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The Creature in the Basement, Part 2

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Default The Creature in the Basement, Part 2

The Ending

When they wandered into the dining room, Tim and Helen were pouring over some of the old papers on the table. Placing the new books beside the pile of old papers, Jay pulled out the key and waved it in front of Tim’s face.
“Found the key.” He said with a smile. “We also found a secret passage and room downstairs.”
Tim grinned back. “I found out what book this is.”
Doug sat down in a chair beside Tim and smiled. “Enlighten us, Yoda.” He grinned.
Tim leaned back and settled down in his chair, as if he had to get comfortable for a long story.
“Well.” He started. “In 1849 the man that built this house moved to the small Hamlet of Fergus. His name was Mathias Gerent. He was a warlock of some amount of power. At least that’s what he says in his diary about himself. Apparently he picked this particular spot because it is located right over a source of huge amounts of power. Power that he felt he could harness and use for is own nefarious means.”
“Come on, Tim.” Doug said in a chastising tone. “No one uses the word nefarious anymore.”

Tim glared at Doug for a moment before continuing. “Anyway, this guy had a bad habit of kidnaping small children from around the area and sacrificing them to some kind of terrible creature that he only refers to as The Great Terrible One. A few years after he moved into the town someone figured out that he was the one doing all these terrible things to little kids and they tracked him down and broke into his house, finding him in the midst of one of his evil ceremonies downstairs in the bowels of this very house of horror.”
“He’s really getting into this.” Jay noted.
“None of the papers give all that much information about what was going on in the ceremonies, except that it was so terrible, and so incredibly perverse, that the people that broke in tore Gerent to pieces, and buried them in farmlands throughout this area, so that he would never rise to darken their lives again. The child that was being sacrificed survived, somehow, but never spoke a word for the rest of her life. And she bore the scars of the evil symbols on her body until the day she died.”
Doug put up his hand. “Excuse me, teacher.” He said with a confused look. “If we’re assuming that all this stuff belongs to Mathias, then how do we have an account of his death in this box?”
“Because it’s not all Mathias’ stuff.” Helen said. “The house remained vacant until 1927, when it was bought by a person that just happened to be the grand-son of the girl that was saved by the lynch mob.”
“What is this?” Jay muttered. “Tag team storytelling?”

“Do you want to hear this or not?” Helen asked. Jay nodded. “Good. The grand-son’s name was Jonathan Weaks, and he had grown up seeing flashes of the symbol scars on his grand-mother’s body. Curious about the symbols, after his grand-mother had died he snuck into the funeral parlor and examined all the symbols in detail, jotting them down on paper and then researching them later. In time he heard about the terrible happenings in this house and found that it was for sale. For some reason no one thought to tear it down. Jonathan bought it and in time moved in. He found the secret library downstairs and started to go nuts reading all the ancient and evil rites of The Great Terrible One.”
“It’s contagious isn’t it?” Jay asked with a grin to Doug. Doug nodded.
Ignoring Jay and Doug, Helen continued. “He discovered that he needed the blood of innocents to continue his search into the evil arts that had gripped his soul. So he decided to bring the innocents to him. He opened an orphanage. At that time there were many immigrants coming to the area from ships that had crossed the Atlantic. People would get sick and die during the voyages and many children came to this country as orphans. Jonathan had decided to go into the orphan business.
“This provided him with more than enough innocent souls to sacrifice and the more souls he gave over to his evil Lord the more power he developed. Shortly before the Second World War in ‘39 Jonathan was getting ready for his final sacrifice that would open the gates and allow The Great Terrible one to emerge onto earth. We don’t know what happened during that sacrifice, because we can’t find any records for it.”
“You said something about you knew what the book was?” Doug said to Tim.
Tim nodded. “It’s called the Necronomicon. It’s a conjunction of Latin words, Necro meaning death, Nom meaning name, and icon meaning dictionary or encyclopedia.”
“Sounds like nice light reading.” Helen said softly.
“What does it say about our little nasty?” Doug asked.

“It says that it’s true name is Yon Sl’othoth. It also says what one has to do in order to send it back to it’s own dimension.” Tim said as he scanned the book.
“Cool!” Jay cried. “Let’s get to work then.”
“Unfortunately we need to sacrifice a virgin child in order to appease it and send it packing.” Tim said with a frown.
“That might pose a problem.” Doug muttered. “What about killing it? Does it say anything about killing it?”
“Yes. It can be killed.” Tim said as he turned a page in the Necronomicon. “We have to use the same dagger that was used to invoke it.” Tim paused and looked at Jay and Doug. “Did you guys find a dagger downstairs?”
“We were looking for a key, not a dagger.” Doug said. “We need explicit directions here, remember, we share a brain.”
“See if you can find the dagger.” Tim said. “But bring it back up here, I’ve got to bless it before it’ll kill the monster.”
Jay fished around in his pocket again and plopped a large wad of Mandrake root on the table. “Here.” he said. “I found some mandrake downstairs. We can make that beer again.”
“Long as you have your priorities straight.” Helen said with her head in her hands. “Could you go find the dagger now?”
“Don’t think we haven’t failed to notice that we’re going downstairs all the time and you guys get to stay up here and read in the safe dining room.” Doug said, shaking his finger at Tim and Helen.
“It’s genetics.” Tim said absently.

“Oh.” Doug muttered. He tried to work the answer out in his brain for a moment as he followed Jay into the basement again. As they entered the secret room again Doug turned to face Jay.
“Hey!” Doug yelled. “He insulted us!”
Jay was poking around at the chemistry table again. “And that’s different, how?” he muttered.
Doug glanced over the bookshelves and paused for a moment. ”It’s not that. It’s just rude to go around insulting people. It’s the principal of the thing.”
“Yeah, and we all know how much you care about that!” Jay said with a laugh.
There was a rumbling in the floor for a moment and one of the bookshelves started to tumble. Doug jumped out of the way and ended up sprawled on the floor by Jay’s feet.
As the bookshelf struck the floor one of the boxes on it broke and a dagger skittered across the floor to stop by Doug’s hand.
“Found the dagger.” Doug said with a grin.
“Dumb luck.” Jay said as he helped Doug to his feet.
“See?” Doug pleaded. “Now you’re starting to insult me too!”
Jay turned and left the room, followed closely by Doug. As they passed the Oil room they noticed the greenish glow again from the room.
“We’ve gotta hurry.” Jay said.
Jay and Doug rushed up the stairs and burst into the dining room just as the house shook again, more violently than the last time.

The four of them could hear movement upstairs. Shuffling feet and banging furniture.
“I really hope that’s just the guests.” Tim muttered as he started to look up the right incantation in the Necronomicon.
“If it’s not we’re gonna have a big mess to clean up.” Doug said. As he heard another crash from upstairs, coupled by the house freshly shaking he added, “Then again we might have a mess either way.”
“Go check on them.” Tim said. “I’ll bless the dagger, then you can go kill the monster in time for breakfast.”
“Notice how we get to go risk our lives to kill the monster?” Doug muttered as he and Jay ran up the stairs.
“Get over it already would you?” Jay yelled. “And stop whining.”
The two of them made their way up the stairs and quickly found the problem. A large creature with the head of a dog and the body of a powerful man was standing in the hall. From it’s clawed hands and feet dripped blood and some small pieces of flesh. The thing turned to face Jay and Doug and let loose with a loud cry that sounded like a cross between a bark and a whine.
“We are definitely going to have a talk with Tim about this.” Doug muttered.
“Where’s the blood coming from?” Jay said with fear in his voice. “You had Tammy and Kim in your room. I had Grace in mine.”

Doug took a quick look behind towards Tim’s door on the second floor. “No blood from Tim’s door, Mel is safe.” he announced. “If that thing has hurt Tammy ....” Doug took a couple of threatening steps forward.
Faster than anything Doug had ever seen the beast was upon him. Knocking him into the far wall and raising a clawed hand before Doug even realized he was being attacked. Lifting his knee as hard as he could Doug struck the creature in the groin.
The creatures face became thoughtful, then a wave of pain spread from it’s eyes and down it’s face, erupting in a weak moan from it’s lips. Dropping to it’s knees the monster fell onto it’s side and curled into a small ball.
“Not pretty, but effective.” Doug muttered. “Check on the girls.”
Jay rushed into both rooms and called from Doug’s room. “In here.” he said softly.
Doug ran into his room and then stepped out in shock. The room seemed to have been painted in blood. Not one piece of furniture had escaped the creature’s fury. Doug couldn’t tell where the pieces of the victim were, or if there was one or two. Blood and gore dripped from the windowsills and collected in small pools on the floor.
Doug turned and marched out to the creature that was still lying on it’s side. It seemed to be trying to get up now, but Doug kicked it in the stomach, then in the head and continued to kick it even after it stopped moving entirely. Jay reached out and pulled Doug from the creature.
“Doug. It’s dead.” Jay said softly.
“Not enough.” Doug tried to pull away, then he noticed the bathroom door open slightly. Tammy stood in the door, tears stained her face, and she started suddenly when she saw the creature on the floor.

“Kim?” She asked.
Doug shook his head slowly and went to her, holding her close to him, and letting her sob into his chest. He looked up at Jay and gave him a look that seemed somewhere between relief and grief.
Grace stepped out of Jay’s room and rushed to Jay, clutching him close to her. She buried her face in his shoulder and cried.
“Shhhh. Don’t worry Sweetheart.” Jay said softly. “All the bad things will be gone shortly.” Jay looked at Doug, who nodded.
“We should get Mel on the way down.” Doug offered.
Jay and Doug stepped into Tim’s room after sending Tammy and Grace downstairs. The room was cold and was barely lit by three candles burning on various tables around the large room. The now familiar scent of musty decay was strong here, and Jay and Doug stole a concerned look at each other before stepping towards the bed.
Mel was propped up on the pillows and staring straight ahead at some point that neither Jay nor Doug could see. Her face was pale and it appeared that she was crying tears of blood. She abruptly turned to face them and smiled evilly, her face contorting in ways that it should not have done.
“Good evening, boys.” came a voice that didn’t resemble Mel’s at all. The sound of rattling chains and nails against a blackboard came to mind.
“Uh. Hi, Mel.” Jay said tentatively.

“No, child.” the body of Mel replied. “Not Mel. It is Cthulu!” Suddenly a cold wind brushed past Jay and Doug, chilling them to their bones. The feeling of bone scratching against their skin and soft touches against their faces followed.
Jay and Doug ran. Sprinting out the door and racing down the steps they stopped at the dining room door, out of breath and leaning against each other.
“Dagger blessed?” Jay asked. huffing and puffing.
“Where’s Mel?” Tim asked as he handed the dagger to Jay.
“She’s .....” Doug started. “She’s upstairs in your room. She’s really tired don’t bug her.”
Helen was sitting with Grace and Tammy in a corner of the room, talking quietly with them and holding their hands. She looked up and asked, “Why didn’t you bring her down here?”
Jay and Doug glanced at each other and then at Helen.
“Wow!” Doug said. “Look at all that weather!”
“It’s getting late.” Jay said. “We should go kill the daemon in the basement now.”
“Guys.” Tim said, his voice sounding like a thousand guns going off in the house.
“We don’t know Tim.” Jay said with a sigh. “She’s not herself. We’re hoping that if we kill the evil nasty downstairs she’ll come back. Don’t go see her though. Stay down here.”
Tim fell silent. A moment later he felt Helen’s arms around him and he was being led to the corner with Grace and Tammy. He sat down woodenly, as if he wasn’t in control of his body. A moment later the small group in the corner looked up at Jay and Doug. Fear and concern in their eyes.

“Well.” Doug said. “Here we go again. Down to the basement while they get to stay up here.”
“Stop whining.” Jay replied, he shot Doug a grin.
“Be careful guys.” Tim said softly.
“Hey!” Doug said with a smile. “It’s us!”
Jay leaned over to Doug and in a loud whisper said, “That’s probably why he wants us to be careful.”
Doug nodded and turned to the basement, followed closely by Jay. They wandered down the steps again and turned towards the oil room. Here they stopped for a moment, as they noticed the greenish glow from the room was brighter and shadows moved along the walls.
“Looks like it’s up.” Jay said.
“Brilliant deduction, Sherlock.” Doug replied dryly. “What’s the plan?”
“I thought we’d go in and kill it.” Jay replied.
“Oh, so one of our standard plans.” Doug said. “But with you having the only weapon and me being the bait.”
“Sounds about right.” Jay commented with a grin. “Nothing says I love you like some self sacrifice.”
“Yeah, but I think you’re a sarcastic Mother-fucker.” Doug said pointedly.
“You still love me though.” Jay batted his eyes at Doug.
“Shut the fuck up and lets go kill this thing.” Doug said taking a step forward. “If I get killed I’m haunting your dick, and every time you have sex I’m gonna scream bloody murder at the top of my lungs that you’re gay.”

“Do me a favour and don’t get killed.” Jay said as they turned the corner and looked in the room.
The room seemed huge. The creature in the centre took up most of the space and it’s long tentacles reached out over the room, as if testing it’s dimensions. The bulbous monster was all black, covered in the oozing liquid they noticed on the tentacles earlier. The floor was also covered in the liquid, making the floor slippery and footing unsure.
“Go get it.” Jay said as he tried to hand the dagger to Doug.
“Fuck you. You got the dagger.” Doug replied, refusing to take it from Jay’s hand.
Jay started moving forward. Doug fanned out to the left and grimaced as his feet made strange sucking sounds in the black ooze on the floor.
“Nice, big, ugly, black, slimy monster.” Jay was saying softly. “Good, ugly slimy creature.”
“Jay, that’s not going to help.” Doug said. “If it understands English it’s probably going to piss it off.”
Suddenly a tentacle shot out towards Doug. Doug rolled through the slime on the floor and found himself trapped between a wall that he was sure wasn’t there a moment ago and the tentacle.
Jay jumped forward and drilled the dagger into the creature’s bulbous body. Then stepped back and smiled with delight.
Nothing happened.

“Uh, Jay?” Doug said in shock. “Why isn’t the monster going bye bye?”
“Do I look like the brains of this outfit?” Jay replied backing towards the door. “Remember, Strong like ox, Smart like doorknob’.”
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Doug cried.
“I’m going to get help.” Jay said from the door.
“Like what?” Doug replied. “A tank?”
Suddenly Tim was in the doorway with a slip of paper. “Sorry, I forgot about the incantation.”
The tentacle beside Doug suddenly looped around him and lifted him into the air, pausing for a moment to smash him into the wall. “That’s okay, Tim only a small oversight.” Doug cried sarcastically from the air.
Jay reached out and grabbed the paper quickly passing his eyes over it. “What fucking language is this?” he yelled.
“I don’t know.” Tim said. “I think it’s a mixture of Latin and some ancient dead language. I haven’t ......”
“Guys.” Doug yelled as the creature smashed him into the floor with a sickening splash. “No one cares what language it is! I know I don’t!”
Jay started muttering to himself as he tried to work out the words.
“Talubsi Madula, Necro Sadalacti!” Jay called.
Nothing happened.
Tim leaned over Jay’s shoulder and looked at the sheet. “I think the emphasis should be on this syllable.”

“Guuyyyysssss!!!!!!” Doug screamed. “A little assistance please!” The creature was now moving Doug towards a gaping maw that had developed in the creatures body.
Jay repeated the phrase with the different accent and the dagger in the creatures belly started to glow faintly. The creature suddenly dropped Doug, who landed with a splash on the floor, and tried to reach the dagger. A moment later it stopped moving. The tentacles fell to the floor and the creature relaxed.
Doug pulled himself up from the slime covered floor and looked at the monster. It had started to melt into the black ooze that already covered the floor. The room seemed to shrink as the magic wore off and Doug stepped out of the room and started up the stairs.
“I need a shower.” Doug muttered as he walked up the stairs. Jay and Tim followed in silence.
Turning into the dining room Tim rushed in when he saw that Mel was standing with the other girls in the corner. She rushed to him and embraced him tightly. Grace ran to Jay and held him close. Tammy walked up to Doug and looked at him for a moment, taking in the black slime that covered his clothes and body.
“Shower first, then hug.” she said with a smile.

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