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new working title

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Old 06-01-2010, 09:38 AM
hirumakun (Offline)
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Default new working title

New script I'm trying out

Alan, a young lad of 14, sits down next to Grandpa George's rocking chair in the living room, while Grandpa George slowly rocks on back and forth. Not many things of value except a table, a bed for them to sleep in on the corner, and a small kitchen.


Grandpa, tell me about it again. That time when the world changed.

GRANDPA GEORGE sips on his pipe and breathes out.

GRANDPA GEORGE (hesitantly)

I... I don't know if I should Alan. I've told you many a times that telling you this story is forbidden. No one must hear of it. Besides the past is the past. Why bother with it?

ALAN (sadly)

Grandpa, tell me please. The past is the past but I could always learn from the past.


Alan... Fine you little rascal but remember always what you've said to me. You could always learn from the past.


Always Grandpa George. Always.

GRANDPA GEORGE looks deep into the gray eyes of Alan. He sighs.


Well...... As I was told by my father, who was told my his father, who in turn was told by his father, who-

ALAN (laughs)

Grandpa I get it.


Oh alright. Well lets see here.... Once upon a time in the Land of Aragoas there lived the Princess


Of the Celestial Beings, more beautiful than anyone in the world, even more so than the Goddess Aerieth.


Well I don't know about her being more beautiful than the Goddess Aerieth, but indeed she was the most beautiful women on the face of all the lands. Now..........

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Old 02-09-2011, 10:01 PM
Alex Slade (Offline)
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Looking good so far! What happens next?

It was a relaxing read, and the relationship between Alan and his grandfather made it easier to read as I felt comfortable, like I was there and George was telling the story to me.
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