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Oh how i hate and love LOVE!

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Default Oh how i hate and love LOVE!

Oh how i hate and love LOVE

Oh how you've been cruel to me,
Just when I thought I had you in my grasp
And your warmth I would forever cling to
Without a word, without a kiss
you disappear like the morningís mist

Oh how you've been unfair to me
Like a maiden waiting for her lost lover at sea
I have waited patiently for you
Oh how glad I was when I found you, basking in joy at the site of you
So we danced all night, we made love under the moonlight
But like a sailor you left me at dawn

oh how youíve been Unyielding to me
Just when I finally gave you my heart
You drive me back to my shell of insecurities
Why do I always fall for your unceasing bait?
Like a moth to the flame, like a burning crashing train
I end up worst than I started this race

How Iíve turned my back on you
No more will I notice your ever cunning smile
For I will take flight when I spot you from a mile
I have made up my mind and this is true
Love doesnít exist, love is dead
And my poor heart is its tombstone

how did you ever find me?
Just when your name Iíve forgotten
And medicine for my soul Iíve already gotten
My high walls you broke with just a touch
How could this be, how did you do it
Unlocking all the emotions I have long since forgotten

How you've given me Hope
Though I tread cautiously, trying to figure out if this is it this time
Secretly I can sense the ice melting from my heart
And the pain that once resides here you wash away with your sweet rain
For you take my breath away, your love has come to stay
And this brings me inconceivable ecstasy

Oh how you complete me
For I lived my life in limbo till you came and set me free
No greater love than the one you have for me
Unselfish and unconditional love you've given
For I have finally found my way, Iíve finally found my place
By your side to forever give back this great love you've given me


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