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Sugar Lightspeed (WARNING!!! ADULT THEMES!!!)

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[quote=Slick-Jimmy;229751]Hey yourself! I'll grace you with pink tickles from my charms anytime you want, baby. Sorry, I've been incommunicado for the last while, but you know how it is... Busy, busy, busy in the big city...

I get that you are uber busy Sugar, so no worries!
I have noticed a trend though...it seems that I am capable of getting the 'Lightspeed' family to talk!
Well, I am not complaining!

Puppies!!! I wub' puppies!!!

Rotties are the best! Loyal and sweet to their Alphas, and demon dogs when you need them to be! Sooooo Cute!!! I want one so bad, but X says I can't have one. He says I have to learn to take care of myself before I can take care of anything else. I can't get him to budge. My teacher and friend Killer Kadillac breeds them, and he said he'd give me one, but I won't disobey X. It wouldn't be right. Killer let's me play with his puppies though. He has mastiffs too. They're bigger than me! I love 'em so much! X can be SO STUBBORN!!!

What would you name your puppy? I believe that a name is very important and think about it for a while before deciding...

Never played with a Staffordshire Bull-Terrier... They look really, really sweet!

They are the best dogs in the world! Loyal, protective and really good with kids...a bit crazy though...once they start fighting, they don't stop until something is dead.

Poisoned! That's terrible! So wrong! I'm so sorry, girl! I hope you found the assfucks who did it, then hacked off their junk and made then eat it, before gut cutting them and letting rectal warts bleed out! Shit Ass Muthafuckers!!!

If I knew who did it, I probably would have! Its a common occurrence in SA to have your dogs poisoned. That way its easier for thieves to get onto your property. Fortunately I've trained my new puppy not to take food from anyone but moi!

Now you got me thinking about dogs, and I want one! I can't have a kitty either, or even a gold fish. X says he wants me to focus. I mean, I ask you how can having a pet effect my focus? I don't get it, but X is the boss, so I guess I'm stuck until I strike out on my own. I'm not sure when that will be. The thought of it kinda' scares me. Funny, huh?

Pets are a bit responsibility and they can be destracting...what I don't get is how you can be scared of anything! Well, you are only human, babe...

Pretty! Not really the flower I was gettin' at with you, but it's pretty anyway. The flowers I cultivate are rather exotic. To get them to bloom just right takes a certain skill set, but I'm a bit of an expert. If you want me to give you some tips on coaxing buds into full pollination I'd love to talk of the pearls of petal craft.

I never took you as the bud coaxing type Sugar...who knew? Thats quite a skill have and I am assuming that I know what you are talking about and I think that the flowers you describe...well...aren't traditional blooms.
Correct me if I am wrong, it happens more than you think.

So do you have any tats? If so what are they and where? I'm a curious kitty, and I've got claws to defend myself against said curiosity.

Do I have tats? Hell Yeah! I love tattoos! I have a terribly addictive personality so once I started, it was pretty hard to stop;
I have a domino with 9 dots on it tattooed on my inner thigh.
Got the word Teaque on my forearm. It means poet in Gealic... my son's name, Riley around my wrist. Angel wings from my shoulder blades, takes up most of my back, took 2 sittings...! 9 Stars behind my ear, shamrock on my left foot and an anime geisha on my hip... with more to come

Ooooo, interrogation... You gonna' strap me down on the rack, then take the whips to me? Just remember my safe word, doll face.

Whips and chains?!?!?!? Now now Sugar, you should know better than to get me all excited!

I kind of have a maternal model...sort of. Her name is Ms. Crump. She was (I guess in a way still is) my nanny when my Daddy is away on business. She an ex-prostitute and madam, and she has taught me a ton about how to roll with the big boys. She can hang in the highest of circles, and they give her respect and deference, even though she is what she is. She's a keeper of many secrets. She's a bloody clearinghouse of information, is what she is. X says she should have gone into intelligence, but for the accident of her low-born birth. She's never named names, but oh, the stories she's told me about goings on in Lost Peaks. I like her quite a bit. I think she likes me. I know she wants me, but that is one of X's rules that can't be crossed. Ms. Crump doesn't cross X. She far too smart to do something that stupid. She doesn't really have true knowledge of what my Daddy does, but I think she has guessed. Like I said, she is very sharp.

Sounds like Ms Crump is an all right bird...and probably the best kind of maternal influence (or any influence for that matter) is someone who can pass on knowledge. People should be educated in the ways of the world... Only way to get that done properly is to have someone who's experienced guiding you!

Ms. Crump is maternal in peripheral way, but there are somethings I can't talk to her about. Crump is short for Crumpet, which was her working name. I don't know her given name, but then I don't know X's true name either. In the circles we travel, everybody guards their identities. That's just how it is. I don't even know who I really am. I'm just me, and that's all there is to it.

I think many people guard their identities where ever they go. Where is the fun in playing open cards?

I do know a mother that I think love, as I understand love. Love's tricky, ya know? Anyway... It's Zen's Mom, Dellacet Gunn. Zen is one of my school friends, and he has a very big family. He has nine brothers and sisters, of which he is the youngest son. That's ten damn kids! Mama n' papa Gunn been busy bunnies, huh? Zen's family is very religious, but they have taken me in, and treated me like one of their own, even though I'm not the type of girl to fit their world view of how things should be. I'm a true Daughter of Lost Peaks. I'm a Lost One, and I make no apologies, but the Gunns aren't like any family I've ever met. They don't have much, like in wealth, but they are very happy people, always laughing and singing, and playing games as a family. I used to think it was weird, but they have accepted me, and that's more than most ever come close to doing. They let me be me. At least as much as I let then know about me. I can't ever tell them everything either. Most people want me, or want something from me, but not the Gunns, and I'm still not sure why...

It looks like you have found yourself a surrogate family... They sound like it to me. I wouldn't complain, just keep 'em close to your heart and watch over them...I know you can handle that right?

Mrs. Gunn seems to know that I have been through some things. She never pries, but she is ever so nice and kind to me. But then she is nice and kind to just about everyone, and her daughters and sons are pretty much like her. I tell you though, that family is so full of bullshit and mischief. Those brothers and sisters are always playing pranks on one another, even the ones that have already married themselves off. Mr. And Mrs. Gunn already have a bunch of grandkids, and when the entire family gets together at the Gunns' family residence it's a madhouse of screaming children, cooking, and generally goofy activities.

Yup...sounds like family to me! That is something I could never live without...my family! Friends come and go, but family will always be there...even if you don't want them to be!

I guess you could say that if I could choose a family, they would be better than a lot of others I've seen.

Zen's father, Steel Gunn (I kid you not, that's his damn name!), is the government agent assigned to investigate my massacres. Yes, I know, quite a coincidence, but I also think of it as providence and serendipity. I get to hear stray details he lets slip every now and then of his ongoing investigation. Sometimes I even prime his pump a bit, so to speak, to get more. I have a certain effect on males, even very happily married ones. No, I don't try to seduce him... Well, there was this one time, but he talked me out of doing something very cruel and stupid. He didn't know it was me at the time. He thought he was just speaking to the killer he was trailing, and he was, but he still doesn't know it was me. Yeah, I know, confusing. Maybe, I'll explain the whole story sometime, but it would take too long right now. Anyways, I really like him. He's an honorable man, and in Lost Peaks that is a rare thing indeed.

I often wonder why the hell that family lives here, but it takes all kinds. I think it's just because the Federal government stationed Agent Gunn in the City. The outside government doesn't swing much power in Lost Peaks, as the Great Houses control the City's Claims with an iron grip, but the government always tries to keep a lid on things before they boil over into the rest of the country. You'd be surprised how far Lost Peaks influence extends out into the broader world.

I'm not sure why I'm on this tangent... What was the question again?

I wanted to know about your maternal influence...but your indepth answer did it for me!

I felt uncertainty all my life, and through every day. I constantly live with the anxiety of loosing my hard-fought control over my ever seething lusts. I am uncertain of most things. I have great intelligence, or so my tutors have told me, but I'm just a girl, and I'm confused by so much of life's complexities. I'm winging it most of the time. At least I was trained well. A different training than most people received, but my schooling has been second to none in my expertise. I have known misery such as few can comprehend, and at a very young age. I never had a childhood, and I never will. That's just how things are. I am rarely depressed about it. There is nothing I can do to change what happened to me. I can only do what my heart and desires dictate. Is that good or bad? I don't know. I don't really care. I get scared sometimes. I'm scare to lose what I have. I'm scared of myself; of my demons given birth and form out of the hellish minds of the demons who savaged me in my younger days. Oh yes, I have known uncertainty all too well.

Always follow your heart...if you listen to anything that I say, it would be that... Your heart is the only part of you that actual has your best interests in mind....(Okay Yanni)

X mostly... Slick Jimmy has been kind, but he is a very busy man. He knows many things, and X trusts him as much as he trusts anyone. Sometimes Ms. Crump has good advice that I can use. Or if all else fails The Prophet, but he is like talking to the Sphinx. You hardly ever get a straight answer out of him. I don't really have a female I can open up to fully. That would be nice, but most of the females I know I can't tell them the whole truth, and the others in the biz are bloody fuckin' nuts!

The problem with broads is that you can never truly trust them...I mean sure you can spill to them and they will promise not to tell a soul, but piss them off just once and well you know what they say; Hell hath no fury!

I won't breath a word, but, um, isn't this public forum? By the way, I love girly-girl touchy feely stuff, if you know what I'm saying, peach. But emotions tend to confuse the shit out of me. They're just so complicated. I get scared of my darker emotions. X says I always need to be in control of them, or everything I'm worked for internally will blow away in the maelstrom of my emotional quagmire. Those were his exact words. You didn't know X could be eloquent, did you?

Eloquence is sexy...so are broody men...
I am in tune with the emotional overload that I deal with everyday...I am just super sensitive and fuck knows why. I am super bitchy most of the time, but when something upsets me...then I am tickets for the rest of the day (Or until something/someone cheers me up)

A bar fight? I wouldn't need help in a bar fight! What are you thinking? A bar full of ninjas, bikers, and commandos would need help from me! Come on, girl! Haven't you been paying attention? I'm the muthafuckin' baddest ass bitch on the planet! I'm a goddamn titaness in a petite package! Bar fight! Pfft! Please!

Okay, okay! I did ask you to humour me!

If I were in a war and I need hardcases to watch my back! Well, sweetie, that's easy. I'd choose my Daddy, X, of course, he's known as The Ronin in the biz, and there ain't no meaner mofo in existence. Then my boy, Killer Kadillac, called The Evangelist (though he's gone a little to seed after his retirement from being on the job.) Finally, there's The Paladin (X calls him Holy. They have a history,) the military's top operator. These three are 3/4's of The Four Hearsemen, the deadliest assassins treading the Earth. The fourth is The Scythe. I've met him. He's fuckin' good! No doubt about it, but he's an arrogant sociopathic prick, but then look who's talkin'. Have to admit. He's funny, in a really morbid and vicious manner, but nobody's perfect. I wouldn't trust the fucker an inch though, 'cause he'd take a light year, and he'd split you up the middle just to see what kind of squeals you made, then he'd fuck the bloody wound while you still writhed in your death throws. Yeah, he's swell. There are few others that are pretty good at what they do, but I wouldn't trust my back to any them, just like The Scythe, that sneaky shit.

I would love to have random bad ass assassins on call! I have a long list of 'chores' that need taking care of...

There are lots of songs that do that, but I guess I'd have to say Sugar Sugar by the great, late Wilson Pickett, not the better known Archies version. Yeah, I know, it's cheesy bubblegum pop, but it's also The Wilson Pickett, and that bad boy was always a hardcore soul man from way back. Besides, it's my namesakes, for cryin' in the night!

What better song to pick than your namesake! Must have a listen to it...I am more rock 'n roll...so I'm not completely in the know regarding that.

Cool-cool. I think I gave back some in return anyway...

Holla'-holla', babe! Sweet! Sexy Slaughter just gets the juices flowin', doesn't it? Swing It! Slash It! Gash It! Pop! Pop! Pop! Biggity-Bang! Bang! Bang! Tee-hee!!!

Thanks for stopping by Sugar, as always its been a blast! Come back soon now ya hear?

Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
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