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Guilt-Ridden Resurrection Zombified

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Old 10-30-2009, 06:42 AM
czechwizard (Offline)
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Default Guilt-Ridden Resurrection Zombified

The screwed world , full of broken dreams and promises , kneels bad luck constellation-glued on the first brink of mass destruction , welcoming the appalling darkness that is to engulf what we nightmare as innocent civilization directing us in their righteous quest to create the greatest inevitable end for us enveloped as the last message of guilt to be sent out majestically into oblivious space and time or merely buried underneath the tragedy-soaked soil of honor .

Numbing our ego-centered minds from the truth , satiated , we have finally deciphered the lie behind the very beginning masterfully scripted by whatever soulful is left of our miserably pathetic carcass to enslave , for they have cut out the hearts of our unbelievers .

The black seas boil and the crimson skies fall . Only does light rise as the cultivated , sophisticated , unholy monsters who mundanely rule us are taught a rough but refined lesson in the poetic ideal use of power wielded by existential loneliness , massacring both reciprocal good and evil amid the sickening ass of nature under cosmic applause that attempts to revitalize the aching concept by injecting it with ample compassion and humanism . The heroic epic narrows down . Tirelessly researched and semi-creatively, semi-destructively plagiarized , eloquently penned , and lavishly illustrated with stunning mental video poetry exploring extremes of both light and dark sanctimoniously .

We are I the Trinity : Heaven Hell Earth . Henceforth I am them , the Trinity complete forever . Still , beware of in and on , even though they are lower case . Nothing but Heaven in Hell on Earth stands out to be disestablished and again become one among other forms of worship , fulfilling my totally emptied , clear destiny . All in one ! All for one ! One for all !

The one and only true cosmopolitan Bohemian , Libor Soural , darkly crystallized , has delivered this perfect masterpiece of exclusivity to alleviate a bit the inclusive sufferings of his tamed , faithful slaves encircled by merciful hopelessness !

Bleeding to a magnificent close , it is boldly scythed into three powerfully outrageous parts to claim ignorance entitled : Guilt-Ridden Resurrection Zombified ; Mare’s Whoreshrine Dreamed Away ; and Violent Graves Of Preying Wrath , all characterized as universal malcontents thrashed out into his zenith opus of experience .

Charles Baudelaire , the quintessential Decadent , declared , “ All literature is the consequence of sin . “ Hence this is my self-righteous Heaven in Hell on Earth madness at its very best beyond all sin . Beware !

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