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Ode to Dead Jane

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Old 05-05-2018, 12:27 AM
sdenyer (Offline)
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Default Ode to Dead Jane

Oh Dear Jane you were once such a fair one now a composite replica
I feel the weight of many winters since seeing words from you
A cold bone is thrown
Down the hatch brothers and calm the horses
I am not going to eat that

It would be nice to just say what you want but it always needs tempering , adjustments to what the person you address already has acknowledged. If I sit on a woman's fat dog and sees me never, she wont know I am blind and think me rude. I thought it was a cushion, Sorry. If she had known more she would have looked out for me . It is like that but much more intense. How do you tell some one you haven't talk with in 20 years that the earth is nothing more than a depleted mine. The earth thin, the dirt scarce. Maybe flat. Could all be simulated.
Jane the quick thinker may now be slow and not keep up. She may stutter and look off in the distance thinking other things, disconnecting right off the bat. So it is often talking about things. Best I talk of family and not tell her any facts. Keep the conversation full of plan A" and B's, get away routes for both of us.
Do I have to visit this impossible situation.

Better yet die Dear Jane and lets get this over with.
No Dear Jane , but I am never going to eat this.
It is too late I have gone way too far.
I am light years away and spinning faster.


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Old 05-12-2018, 11:58 PM
WilliamS. (Offline)
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I once saw a show where they gave this blind girl a companion dog. the blind girl got up on stage and thanked everyone for the dog, and she said a dog doesn't get stuck in the bushes like a white cane does, she also said that since she was the only blind girl in her small town people looked at her funny when she was carrying the white cane. How the fuck did she know people were looking at her funny?
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