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Roses to remember - Chapter 4 (some strong language and adult themes)

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Default Roses to remember - Chapter 4 (some strong language and adult themes)

Me again,
As it is now the school holidays I have had some time to actually do some writing (this time in the sunny climes of Tunisia). This is chapter 4 - other chapters I have been working on will be coming soon but I want to leave them to rest before posting.

The other parts can be found here:
Prologue: http://www.writersbeat.com/showthread.php?t=43570
Chapter 1: http://www.writersbeat.com/showthread.php?t=43864
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Chapter 3: http://www.writersbeat.com/showthrea...roses+remember

I hope you like it. All comments and critiques gratefully received.


When Micheal returned to the lounge area Seph was sat on the sofa with ice on her hand. Her head was down and her hair formed a curtain around her face having been released from the plait she had been wearing it in. He had so many memories of that hair and the way it felt between his fingers and down his chest. It was longer now and a stunning mahogany colour instead of the blonde it had been, but it still looked just as silky and soft.

Sitting on the coffee table in front of her, Michael was unsure of what to do. He wanted to take her in his arms and hold her till the hurt was gone but he realised that that if he tried he likely to get punched again. He settled for putting his hands on her knees aiming just to get her attention but she jerked herself away, standing and heading towards the window. She couldn’t be that close to him, not at that moment, not if she wanted to keep control of herself. Anger usually helped her get through situations where she was uncomfortable but after striking out at Michael she realized how close she was to really losing it and that was not a good thing as it could lead to one of two things, neither of which she wanted to do.

“Mel....Please....” Michael started

“Don’t call me that!” Seph stated swinging around to glare at him, “That person doesn’t exist anymore. You broke her and HE killed her. She is gone and she is never coming back!” Taking a deep breath she tried to get herself under control. No one had called her Mel in a long time and hearing it now just served to irritate her further.

“Look, I am going to have a shower and sort out my hand, by the time I come out I want you gone” she told him heading to the bathroom without looking at him. She didn’t know if she could keep it together if she did.

Locking the bathroom door behind her, Seph sank to the floor sobbing silently. She hated that her initial reaction to having his arms around her had been to sink into them and let him hold her like he used to. Seph no longer knew who she hated more Michael or herself. Gathering herself together she turned on the shower as hot as she could stand, got undressed and stepped under the spray allowing the tears to flow again, hoping that the sound of the shower would drown out any sound of her crying.

Standing under the hot spray the water washing away her tears, Seph felt exhausted both physically and emotionally, her thoughts were scattered, constantly battling between what she wanted, what she should want and what she knew she could have. The flashbacks that were replaying in her mind weren’t helping either, she kept seeing the look on Michael’s face when she told him she was pregnant, hearing the words that he had said to her, they were so hateful and said with such disgust. She couldn’t make sense of what she was feeling at all, everything was so contradictory, part of her wanted to come out of the shower and find Michael still there so she could feel his arms around her again, another wanted him gone so she didn’t have to face him, another part wanted to beat on him until he felt some of the pain he had caused her.

After about half an hour Seph got out of the shower realising that she couldn’t stay in there forever and that she had given Michael enough time to leave. She wrapped herself in a large bath sheet and picked up another towel to dry her hair, before unlocking the bathroom door and walking into the lounge area. She froze when she saw Michael still sat on the coffee table just as she had left him holding his head in his hands. When he looked up he looked so dejected and lost, Seph almost felt sorry for him and nearly went to him but managed to stop herself.

“I asked you to leave” she said beginning to towel dry her hair, trying to act nonchalant so that he would not see any reaction she was having to seeing him still there “Do I need to call security?”

“No need” he replied with a sigh, “They’re already here”. Seph looked confused for a second before realising what he meant.

“That’s it, that’s how you found me. You work here?!?” Seph said, her voice rising in shock, throwing the hair towel to the floor. “It was pure chance and bad luck that you found me. You weren’t looking for me at all. Everything you said was pure bullshit!”

“So now you’re pissed because I work? I just can’t win with you can I?” Michael was suddenly angry; angry at himself for upsetting her and making her cry; angry at her for being so bloody minded and stubborn, angry that his supposed best friend had kept her whereabouts secret for almost 5 years knowing how distraught he had been at her disappearance, and angry at the bastard that had attacked her and almost killed her. He just wanted to protect her and make sure that she was safe, was that so wrong?

“For the record I did look for you, every chance I got, I asked everyone and anyone who was still talking to me but I still have to work for Christ sake.” Michael closed his eyes and took a deep breath to help him calm down. He knew that taking his anger out on her would not help the situation or his cause.

Seph had her back to him and was staring out of the window when he looked up. Needing to make her understand, Michael walked over and placed his hands on her shoulders looking over her head at the view he took a deep breath before he spoke softly.

“Sweetheart.....” he started but Seph pulled away from him sharply causing her towel to fall to the floor, leaving her naked in front of him, Michael stared at her naked form for what felt like a full minute before trying to speak.

“Fuck! Mel..... I.... I....” He stammered unable to find the words.

“I already told you not to call me that! My name is Persephone or Seph” she told him grabbing the towel from the floor covering herself back up, hiding the cause of his outburst.

“Oh God! I am so sorry, I didn’t know..... I didn’t realise......” Michael stammered, not knowing what to say or do. He knew that the attack had been vicious but seeing the evidence marring her perfect skin was almost his undoing. He wanted to do so many things in that moment, kill the bastard that had done this too her, hold her in his arms and make it all go away, scream out all his frustrations at the fact that he was partly to blame.

“Look, I don’t need your sympathy, or your pity. I want you to leave.” Seph told him moving towards the bedroom effectively dismissing him. Michael realised this was his last chance to show her he was sincere in both his apology and his feelings for her, giving into his instincts he pulled her back to him. She had no chance to protest or say anything before his lips came down on hers and he kissed her. He put everything he was feeling into that kiss, hoping that it would show her how he felt about her and how sorry he was for the part he played in the events from 5 years ago. Breaking the kiss that left them both breathless, he leaned down resting his forehead on hers; cupping her face in his hands he looked directly into her eyes,

“If you can tell me right now that you felt nothing, absolutely nothing at all in that kiss I will walk out the door right now right now and let you get on with your new life.”

“I...... I......” Seph stammered shaking her head unable to find the words she needed. She wanted to tell him that she had felt nothing but knew he would see through the lie.

“You can’t say it can you?” Michael stated trying to keep the satisfaction out of his voice, “You can’t tell me you feel nothing because you do feel something, don’t you?”

“FUCK!” Seph exclaimed trying to move away from him, needing some space but Michael kept hold of her. Seph hated feeling so confused. She hated the way her body reacted to his, and that she wanted him to kiss her again, feel his arms hold her. He made her feel safe, it had always been that way and she hadn’t felt safe in so long and she needed to so badly even if it was for a short while.

Lifting her chin Michael looked at her hard before kissing her deeply again. Seph didn’t have the strength or energy to resist any longer and allowed herself to sink into Michael’s arms and the kiss. Michael felt her resistance slip away and wasted no time in picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom. He had missed her so much and despite her not believing a word he had said he intended to show her with every kiss and every touch. Laying her gently on the bed Michael covered her body with his.

Releasing her from his kiss, their breath coming in ragged gasps, Michael loosened the knot holding Seph’s towel together exposing her body to his hungry gaze. He ran his hands up and down her sides just skimming the edges of her breasts. Seph closed her eyes and allowed herself to just feel; it had been so long since any one had touched her this way. No-one other than the doctors had seen her naked after she had left the hospital, it was one humiliation that she would not put herself through. The scars had healed well but they were a constant and ugly reminder of what had happened and what had been taken from her.

Thinking about her scars and Michael seeing them made Seph go rigid; Michael felt her tense and looked down at her,

“If you want me to stop, just tell me but I intend to show you exactly how much I have missed you” Michael told her breathlessly, praying she wouldn’t say stop.

“Please don’t stop”

Not giving her a chance to think or change her mind Michael kissed her again and continued to reacquaint himself with her luscious body. He kissed and suckled every inch of her body, only faltering briefly when he reached the scars which covered her abdomen before kissing each one; thinking of them as a physical symbol of her courage. Very soon, much sooner then he wanted, Michael felt the overwhelming need to be inside Seph, he needed to feel that closer to her, reiterate that this was not a dream and she really was here beneath him.

They both lay panting heavily as they returned to earth. Michael lay on top of Seph for a few moments before moving to one side so as not to crush her. He pulled her into his arms so they were spooning, by far his favourite way to fall asleep. One arm was around her waist, his hand resting on her breast, his leg over hers. Feeling her back and pert rear pressed against him felt so perfect. He never wanted to let her go. He wanted to wake up with her beside him just like this every day, for the rest of his life. He held on to her tightly as he nuzzled her hair. Seph allowed Michael to pull her into his arms after he pulled out of her. Feeling his arms around her made her feel safe but when he whispered,

“I love you Mel truly I do; please don’t leave me again, I won’t survive it.”

Suddenly Seph's panic returned swamping her. Hearing Michael use her old name and talk about the attack brought her back to reality fast. She tried not to give into to the urge to run, not wanting Michael to know of her panic. Her mind screaming at her “What are you doing?” She knew that she couldn’t trust him; she knew that she would never be able to forgive him for what he had done. All his promises were empty ones she knew that, and yet it felt so perfect lying in his arms. There was no place for him in her new life even if she wanted there to be.

“You OK Sweetheart?” he whispered drowsily against her hair, his hands still stroking up and down her sides.

“Umm hmm” she said nodding her head not trusting her voice, telling him that she was fine when in fact she felt like her life was crumbling, and that everything he had clawed back was now slipping through her fingers. She had to leave now, she couldn't let him back in, she had to run, she had no other option; she should have done it as soon as he said hello.

She lay there still for what seemed like hours until she could hear Michael’s breathing even out indicating that he had fallen asleep. Once she was certain he was in a deep sleep she got up, and went to the bathroom, locking the door behind her she sank to the floor and sobbed. She felt so pathetic and weak. She couldn’t believe her own stupidity at falling into his arms yet again. Taking a deep breath and telling herself to get it together Seph washed her face and left the bathroom to dress, moving as quietly as possible so as not to wake Michael.

Dressed and with all her belongings packed in the small suitcase waiting by the door, she looked over at the bed and watched Michael sleeping. He looked so content and happy. Watching him she realised that this was the best thing for both of them. There was no room for him in her new life and she had come too far and left too much behind to let the events of tonight change anything. The woman that he had turned his back on 5 years ago was dead and gone. It was better that he realised this sooner rather than later. With that she sat at the small desk and wrote him a note:

It's better like this.

Tonight shouldn't have happened; it was a mistake that I cannot repeat.
I can't trust you nor can I forgive you, I'm just not strong enough.
Mel no longer exists, she died that night. Move on with your life, find someone else and be happy.
Don't look for me. You won't find me.


She didn’t sign it just left it beside him on the pillow, picked up her things and walked out the door, not caring if it slammed shut as she would be long gone by the time Michael woke and dressed. Seph didn’t look back as she headed towards the lifts, she knew this was for the best but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell. She knew he was going to be angry with her for running out, but hopefully that would mean he would stop coming after her and move on with his life. The tears were streaming down her face again as she stepped on to the lift and just as the doors closed she saw Michael come out of the room door looking desperately up and down the corridor.

Michael woke with a start as the door slammed shut, realising quickly that he was now alone in the bed he ran for the door, just in time to see the doors of the lift close. Returning to the room he switched on the lights calling out for Seph as he moved around the suite in the desperate hope she was in the bathroom. He was stood in the centre of the room not really understanding what was going on when he caught sight of the note on the pillow. He read it twice before grabbing his clothes from the floor and running for the lifts as he dressed.

Once he hit to the lobby he realised he was too late and it had been Seph who had been in the lift when he had woken up. He had lost her again. Michael collapsed on the sofas in the lobby tears burning in his eyes, confused hotel staff looked on concerned with the strange behaviour of the Head of Security but no one went to him. Michael wiped the tears from his face deciding that he was not going to let her run out on him again, she loved him of that he was certain; he would convince her he loved her and that he would never let her down again. He was determined to find her and now he knew exactly where to start looking.

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I hadn't realised this had posted and was about to do it again. Good job I checked lol
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