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The Kingdom of Tec

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Default The Kingdom of Tec

The Kingdom of Tec.

In the land of Future Promise there arose a family of great power. Chan Ki Tec, his sons - Hi Tec, Lo Tec, Hack Yu Tec and their sister Me Ning Less Tec.

As the family grew their hold on society became more unyielding. The people bowed to the Tecís every whim and worshiped at its alter. Gradually they became blind to each other and were only able to communicate by Tecís methods. Stronger than the juice of the poppy, addiction to Tecís ways enslaved the people. No one could bear the absence of Tec for even a few seconds.

The Thought family was devoured by Tecís dogs Goo Gal and Bing. Their hunger for the Thoughts knew no bounds. Deep Thought and his hansom brother Original Thought were the first to go. The Dogs got so big that none of the Thought family was safe. The people feared to have any of the Thoughts in their own homes and replaced Thoughts with the Engines of Search. In time the people forgot the questions for which these Engines found the answers.

The people wondered aimlessly, seeking their life in the crystal screens of their holy phones and tablets which had been brought down to them from Tec Mountain. Many perished by failing to notice vehicles bearing down on them or cliffs in front of them. But this danger soon stopped as the people became totally immobile.

Legs atrophied following the lead of minds. Civilization as it was ever known circled the bowl of the universe on its way down the drain. No one noticed as Oblivion walked up and ended everything.

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