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Cliche #20 - Triangles are full of corners, i.e, sharp bits.

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Default Cliche #20 - Triangles are full of corners, i.e, sharp bits.

Collin stared on dolefully, with sad and disappointed eyes as they still insisted upon arguing. It bit him to the quick, but he knew they needed to deal with each-other before he could speak. He reflected that it was his own fault, when he fell in love with two people, and they him, that it may come to this if they broke up. He'd been through it before.

"Of course Collin will want to be with me!" Dean stated with certainty, and little respect for Collin, who quite frankly, was always fonder of Ruth.

"Like hell he will, we both know he just put up with you so he could be with me" Ruth stated, "And why are we even debating it? Lets just bloody ask him what he wants, he looks so miserable! Well, Collin, who do you want to be with?"

Collin, feeling put upon by assumptions and other peoples issues, slid over to Deans side.

Ruth yelled "For F**ks sake Dean, that doesn't count, I can see you tempting the God-damn Dog with Jerky!"


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