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Prompt #44-The year 3015 - ?

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Default Prompt #44-The year 3015 - ?

Multicoloured sand cascaded over many times sun bleached skulls. This sand travelled on, and joined merrily with an east-west thermal convection. There it became part of a greater thing. A sand spiracle, traversing where thermals and it's laws would let it. If it had eyes, we would say it saw plenty, but we would not say it saw anything we wanted to see.

Yet, few eyes would dismiss the beauty of its course. Where a few primary colours pale in comparison to the glory of a rainbow, a rainbow is nothing to the hues that heat reflected rock and sand will provide, if but given a chance. If there was but a human to observe, perhaps there would be a new name for a new shade?

Due to climate patterns and convections, the wind anomalies went off the beaten path, to a place they don't choose to go, but must, because the only thing weather is subject to, is other weather.

So now this weather, perhaps the first of its kind in this area for 50 years is traversing a ravine, and no doubt bothering the scree of all local mountains by making them shoot off in random directions, rather than falling to hit potential cocky mountain climbers, as they were raised to do.

The Vast buffet of wind, sand, rock and global force, streamlined through a competitively narrow valley continues until full force it strikes and....falters at a large, 45% angle defensive wall. The weather continues of course, because, as much as we would like to think, it is not a person, or a thing, it is a force.

Yet, when it realised the massive canyon build included 45% Buttresses that construed a risk, on account of breaking the necessary cyclical bond from ground to sky, It seemed to make a last ditch effort and try a last attempt on all or nothing destruction of the top....which turned out happily, to fail. It struck a massive Dome of glass and...well, more glass, maybe a hint of steel. This lasted at least 14 hours.

"Bloody hell Kev, that was the shitstorm to define all shitstorms! And we actually thought it was going too far will all those fortifications. Remind me to never doubt the meteorological defence counsel again! Wait though, stop....do you see that, to the right, over there."

"I do Vick. Target sighted, taking aim, on your command. F**cking refugees, the always come out of the woodworks after the shit hits the fan. Just say go and the commune has one less mouth to feed."

And then I ran towards them, I was almost mostly sure I wasn't imagining it. I'd been alone for so long. The Storm took all of my family. I believe I must have escaped to discover this place! Now I have found other people, I am safe! People don't kill people, the angry world does!


P.s, The story went on farther than I expected it to, wrote a a few more paras for me, so basically, they had lots of energy and sand, so glass domes, made buildings. And yes, if you are curious, I did watch mad max recently

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