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Prompt #37: The Non-Sickening Thud Was NOT a Strawberry

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Default Prompt #37: The Non-Sickening Thud Was NOT a Strawberry

(Sounds like part of a mystery, I know. Not that great, but has got me thinkin' about new story ideas! Two children, cousins, are playing together in the walk-in closet when...)
I was about to stand up when the floor beneath us reverberated as if something had whacked a giant metal bat from far below. I could feel its force in my feet before I fell back down. My heart fluttered uncomfortably in my chest. Sarah’s eyes were shining in the dark. She had felt it too. I started to scoot backwards on my behind, edging my back against the closet doors. “What was that?” I hissed.
Sarah didn’t reply. She seemed to be thinking something over, but it was hard to tell through the black and light lines drawn over her face from the shutters.
Again. This time much stronger. I wondered if Saffy had heard and would come to investigate, but she never did. Was this an earthquake? I had never felt one before but from what I had seen in movies, earthquakes shook up everything and the dresses dangling above us hadn’t fluttered an inch.
Sarah was biting her lower lip as she drew herself up from her sitting position by the wall.
“I think—” She said, slowly. “—I think they wanna play here with us.”
“Who? The floor people?” I asked, feeling like maybe Sarah’s craziness was contagious. Sarah nodded. Floor people. There aren’t any such thing, just like there’s no Santa, no tooth fairy, no Mad Hatters, even though it was plain to see that Sarah was one weird kid.
“It was just an earthquake. A really small one,” I said. Only whatever had thudded beneath us hadn’t felt small at all.
Then, as if we had been doing nothing more than playing with dolls or tea party, Sarah stretched and folded the closet doors open. She sniffed the air.
“Dessert!” She whooped and took off, leaving me alone in the creepy closet. I smoothed the tiny hairs on my arms and followed quickly behind, nearly tripping over a doll lying on the floor. I wasn’t hungry anymore, but I didn’t want to be alone in that closet.
I didn’t want to know what was really underneath that floor. I followed after Sarah, hoping the pie Saffy had baked was not, as I suspected, strawberry.

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