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Prompt #44-The Year 3015 (part I)

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Default Prompt #44-The Year 3015 (part I)

On her Bale, Chekka hovers inches above a calm river. A warm breeze tickles her cheek as she watches the sun rise over a quiet existence. The foul stench of rotting fish dissipated from this spot years before Chekka was born. The Nanahey River (now clear, lifeless and toxic) is a peaceful sight but unfortunately provides nothing more. Chekka lost the overwhelming temptation to swim in the river years ago when she witnessed the horror of her older sibling Sorrel screaming as he disintegrated during a swim in the river. Chekka hasn’t seen another human since.

With a wave of her left hand, the Bale guides Chekka back to her hot fire pit. Once on the ground, Chekka pours boiling water into a cup and adds a few scoops of instant coffee. With cup in hand, she meanders along the river front ensuring each warning sign is visible and carefully looks to the sky and the forest for life forms. After about two hours she gives up and tells herself it will be another day of solitude.

She digs in the loose soil under an old oak tree for her lunch. Fat grub worms are startled by the intrusion but are defenseless and in the end are washed down into Chekka’s belly on a warm, black wave of Maxwell House.

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Great description in the first paragraph talking about the lake! It really tells the reader about the setting at that time in the future!
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