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Contest | Poetry | Romance (February 2007)

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Old 02-01-2007, 07:35 AM
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Default Contest | Poetry | Romance (February 2007)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue....

I know you all can do a lot better than that!

It's that time of the year again, the time for chocolate in heart-shaped boxes, red roses and men forgetting the 14th of the month is a special day. We judges are a romantic bunch and we want you to write us some love poems for this month. We are not above being influenced by candy-grams and other bribes, so sweeten us up by any means possible!

You have until 11:59 PM EST on February 22nd to submit your entries. Good luck!


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Default Visions

I swam in my clothes,
breathing underwater.
You were blonde.
I went into a rage of jealousy,
for no reason --
I proceeded to walk home – alone…
There were continuous green mountains,
and road signs in another language.
You were looking for me…
I was still wet from the pool.
We embraced.
I felt peace.
I asked you to tell me how,
you felt about me.
You said: “Don’t you know” ?

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I saw you with her holding both hands apart
She whispering to you, a love struck pout
I saw her kiss you right in the cheek
My heart filling with woe and mystique
My body says yes, my mind says no
What shall I do? What shall I be without thee?

My heart in anguish, my soul torn apart
I write the love letters that are sinned ďbartĒ
My love will prevail in the long years that follow
I love you and always will, until the day I will say I do
Until then I will live on my own and watch
Wait for that wanker to leave the post and fly home to the coop

After that plan pans out I will love you some more
And have coffee and diner with candles and a fire
We would go to the beach and watch the glorious moon
Sleep together until the sunrise, as beautiful as can be, will awe us to be free
When that has finished I will propose for you
To spend the rest of my life with the most beautiful woman I know
I love you my love and I always will, will you please marry me?

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Dream big, live long, fulfill destiny's, mine was to sing

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A new-fangled feeling…
it was but same morning…
when a new-fangled feeling ensued,

she was by my bed side…
and looking for something,
glancing here and there…
she was ignorant of my gaze,

too closed!!!
to make me smell her freshly wet hair…
to make me listen to the rhythm of her breaths,

I was about to feel the glee…
but all of a sudden!
fragrance got fade..
and the rhythm diminished,

I just opened my eyes …
Ah! she was leaving…
because she found
what she was in search of,

without knowing
that at the very same moment…
I lost myself,
Verbal Impression lasts longer than visual impression ...

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"I Love You"

I need you like I need water to survive,
air to breath and knowing you want to be
with me is so precious. We will be
together for eternity. That is all I want -
just you. I will hold you in my arms
forevermore. You are more special than
you know. You are number one in my
heart. We will always be as one, and
we will reap the whirlwind of our love.
It will be a dream fulfilled. You are
my heart and I am yours. No one
can tear us apart and I cherish
every day I am with you. You do
such kind things for me. Not because
of a certain occasion, but because
you always say, "I love you." I
treasure every moment we are
embraced and every moment we
kiss is better than the last. Thank you
very much for the wonder that is you.

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"The love of my life"

The love of my life
Would last till the end of this universe
What a man he was
Beautiful like a rose
Who taught me how to love
While my eyes were deep close
Who could place me in his heart
Where I can never be hurt
The moments he takes me on his arms
I felt preety as awesome
He was the only man
Who cared and loved me so much
Taught me the love
Which i knew not
Didn't dare to have any affairs
Joined me like he's shoe pairs.

Poetry by Zainab
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19th of January 2002

Seven stones,
three impersonating ice,
wrapped with gold around my finger.
A simple wishbone,
denoting the promise
about to be made.
Standing before me, you
admired my newly adorned hand.
I tightened my grip,
"It's too big," I said.
We both looked away;
disappointed, then back
kissing, held in
raptures of friends cheering.
Fear struck me,
losing my sapphires,
my freedom,
but then you smiled
and showed my diamonds to the world.
They said we were foolish,
six months down the line,
It’s too big, It's too much.
You're too young.
Seven stones slipped
from my finger
two Septembers later.
It's too big.
A Girl in Winter.
His lips parted, cracked and dry as he struggled to whisper: "My muse, you're here."
She simply smiled, "Yes, Drake, I am here."

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Default Finding Faith

Finding Faith

Each day, being grateful for simple things can start my day right ─
the engine turning over though it is colder than
ever ought to be, and the dash light keeps telling me
that the car is falling apart.

Or being able to pay the power bill yesterday

though today the power company took the payment twice,
the money meant for the rent is no longer at hand.

Still, I am grateful.
When I look in the mirror I look my age, not ten years older,
though wrinkles and darkening shadows under my eyes
tell a different truth.

If gratitude invites fears to surface,
if the answer to fear is faith,
then I will find faith,
not in the commonplace occurrences
tied to both celebration and loss,
that the car will start,
that I will have money to buy food tomorrow,
that our son will feel well each or any day.

I have faith in something grander

I have faith that I love you.
I have faith that I am beloved of you.

As long as when I wake each day, you are with me,
that will be the center of my truth,
the spark of my gratitude,
the core of my faith ─
the counterweight that is enough to balance all my fears,
for this, I am truly grateful.
If I did not tell you all the changes you might consider, I would be doing you a disservice, treating you with less than the full respect you deserve. This much I have learned from my years teaching and mentoring writers.

Riverstones let the water flow around them.

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What's real love?

A desire burning inside of me
I have never experienced it in the same way others have
It always feels so far away and out of reach
I'm not saying I've never been in love
But my objects of desire have always been so far away
Untouchable, unreachable
I'm a caring, emotional person
I know I go around seemingly cold and prudish
But it's not the case
What's real love?
You ask
It's different for everyone

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A shadow and a sillohuette,
walked side by side, but never met,
and journeyed far across the sea,
before a sunset faithfully,
For one is form, the other shape,
Where if a step two steps should make,
But a single footprint in the sand,
And they meet, at the sole

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That Autumn Night

I never knew what love was,
Until that cool autumn night.
We sat together on the old porch swing,
Swinging back and forth.

You turned to me,
Held out your hand-
Thumb extended.
Thumb wrestle?
On a date?

I extended my hand-
Looking at you strangely.
You grabbed my thumb-
With your thumb.

Taking a minute to look up,
I noticed you weren’t being childish.
This was your way of showing love-
Being close to me.

Your smile-
Your eyes,
Your childish game.
I fell in love with you,
And still falling!
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I want to breathe into you,
leave a lattice of stony thorns
behind on the bench

and watch you

sweep tea-leaves,
and smooth the bed's
memories contained within.

Whisper songs of imprecision,
hold hands softly to a vision
of violet words unglazed

so that I may

come to you freshly made,
each marble finger upon
my rippled face.
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Default Love Haiku

You're walking away
my heart attached to your sole
like toilet paper

Hope this is where I enter for the contest. It's not much, but you never know.........

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Default My Kind of Forever

My Kind of Forever:

the rain that
Taps on your windows on a chilly night
the sunlight
On your face
that kiss
You canít forget
that sentence
You canít take back
those tears
You never cried
those dreams
You still want
Take a long look around,
I am there
I will always be with you
the arms
That hold you
the reflection
In the mirror
that love
You never lost
that shadow
Which frightens you
Those secrets
That you still keep

Take a long look around,
I am there
I will always be with you

In the heart of me
There is a part
Missing of me
And it would
Youíve taken
That part of me
And so
I am with you always

No matter
What happens
And even as
Death draws
I will still be
Will you,
My love

Take a long look around,
I am there
I will always be with you

Sometimes I comfort
Sometimes I frighten
Sometimes I am loving
And sometimes I am brutal

Take a long look around,
I am there
I will always be with you

I cry with you
I laugh with you
I reject with you
I admire with you
I hate with you
I love with you
I live with you
I die with you

Take a long look around,
My sweet
I am with you
And I love you

There's a dream that will not sleep,
a burning hope that will not die.
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Default Marriage Flames

Marriage Flames

Young lovers stand at sacred altars
among satin finery and fragrant flowers
side by side with children
dressed to look like adults,
mothers weep bittersweet tears,
as they light their childrenís candles.

Unity candle is lit, individual flames extinguished,
bride and groom exchange vows
with overwhelming sincerity,
genuine compassion,
and innocent naivety.

Early raging furnace of mutuality
mesmerizes lovers who are blinded by the intensity.
They bask in the glow,
oblivious to realities,
but intensely happy
and frighteningly unprepared.

Unaware of dying flames,
ceremonial promises flicker and die,
fanning cold embers proves painfully futile.

ďTill deathĒ arrives prematurely.

Individual candles are reignited,
unity is torn asunder,
mothers weep once more
with nothing sweet to counter the bitterness.

Sadly true for many, but not all;
for blended souls who understand fires
stoke the flames,
replace the depleted fuel,
keep the embers glowing,
live the whispered vows of youth,
and prove that forever still exists.
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Can you feel me watching you?

I look at you from a distance

my eyes ever so slightly glancing over at you wondering

Do I touch your soul?

Do I melt your heart inside your chest?

Or am I just a simple on looker among the crowd

living my fantasy through my eyes

I may never know the answers to theses questions

but I will know for that one moment when our eyes met in the crowd

I was yours and you where mine
If you want happiness for an hour; take a nap. If you want happiness for a day; go fishing. If you want happiness for a month; get married. If you want happiness for a year; inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime; help someone else.

To believe in one's dreams is to spend all of one's life asleep

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She comes, and she goesÖ
Grinning merrily, to my woes
Like an enigma, of an ancient time
She's a melody, a secret rhyme

Looking out, for her glimpse
Standing here, under this rain
Looking deserted, looking bleak
Looking like an absolute freak

With the world divided in two
In one I live, the other is you
With this heart in random, life in shatters
I doubt now, if anything ever matters

And here she comes, here she is
Sometimes my agony, sometimes bliss
Sometimes my pain, sometimes my joy
Sometimes I feel like a paper toy

I feel like, I am lost
Walking those familiar roads
I feel like, I am committing a crime
By not saying her, you are mine

And the fate plays, a cunning plot
And brings me here, at this spot
Here I am, in this rain
Here I am, in self disdain

And while I was thinking, how
To stop me sneeze, like a cow
I try to calm, my stinging nose
Something buzzed and made me rose

I was surprised, it was my phone
Stunning me, too early, too soon
And then I saw, hands over my fur
The message that came, was from her

And that was what, mattered most
That moment I knew, I was never lost
That was when, I knew, I can
Afford to be, just a bit more insane

She knew that I was out there
And knew exactly, why and where
But before I could have, caught the flu
She said, yes, I love you

A broad deep smile, bruised my face
The pain was gone, no sign, no trace
When Life can be distant, yet fair
I knew too well, for loveís in the air.
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Adoration Forevermore

Her hands hid behind her back, her cheeks blushing faintly at the thought
It wasnít too hard to see that she could tell I liked her a lot
She bit her lower lip on the left as she nodded to agreed
The weather was amusing; autumn; there was nothing else at need

We strolled around the foundation of the high school that lunch
We conversed that half an hour away, we talked a bunch
Her smile was so soft; ruby colors fluoresced her face
Deep auburn eyes searching the skies for something to embrace

Hair fluttering every now and again in the gentle breeze
Her hands gave shift for every word she spoke when trying to tease
Laughter filling the air with every immature joke I said
Pacing back and forth from the tennis courts and building as I led

The bell was about to go off, not only but a few seconds remained
I was really surprised that I was able to keep her that entertained
Stilettos echoed on the path below us, luckily missing her dress
With every look I gave her, words could not even come close to express

She was filling my heart with something Iíd never felt before
As the bell signaled off, that was when I was sure I wanted more
Walking her to band to finish the day, I started to realize
That initial time, to be honest, I despised and loathed goodbyes

She gave me one more smile and an adorable wave with her right hand
I returned the smile and beckoned the same, something that I hadnít planned
That was not too long ago when you really come to think about it
Our first memory together has remained strong; never to quit

As days slowly become night
Everything just feels so right
Holding her hand everyday
The days never turn to gray

Never going to be victimized by jerks anymore
Or I can promise you now; theyíll be beat down to the floor
Sheís my princess; Iím her knight in shining armor
She is a tease to please while Iím a playful charmer

At times when it gets harder than we think we can handle
Akin to when people spread their anecdotes for scandal
We confine in each other to help recognize the facts
No one can change our hearts, so weíre able to relax

She has spent time teaching me the significance of love
Resembling the love I feel from the splendid above
As if I were surrounded by my very own heaven
A little piece of Chelsie, a little piece of Devon

Dreams fill up her mind in the moonlit night
Perhaps nightmares will rouse her into fright
But no matter what dreadful transpires
Iíll always have the cure she desires

Does she honestly know that, I would only hope
Because I would hate to witness her in a mope
For I would be the reason for that princessí tear
Since I did not comfort her of what she does fear

I destroyed down every one of her walls that she has built
I helped reconstruct them stronger with absolutely no guilt
She has been inside my head to the exact equivalence
With no side-effects or alterations of ambivalence

There is no dark side on this silver moon that we reside
The gleams of florescent lights and stars that brighten with pride
To surround us as we dance upon the field of flowers
Continuing for immeasurable flawless hours

With her arms around my shoulders and mine about her waist
That nothing could ever compel me to wish to replace
For she is the best thing to happen to me in my life
Without her, I would be eternally condemned to strife

As we dance through the field of roses that have mislaid their thorn
The delightfulness of our love has forever been born
Radiance from the sun elevates across the moonlit sky
If it werenít for her smile, Iíd think she was to cry

However, that would be okay with me
Entirely acceptable, you see
For I recognize it is in great joy
My loving words, I know she does enjoy

So Iíll give her a tender kiss on the top of her forehead
And a very tight squeeze as her cheeks blush seven shades of red
For I know this is one of my favorite ways to express
How much I truly do adore my affectionate princess

{I love you, babygurl}

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