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The Miner

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Old 10-13-2010, 10:50 PM
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Default The Miner

The miner coldly picked
at rock all day
always ever finding the
coal he was paid
to find

He never slid from
principle, never changed his
Even if his values
and principles left him

One day the miner
picking away at rock
all day stood upon
a special sight to

There it was in
his hands a diamond
the miner was ecstatic
he had found something
so rare

He sold it off
and he found himself
the talk of town
his life suddenly became

And he found himself
sliding away from his
values and principles becoming
someone he was not
he was rich like
all the rest, but
deep down

Inside his heart was
made with mud unlike
the rest of the people
around him

Today near the fire
a miner sits by
the fire thinking whether
he should continue this
new free, independent, expensive

Or should he go
back to mining and
find success somewhere else
something that makes him
happy late r down the
line in the future

Or something that will
only make him until
a little while

Like diamonds and coal
we all sit by
a lamp deciding if
we should invest in
an expensive lifestyle

Diamonds expensive emotionally and
on the wallet
rare friendships you don't
know if they'll continue
down the line
You probably haven't been
this popular before
You have freedom

Independence now, but your
life is now more

Coal hardworking, rough, hearts
made of mud
friendships ingrained and deep
like rock, never budging never
changing or leaving
You probably will never be

Freedom only when you
have the time

Happy now
or happy later
when you complete goals
and cut everyone else

Being lonely
or feeling lonely
because you don't have

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