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Wild Child Publishing

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Wild Child Publishing

Submission Guidelines - Magazine

Wild Child Publishing is now a paying magazine. Two pieces, one fiction and one non-fiction, will be chosen as the Editors' Choice. The author of the chosen piece will receive a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com and highlighted on the front page of the magazine. The best poem will receive a $15 gift certificate. We are also going to be publishing two to three pieces either fiction or non-fiction pieces written by young adults (13-22 years old). One will be chosen for the Editor's Choice Young Adult Award each month. The young adult author of the Editor's Choice Award will receive a $20 gift certificate to Amazon.com.

All submissions must be via e-mail. Please read these guidelines carefully for both the formatting of your submissions and Wild Child's rights.

How to format your submission:

1. On the subject line for the e-mail, you must enter SUBMISSION.
2. Place the following information in the left hand corner at the top of the submission:
Word Count (if a story or article):
How you found us.
3. Leave a single space between above information and the beginning of the story.
4. Paste your submission in the body of the e-mail. Absolutely, positively NO attachments unless it is artwork or a photograph. If you send us an attachment, the submission will be sent back as unacceptable with the request to please send it in the body of the e-mail.
5. Do not double space between sentences.
6. Do not indent new paragraphs. This makes more work for me. Please just double space between them.
7. If your e-mail server does not have the capability to indicate bold or italics, then please let us know by bracketing where you would like it to start and end. i.e. Sammy just [i]had[i] to have chocolate cake for desert or she would [b]die[b].
8. With submission include a one to three sentence teaser explaining your story/article.
9. NO first person stories. Articles and personal essays, yes, but not stories. While it may seem as if first person is easy to write, it is much harder than third person, limited POV. What is first person? If the main character is "I", you are writing in first person.
10. If you use a lot of passive voice in the story, we will not accept it without major revisions. For more information on the difference between passive and active voice, see Purdue's Online Writing Lab's handout on passive voice.

For poetry, it is rare that Wild Child Magazine.com publishes rhyming poetry, but it does happen occasionally. This is by preference of the editor. If the poetry does have a rhyming pattern, the poem must be spectacular for it to get published. In other words, your best bet is probably free verse.

The kinds of material we are looking for are:

* poems
* novellas
* short stories
* love letters
* plays and screen plays
* how-to articles (excepting web business how-to)
* reviews
* diaries
* fun facts
* anecdotes
* travel articles (preferably with pictures)
* photographs

The following editors are responsible for the different sections:


Marci Baun

Associate Editors

Faith Bicknell-Brown
Barry D. Gilfry

In charge of: Science Fiction

S. R. Howen

In charge of: Non-Fiction

Suzanne Goldblatt

In charge of: Horror and Romance

Gina Welborn

In charge of: Fantasy

Jacqueline H. Kessler

In charge of: Poetry

S. D. Totaro

Novellas and short stories (10,000 words or less) can be of virtually any genre (horror, sci-fi, romance, mystery, western or adventure) and any length provided that they are well written. With novellas, please send one or two chapters as a sample first. Note that any material with excessive usage of profanity, vulgarity, and/or violence will not be accepted.

All material submitted must be currently free of any legal constraints and must be in ready-to-print form (i.e., free of excessive typographical, grammatical and spelling errors). Poetic license is accepted within reason.

Photographs must be of professional quality, include a brief description, in jpeg format, and less than 150KB.

In the future, as the site grows and turns a profit, we will be able to pay all of our contributing writers. In the meantime, what you will receive from us, should we accept your work: publication of your work, a copyright in your name, and an author's page, if you so choose to request it. Wild Child Publishing.com, upon acceptance and publication, retains the right to keep all stories, articles, and poems for Wild Child's back issues as long as Wild Child is in business. Wild Child may charge for its back issues with no remuneration to author beyond the terms already mentioned above.

Please be aware that the magazine rarely publishes anything that hasn't been edited. If Faith, Shawn, Barry, Susan, Jackie, Suzanne, or I return your submission with suggestions or notes regarding how the story can be improved, it is not because we believe the story isn't good or that you don't have talent. Matter of fact, it is the direct opposite. We enjoyed the story but saw a few weak points or awkward moments that detract from the story. If left as is, WC will not publish it. We will not under any circumstances rewrite. If we make suggestions, it is the author's responsibility to see them done. All of us firmly believe that a story is best told by the original author, the person who submitted it. What makes each story unique is the author's vision.

We will do our best to respond to submissions in a timely manner, usually within the week, but please have patience with us if it takes a bit longer.
Last Updated ( Sunday, 21 May 2006 )



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