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EPI GUIDE for online serials

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Old 07-19-2010, 11:12 AM
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Default EPI GUIDE for online serials

This is one of two post to draw the attention of online writers to the "Epi Guide" and their "Web Series Writing Month". Yes, similar to WebWriMo, but for online serials...and coming right up in August.

Epi Guide, and the Eppy Directory, get less attention from serial novelists and webcomic writer/artists than Web Fiction Guide, the premier site for web novels, because it's seen as being for "web series"--filmed shows, like television shows.
But Epi, and especially the directory, does support online novels, comix, and magazines and is not a resource to be ignored.

The "WeSeWriMo" is particularly genre-blind, and offers novel/comic serializers the same advantages as producers: personal motivation, visibility in the viewing community, and a legit excuse to spam writer sites about your project

If nothing else, the EpiGuide is a must spot to register and link from/to--and it has forums, contests... and, of course, the WeSeWriMo.

Several writers/artists who I've been workshopping with are registered on the Epi directory and I'd invite you to take a peek, and to give them a rating if you register there, among them:

Johanne's cool "X Mann" project

John's impressive "Soryan Order"

Corvus' intriguing "Corvus Project"

My minimalist "For Your Damned Love"

If you have a project there, add a link to this thread. If not, consider adding it, and looking into the WeSeWriMo

Epi Guide is HERE

Register for the directory HERE

Web Serial Month is HERE

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