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extent of magical beings?

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Old 02-05-2016, 06:01 PM
PearlA (Offline)
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Default extent of magical beings?

In my story is set about 500 years in the future after worldwide natural disasters drastically reduce the population. In this future magic has been reinstated and is thriving which is leading to the reappearance of magical beings. My question is what would you classify as a magical being? Elves, Fairies and Shape-shifters all seem like a given but would you include vampires, mer-people or trolls? Where would you draw the line?

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Old 02-06-2016, 02:41 AM
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Originally Posted by PearlA View Post
Where would you draw the line?

Ask a Dragon (don't listen to Unicorns as they are notorious, self interested liars).
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Old 02-06-2016, 05:07 AM
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Magical beings and beings that can use magic are two different things completely. A magical being would be something that is created from magic. According to that thought a vampire would be closer to a magical being than an elf or dwarf. That is, if you're going with the method that a vampire is created and not born. If born, then it's just a being that could potentially use magic.

Hope that helps.
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Old 02-06-2016, 04:10 PM
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Elves, dwarves, trolls, giants and the like are different species, but not necessarily magical. The may or may not use magical items or have magical abilities. Fairies, sprites, pixies tend to all be magical.

I think you need to decide if you are comparing beings/creatures to humans and if the "magic" can be learned (spells, magic instruments), is a part of the beings natural state (werewolf, fairy) or happens randomly to a person or being (Jedi & Sith, vampire slayer, X-men). The X-men are called mutants, but can easily be called magical- Storm is a weather witch.
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Old 02-14-2016, 06:01 PM
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I think you are best prepared to answer your own question. You are creating the universe of your own story. If you can explain it within the context of your universe it's fair game. Hell, have fun and make up a couple completely new creatures/beings.
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Old 02-18-2016, 03:33 AM
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why draw th line anywhere when you can have a world where fairies, trolls, vampires and zombies all exit together
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Old 03-28-2016, 10:16 AM
EFFI (Offline)
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All the ones you mentioned can be included. To make it more interesting it might be a good idea to create a type of species of your own in addition to the familiar ones.
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