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Last Hope Chapter 1

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Icon5 Last Hope Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was the kind of night where the chill in the air bit straight into your bones. The wind was stirring and you could feel the energy all around you. Tonight was the perfect night for the ceremony to take place. In the dark shadows they gathered, waiting for a sign growing restless, pawing the earth in their anticipation. They could smell their prey just waiting beyond the fields. Hear the gentle foot falls as their prey walked through the forest unaware of what was to become of them. Kayin walked forward to stand in the middle of the circling wolves, pushing the hood on her crimson cloak from her head she smiled. Her waist length, jet black hair flowing freely now in the wind.

The wolves eyed Kay with curiosity and a thinly veiled threat. One wrong move and she could become dinner herself. She knew it was time, she knew that this would be the night that changed her life forever. This was her test if she passed she would take her rightful place as the pack leader. If she failed… No failure was not an option she was ready. Kay told her self over and over again gathering her strength.

Kay was ready, once she takes her place among them her power would increase ten fold and she would have her mark. In her human form the mark would represent itself as a crimson streak in her jet black hair. The only give away of who she really is. Of the power she and she alone possess. Closing her eyes she lifted her hands toward the sky howling as she transformed into her true self. The Alpha, the rightful leader of the pack and now she was here to claim her place among them.

Kay kept hidden away for 17 years among the gifted where she was kept safe. Trained on how to use the immense powers she was born with. Powers that every gifted was born with. There has not been another female Alpha born in the last 27 years prior to her birth. She had to be kept safe. She was the only one who could carry on their heritage. She was the only one who could save them from the Eldon.

I couldn't have asked for a better night to celebrate my arrival into the world I had always dreamed of. My heritage was never kept a secret from me as I grew learning the ways of the Gifted. I always knew who I was and what I was to become.

‘I was the chosen one. Who would save the Shanis and the Gifted from the Eldon? An alpha female who bears the mark born when no other would be. Carried from the womb of another into the world will be Shanis’ last hope of survival.’

I had heard the story a million times growing up. The weight and responsibility of who I was expected to be was drilled into me as soon as I could walk. I was not born of a Shanis alpha female but from the union of an alpha male and the leader of the Gifted. Such a union had never occurred in the history of the Gifted nor the Shanis and such a union was never attempted again.

Standing in the middle of the circle I transformed. My silvery red eyes shone with the power coursing through my veins. Muzzle pulled back over my teeth I challenged the circling wolves to claim me. To take from me what was mine, the moonlight reflecting off my jet black fur only added to the aura around me. My eyes glowing in triumph as none stepped forward. I walked around the circle each member of the pack lowering their heads in a sign of respect as I passed.

They didn’t accept me as their leader yet, but time would solve that. This test tonight was a big step in earning that acceptance. I Stopped in front of my father as he looked down on me with his sapphire eyes. With a swift nod of his enormous head I took my place beside him. Throwing back my head I howled signaling the beginning of the ceremony. The howls went up in unison after mine each one a welcoming gesture.

The hunt was on; to complete the ceremony and take my rightful place I had to hunt alone. I was not hunting just any prey tonight. No I had trained my whole life for this. I was tasked with finding and killing one of our enemies, one of the Eldon. Only an alpha of great power could kill an Eldon. I was the chosen one after all, if I couldn't do it then who? Lifting my muzzle, into the air I breathed deeply, the night’s frigid air rushing through my lungs burning as it went. I searched for any trace of the scent that I had spent my whole life up to this moment memorizing. When the wind shifted and brought with it the young Eldon’s scent I was off. It didn't take long before I reached my prey slowly crouching as I got closer. Careful to make sure I stayed down wind so my prey didn't catch my scent. He was sleeping by the river he looked harmless enough but I knew of their power and knew not to be deceived by his innocent looks. The Eldon had entrapped my people, tortured them for centuries. The evil creatures had to be destroyed, if my pack was ever going to be free. Stealthily inching closer and closer, he rolled over in sleep murmuring to the wind, from my position in the forest I let out a low growl and leapt. His sudden screams of surprise were cut off by my jaws as they clamped down on his wind pipe. His eyes rolling wildly as they caught mine a look of surprise, and recognition passed over his face. The last wave of his energy had faded into the abyss. Looking down at my prey I wondered what that look was about. Who was this creature this Eldon? I was sure I had never seen him before. Brushing the thoughts off I threw my head back and howled to my pack ears flat against my head.

I felt his energy pulsing through me his magic had become my own and I felt invincible. No one told me this would happen, the entire details of the hunt had been kept a secret. That was entirely too easy, these creatures… these Eldon where they not believed superior? Why would one be on its own and on Shanis territory too? Something did not set right. My mind raced with questions, it was almost like a sacrifice, and not a hunt at all. As that last thought settled on my mind my heart gave a sluggish thump. I fought to push the thought to the back of my mind unwilling to pull it out and look at it again. I howled again waiting for my pack to find me. When they arrived they circled me again looking on in admiration of my deed. My father came to the circles center and spoke to our people,

“Kayin has completed the task given to her by the Gifted. She has hunted and successfully killed one of our enemies. It is time she takes her rightful place as head of the Shanis pack. I will of course aid her in her first endeavors however I step aside. The rein of Kayin begins tonight.”

Howls went into the night in excited approval of what was to come. This was the beginning of the end. They would free themselves from the Eldon or they would die trying. The Eldon were magical creatures who like the Shanis could take the form of man. But they weaved dark magic and sorrow where ever they went.

They were born 17,000 years ago legend has it they were once the off spring of the Gifted. The Gifted mated with man and the Eldon were created. They chose a path of darkness, of greed and power. They could not live in balance and accept what they were given. They wanted more power, craved it. Their human hearts and souls were easily corrupted and thus they were lost to the Gifted forever. Mothers mourned the loss of their children who were exiled. In that time of loss and great destruction the Shanis packs were created. Tasked with ensuring the Eldon were wiped off the face of the planet.

The packs were new and had no idea what they were up against; the Eldon easily took the early packs out. They began to breed with each other until their numbers greatly exceeded that of the Gifted and the Shanis. They spread their pain and torment on to the earth causing sorrow where ever they went. Centuries have passed and many wars have been fought and lost. The Eldon’s numbers have decreased as the packs numbers grew stronger. We are stronger, faster and have come together as one. We were united not the small family packs of our ancestors anymore, instead one massive pack.
All I know is it’s only a matter of time before the war will reach its end.

Titus, Kayin’s father looked at her lovingly he had not been allowed to see his daughter since her birth, as a safety precaution to ensure her survival. She was spectacular. She radiated with confidence and strength, she was graciously accepting of her new role and it looked good on her. She would be the greatest leader that the packs have ever known. The power that flowed off of her could be felt in the air like electricity buzzing angrily. She had a shimmer, a glow about her even in her human form anyone could tell she was different. His eyes shinning with pride as he looked out over his people and his daughter.

“I am glad you are home Kayin. I cannot tell you how long I have awaited your return, your mother of course sent letters of your progress over the years but it has not been the same. I have been looking forward to this day for many, many years.”
Titus said as he nudged her shoulder in a show of affection.

Kay smiled at him and laid her head on his massive shoulder.

“I have missed and loved you very much as well. Lillian has spoken highly of you and the love you once shared that created me. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to get to know you myself and see what a wonderful leader and man you truly are. Titus and Kay turned in unison as a huge silvery grey wolf with amethyst eyes approached them. His head held high, a sign of confidence that demanded respect.

“I would like to introduce you to someone, Kay this is Abbos. Abbos I would like you to meet my daughter Kayin.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you” Abbos said as he bowed his head.
“I have long awaited your arrival and I must say my curiosity was defiantly satisfied tonight. You will make an admirable leader, and mate.”

Kay yelped in surprise as she looked from Abbos to her father and back again. “
I’m sorry” she said slowly
“but you must be mistaken. My mate? I do not understand Father?”

Kay said a little desperately as she looked at Titus for answers. Titus looked down at his paws for a moment taking in a deep breath he looked Kayin in the eyes his sapphire eyes boring down into her silvery ruby eyes.

“I know this is not something that you were ever told about, however it is pack law you must have an alpha male and Abbos is the next male alpha in line. He is a fine young wolf confidant, strong, a good hunter and the pack likes and respects him. I am sure once you get to know him you will learn to respect him as well.”

“What do you mean I am to be mated? Tied to someone I don’t know without any choice of my own in the matter?”

Kay looked at her father her eyes full of sorrow and lowered her head in acceptance. She knew that being the chosen one came with sacrifices she would have to accept. Choices that would be made for her, for the betterment of her people things she would have no say in. But she never thought that her heart would be one of those sacrifices.


Turning away from the pair I sprinted as fast as I could trying to concentrate on the feeling of the wind in my fur. The freshly wet mud that clung to my paws I was desperately trying to clear my head and figure out how to come to terms with what was expected of me.

Finally I laid down beneath a pine tree my head on my paws and gazed into the sky. My ears twitched when I heard him coming I did not need to look to know it was Abbos. I could tell by his scent that it was him. A low growl left my throat a warning to stay back I was not above ripping him to shreds right now. Who did this person think he was? That he could lay claim to me when I had barley laid claim to myself. Abbos approached head down ears flattened making a low whimpering sound that threw me off my guard.

“I am sorry Kay...” he began

“Don’t call me that”

I snapped growling, giving a warning bite into the air. My razor sharp k9’s chomping together making a menacing sound.

“You don’t get to call me that I don’t even know you. I am the chosen one and you will show me a little respect.”

I warned him my voice quivering in anger.

“I am sorry Kayin I didn't know that our union was kept from you. I have known about our union since I was very small, just a pup so to speak.” He laughed trying to lighten the mood.

“I have always wondered what you would look like, who you would be. I can honestly say I have not been disappointed… no disrespect intended”

He put in as I pulled my muzzle back to show my fangs in warning.

He lay on the ground, inching his way toward me. Abbos Ignoring the low menacing sound coming from deep within my chest. Until he was close enough to nudge my shoulder with his head. I looked down at him trying my best to resist the urge to bite his ear off. Maybe I was being unfair, he had done nothing wrong it’s not his fault that I was kept in the dark was it? Kay asked herself as she laid her head on top of his. Abbos’ tongue lolled out in a wolfish grin. Filled with contentment to lay there with her in this place and ease the tension that was between them.

“Perhaps we should start again”

He said as he transformed into his human form. Deep amethyst eyes were set against his lean tan face. His well defined jaw and firm lips twisted up into a kind of smug smile. His whole demeanor screamed I am alpha, I am the leader. Abbos shook his black hair from his face and held out his hand waiting for her to transform. Eyeing him closely circling around him I took in his form. He was all muscle under his tight jeans and black v neck tee shirt. When I was sure that I would not be vulnerable I transformed and smiled as he let out a low growl of approval. She laid her hand on his chest and pushed him back.

“Real nice, so much for starting over” Kay laughed.

“Sorry but wow Kayin you've defiantly exceeded any thing I could have ever imagined.”

I stood 5’9” to his 6’3” our hair was almost the same color jet black except the blue hue his took. My pale alabaster skin was in contrast to his tan well defined muscular body. The black dress I wore under my cape was form fitted and showed a little more then I would have liked.

We circled each other smiling examining what we would have to work with since apparently we were to become a mated pair.

“Well Abbos” I held my hand out and grabbed his firmly

“I am glad to meet you. I wish I could say I was looking forward to our union but I am not. I have barley started my life here and I will not be tied to another so soon.” I frowned at his smile, not understanding what I had said that was so funny. I pushed him and he just laughed even harder. Transforming I growled at him

“If you would like to keep those ears on your head I suggest you tell me what is so funny”…

“You are assuming that the Alpha male is in charge of the mating? I assume that is one of your biggest objections to this union other then that we don’t know each other?” Abbos questioned.


I said slowly and I swear if he had not transformed into the wolf when I did he would have doubled over laughing my growl got louder and I was crouching for the lunge when he rolled over and looked at me again.

“In Shanis packs Kayin the Alpha female has all the power. The male is there as a body guard so to speak as a partner and a shoulder to lean on. The true Alpha is and forever will be the Alpha female. That’s you Kay. I know my place is by your side not in front of you or behind you. I am your equal and you are mine but you are also my leader and the chosen one. No harm will come to you I promise that on my life I will protect you.” Abbos proclaimed.

Lifting her head she howled in frustration.

“Do you really think I need protection?!?”

She yelled shifting she raised her palms to the sky and chanted. The earth began to move beneath Abbos’ paws, the trees moved their branches with purpose he could see the red power surging through her and he backed down. Lowering her eyes she looked at him her temper subsiding.

“I am sorry” she said quietly…
“I … I don’t know what I was doing. I was frustrated and angry and I should not have acted the way I did.”
Kay lowered her head in shame.

Kay shimmering back into her wolf form looked at Abbos she needed to be able to trust her mate her partner. But she was not sure she trusted Abbos. Granted he did not back down from her when she threw her frustrated energy out into the world. He simple sat down and waited patiently for it to end. She had to respect that, but she knew that in order to accomplish her task at hand she would need help. She needed a mate it was the pack law so what made him less desirable then any other? If she had no choice in the matter at least she could make the best of the situation. Timidly she stepped forward and licked his face nudging him with her nose. She barked encouraging him to run with her. Taking Kay’s bait the two wolves took off chasing and playfully nibbling each other. Howling and laughing into the night. Kayin took off in a sprint and Abbos was right behind her when he finally caught up with her he laughed out

“Damn you are fast, Kay remind me not to make you angry I could never out run you.”
Laughing Kayin collapsed by the edge of the cliff and lay panting for the cool night air. The forest was perfect this time of night the creatures were beginning to stir and the forest sprang to life with new sounds and smells.

“Abbos, I …”

“Yes” he asked as she hesitated.

“I am glad I did not rip you to shreds earlier like I wanted to”, she said on a laugh.

“Me too Kay, me too.” He laughed.

They lay nuzzled together looking out on the sky and the vast forest below them. The last thoughts Kay had before she dozed off was how nice this was. To have someone she could confide in, someone to care about. The morning sun had just started to creep over the canopy of trees when she awoke a little disoriented and drowsy. She looked around and realized that Abbos was gone. So much for keeping me safe she grumbled to herself as her stomach made a loud grumbling sound of its own. She was starving. As she began to get up to start the hunt for food Abbos came in through the dense forest carrying their breakfast wild pig apparently was on the menu.

“Bacon anyone” he asked with a smile. Tossing the pig toward Kayin

“I thought you might be hungry and didn't want to wake you.”

“Thank you Abbos I am starving”

She dug in tearing large chunks of the pig off into her mouth it was so good. Stopping she looked at Abbos and gave a soft whine

“Aren't you going to join me? Your making me feel a little self conscious here.” She said with a smile.

“The alpha eats first”
Was all he said and settled down on his rear paws waiting his turn Kay picked up the pig brought it to Abbos.

“Dig in there is enough for both of us and if you’re supposed to be my equal we eat together” she said with a crooked smile playing on her lips.

The situation may not have been ideal but Abbos was kind of growing on me.
Looking at Kay a confused look crossed his face, he eyed her closely ensuring this was not some sort of test he was about to fail. He took a small bite and she continued to dig in.

“That was some good bacon” she laughed as he smiled.

“Thank you for breakfast it was delicious. I never thought I would get used to eating raw meat but your wolf senses kind of take over and it is delicious.”

“Your welcome Kay… I mean Kayin” he said sheepishly. She threw him a look that said ‘don’t push your luck you have not proven yourself yet’.

“As much as I would hate to share you with anyone we better get back” he flicked his ears to the south.
“It sounds like your father and the pack are looking for us.”

Kay lifted her ears trying to hear what Abbos did. But she couldn't so she lifted her muzzle to the wind and breathed in large amounts of the morning breeze. She could smell her father, the warm smell of pine and cedar that mixed together to create his scent was one she would never forget.

Kay had to admit she loved the way Abbos smelled too like fresh grown grass and newly churned earth. He smelt like home, which unearthed her, quite a bit she wanted to like him really she did. But she just did not know if she could trust him I guess only time will tell she sighed and marched toward the smell of her father.

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I think the story line of this piece shows promise, but it needs a whole lotta' work to make it read and flow better.

Lot's of formatting and punctuation problems.

Word selection in some cases could be better.

Readers like white space, so a double or triple space between paragraphs would make it easier to read.

Check out this website. LINK
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Originally Posted by jimmymc View Post
I think the story line of this piece shows promise, but it needs a whole lotta' work to make it read and flow better.

Lot's of formatting and punctuation problems.

Word selection in some cases could be better.

Readers like white space, so a double or triple space between paragraphs would make it easier to read.
Thanks for the feedback I reread it and caught some of my mistakes ) For some reason its easier to spot them in others writing then in my own. I guess my mind knows what it was saying or wanted to do so it auto corrects while I am reading LOL. I spaced it out and switched around some wording too.

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