“What in the words is this?” Ion gasped. They had reached the Room and Kalavan seemingly was holding back a ball of light of some sort, building a force field around it; you could see in the his face that these actions were taking a lot out of him. Itzbul stepped back.

“Run,” he whispered.

“What?” Ion turned to see him

“Run!” the cat shouted pulling Ion by the arm and running away from that thing before it exploded in a series of beaming strings of light that seemed to hold on to everything and anything in their way. Ion and Itzbul headed towards the Time Gates. The angel immediately pressed on the codes and the door that headed outside to Khoriean did not open.

“Shit!” he heard himself scream. The cat was pressing his body against the Gates’ door, the light sneaking through the door’s cracks.

“Try another!” he heard him scream. Ion tried another code, Ultarsiep. No response either. The then tried the last code; the door opened just at the door Itzbul was holding back opened wide as well. The cat screamed in pain as some of the bright lines caught his body. Ion rushed back to his side, getting his sword out and slashing through some of the lines to make his way towards the cat, but he was soon overpowered by those lines. He then ran towards the dimensional door and jumped. The lines went right after him and pulled him back to the Valley of Time as they took him by one leg and began to drag him in. Ion felt that he was burning from the inside; he took his sword and slashed the lines in one clear, clean cut, and dragged himself back towards the closing door, able to pass by before the dimensional door closed shut behind him.


Danká was somewhat worried. He’d tried to pass over to Imagination City and pay a visit to Paris before heading out to Moon City and see about his business there, yet the dimensional door did not respond. Usually when this happened, it was because the kingdom was in grave danger and Paris shut down all doors to prevent any more trouble coming in (or out, for that matter) to his city. So to him, the doors not opening meant nothing but trouble.

He opened the door to Khoriean. At least he could get parts of the juicy gossip once he was on the busy bar he owned back on the southern edges of the city. He saw himself on top of the North hill that overlooked the entire city and its magnificent castle as fog covered the now gray streets and dark clouds surrounded the sky all around. He flew down in to town and gasped when he saw the people dropped on the streets as if they were dead, but as he got close to examine one of them he realized they were nothing more than sleeping. A sleep he could not break.

He rushed to the castle as soon as he saw over the main tower and witnessed how a thin reddish glow started to emerge from the windows. He felt his heart pump like it hadn’t before as he rushed up the stairs towards the Throne Room where he started to feel the vibrations of Kube starting to fade. The symbol on his chest was burning, almost to the point of blinding pain, yet this was no obstacle for the wine-colored angel who broke in to the room with a strong kick to the door. Kube was sitting on the throne, almost as if he was leaning to sleep on it, yet his face showed he was resisting something. Around the throne platform a red circle had formed and a barrier emerged from it. It appeared that this barrier was the one that Kube was trying to hold steadily away from him. His painful gaze focused on the angel standing on the middle of the room, uncertain on how to proceed to help his ruler.

“Kube!” Danká screamed, “What th’ fuck is goin’ on here?”

“Go…” Kube struggled to say, “I can’t… hold them… much longer…”

“Hold? Hold what, who?”

“You… you have to wake the dreamer!” Kube gasped out in a flash of pain. “Wake the dreamer! Go!”



Danká hesitated to leave, but as soon as he was out of the room he turned just in time to see how that red barrier broke and Kube was left on the throne, flaccid, as if he was sleeping as deeply as the inhabitants of his city. He knew he had to get out of there, so he moved as fast as he could (half running, half flying) trying to get to the dimensional doors inside the castle and feeling as if that red thing was coming after him as well. That symbol on his chest was starting to burn more wildly now and it almost made him faint half way through, but he made it. He tried to open any door but the only one that opened led him straight to a lake… in Australia.

Well, at least the blasted thing wasn’t burning anymore.


Connor got worried about Samantha when the girl didn’t show up all day around the place. And it was already ten o’clock at night and still no Sam. So he was worried because Sam was not known to miss a shift down at the bar, and apparently no one had seen her since the day before. So it’s no wonder why Connor knocked on the door to Sam’s room once, knocked twice, and three times before he kicked it open. As soon as the door opened, he saw a shocking sight: an obscene amount of drawings all over the place.

“What in the world?” Connor gasped. There where faces, places, and names in those pictures that Sam couldn’t possibly know about, like the picture where she’d drawn down Aik and Litch down to the last freckle on their twin faces, or the one where she’d drawn Heavy and his acoustic guitar to the cent. Connor didn’t know if to be amused or frightened by the entire scenario.

He slowly made his way towards the chamber door, where pinned to the door he found a single drawing of Old Music City, before the Grand Catastrophe of centuries ago, when a comet almost crashed against it. Connor took the drawing in his hands, shaking slightly as he remembered the harsh times those where. Slowly, he walked over to the room where Samantha had her bed. He pushed the door opened and was shocked to see that Sam was lying on her bed with blood coming out of her eyes, nose, and mouth as well as from the perfect circles drawn on her wrists. And it seemed she’d been like that for a while too, for the circle around her bed that had been feeding of the blood that was spilling over from the top of the bed, was bigger and noticeably more complex than the one he’d seen before, at the hospital.

His hands started to burn painfully; so much so that he couldn’t help but to drop to his knees as he held them tightly against his own body. He looked up; the pain was so staggering that it was actually making him see blurry.

“Hard!” he heard Aramis’ voice coming from the door. Steps, getting closer; Aramis’ grip tight on his arms as he started to shake him. “Wake up, damn it!”

“What is it?” he asked groggily.

“No… people… can’t… gone!” were all the words coming out of Aramis’ mouth he could master to understand.


“You fucking whore! What the fuck did you sniff-in now?” Aramis shouted. It seemed he was speaking another tongue that Connor did not understand, but it sounded more like growling and snarling rather than proper words. After arching his eyebrows, Connor got pushed away by Aramis who stood up and ran into the bathroom, got a cup filled with water and splashed it directly on to Connor’s face, who bolted right up, coughing and gasping for sweet air, “Better!” Aramis purred in that growling tongue of his. “That’ll teach you to nuzzle around the cat-litter box again, angel!”

“Stop speaking like a fucking dragon, Aramis, no one understands you but you!” Connor said, obviously upset. They both turned to Sam.

“By the bitch that conceived all things angel!” Aramis gasped. “What is that?”

“Sam!” Connor shouted, and was going to jump on top of the bed too, if not had been because something expelled them both out of the room, crashing against the wall of the hallway, the door closing shut after the loud bang their bodies made against the wall.

“I guess she does not like unexpected visitors?” Aramis whined as they both got up. Connor was about to return but Aramis stopped him by the arm, “We’ve got bigger problems than an overactive teenager.”

“What is it?”

“People are gone, Hard – all people are gone! There is no one in the bar, no one outside, no one in the entire two blocks I ran along to see if I was going crazier… There is not a soul in sight… only you… me… and Katie-Ka-Boom in there…” he motioned his head as he mentioned the threesome. Connor ran to the window. They were practically on the last floor, so you could see fairly enough of the city from there; Aramis was right: no one in sight.

“What in hell’s name–?”

“Are they burning as much as mine is?” Aramis asked, without taking his sight from the city. Connor looked at his hands and was shocked to see how the symbols in them were changing, right in front of his eyes.

Suddenly, they both felt it...

A presence, like none other they had felt before.

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-- Manolito (Quino)
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