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Workings of the Brain, Thought Process: One

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Old 08-13-2006, 08:45 AM
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Workings of the Brain, Thought Process: One

This is one of my few writings, I am looking for critiques here, because I have a feeling that there is too many commas, too many awkward sentence structure, ect.. So please help me learn, and make this better.

Of course any good things you have to say, if any, feel free to say them.

My brain can be compared to the strongest publicly available adhesive. If something is said, that has a decent amount of meaning, it sticks. It sticks and tends to run it through my neurons, and throughout my cortex, and lobes. Of course, with time, an adhesive will wear, tear, and slowly disappear, not including the fact of re-application.

Like anything else, if you constantly are aware of a thought, or idea, you tend to think; If meaningful, you think it through and through. Sometimes thinking a lot can be helpful, but in most cases, this thought process can affect others.

The Subject is constantly brought up, at the most random of times; To a friend, family member, or a special person. I have a feeling that a thought process is a mixture of inheritance, people that I am acquainted with, and the way your brain is raised and tended to. I believe thought processes like this are neither a burden nor a gift. They should not be isolated, or completely open.

I believe I, and any others need to cope with this, and in a way, learn to keep it under control. Seeing as how its side-effects are partner deprivation, drama, loss of friends, loathing, jealousy, but on the brighter side, a greater understanding of others, and a high relation to others emotions, feelings, and situations.

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